So, you are ready to dive into aerial skills but aren’t sure what to start with. Maybe you keep wondering “is aerial silk is harder than pole?”. Either way, this post is here to help! They have some similarities but what it comes down to is where your interests lie.

Different pieces of equipment are hard to use properly in their own way, some more so than others. But with proper training, you can get any of the skills down.

Is Aerial Silk Harder Than Pole?

Is Aerial Silk Harder than Pole?

Is Aerial Silk Harder than Pole?

You will probably find aerial silks harder than pole if you are a beginner. Since everything takes place up in the air, they require greater strength and stamina. Yes, flying is great, but climbing and inverting your body requires a little more muscle strength than spinning and using poles on the ground.

I believe that you get my point here. All are physically demanding, of course. Silks require more upper body strength since you have to pull up and hold on to your whole body.

Here is what I found when I started aerial after multiple years of pole dancing.

Aerial Silks Does Not Provide The Stability You Get From A Pole

Aerial Silks Does Not Provide The Stability You Get From A Pole

You realize that climbing a silk is much harder than climbing a pole when you need to get up in your first go. No surprise there. There’s only one problem: they hang like a pole, use a lot of similar moves, so your body thinks, “sure, just invert, hook that leg, but why am I sliding? My leg is hooked, but there’s no skin to stop me from sliding.” The movement is so different, more difficult, and less stable – yet they’re very impressive.

If You Can Only Choose One Would You Go With Silks Or Pole?

Try both! Consider taking a beginner’s class in each activity and see if you fall in love with one or if one interests you more than the others. Both of them can be very challenging, and if you practice them regularly, you’ll grow stronger and more flexible.

In addition, they are all painful in different ways for a beginner. You just have to pick what kind of pain you’re comfortable with.

Sometimes, you are picked by the aerial apparatus. You should treat yourself and try everything you can if you’re in a position to explore and choose. Along the way, you will challenge yourself and hopefully have fun and fall in love with circus!

Best Practices For Attending Your First Aerial Silks Class

Every student will be taught according to their level. Within the same class, beginning students will learn basic moves and intermediate-advanced students will progress at their own pace.

How to Dress

How to Dress

In order to avoid friction burns on the fabric, please wear long leggings and a tight-fitting top or leotard. T-shirts are also recommended instead of tank tops. While on the fabric, jewelry is not allowed. Keeping your nails short will also prevent snagging the fabric. Don’t wear shoes.

Best Practices For Attending Your First Pole Dancing Class: 

You can take a beginning series or drop into a Mixed Level class if you are a beginner. Despite the fact that classes are mixed-level, you will still learn moves based on your specific level and ability. Inversions are not permitted in your first class. It usually takes about 6-10 lessons for your instructor to allow inversions. You should expect light bruising and a challenging workout.

How to Dress

How to Dress

The class is easier if you wear more skin (i.e. booty shorts), but for your first class, just wear what you would wear to a yoga class. Be modest. Leave your jewelry at home. Don’t wear shoes.


It is harder to perform aerial silks than pole silks if you are a beginner. As everything takes place in the air, they require more strength and stamina. Flying, while fun, requires a bit more strength than spinning and doing pole moves from the ground to climb and invert. 

Both of these activities are physically demanding, but you see where I am going with this. It is understandable that silks, most of the time, require stronger upper body strength since you have to hold them and pull them up.

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