Imagine pole dancing in a costume that reflects your personality and makes you feel fierce. Now that you have gained all of this confidence, you want to truly embody it with the right fit.

Whether you’re looking for something to wear at a pole-dancing class or on your dance pole at home, these 16 pole dancing costumes can’t be beat!

In no particular order, and without further ado…

1. The Classic Play Bunny

Pole Dancing Costumes

We have to kick the list off with the classic play bunny costume. This is a pole dancers typical go to as it never gets old, doesn’t get in the way of your moves and black always seems to look sexy!

However, if you want something a bit less played out – keep scrolling!

2. The Bad Cop

While I prefer the look of the long-legged version of this outfit, the shorts work best for pole dancing. This is especially true if you need your skin for grip!

The short shorts allow for maximum grip and do not obstruct your moves on the pole. However, I doubt you will be able to keep hold of the other props like the hat.

If you are performing a routine for somebody you could simply do some sensual dancing off the pole and put your hat on them, at the same time discarding any other props (just a thought!)

3. Just A French Maid Cleaning The Pole

“Just doing my job, nothing to see here…”

While this pole dancing costume leaves very little to the imagination (I mean, check out the back!). It is BOLD, confident, and undeniably sexy.

If you are ready for such a costume, go for it. Make sure you have chosen a sassy and creative pole dancer name and persona for it, though; something EXOTIC!

4. Sexy Schoolgirl

Pole Dancing Costumes

A bit of an oxymoron if you ask me… nonetheless, the list wouldn’t be complete without this costume! If this is your flex, you will at least want to have one of these in your closet.

They come in the biggest range of colors I’ve ever seen any one costume come in so you will certainly find a color scheme that suits you.

5. Braced & Laced Up

While this one is not so much a pole dancing costume, it certainly is a saucy piece of lingerie! If you are planning on showing your awesome new spins to somebody special, this lace set is guaranteed to make them go wild!

The best part is that it is available in plus-sizes, too! From Small to 5XL, Check it out:

6. Dominatrix Doing Pole Tricks With The Bangin’ Hips

This one is badass.

However, it is leather (or at least leather-ish) so make sure you can do your moves in this one, or get a size-up. Nothing worse than trying to flex your newfound flexibility and being stiff!

This Plus Size Burlesque Corset Lingerie Bustier is definitely a personal favorite. It fits great, comes in a variety of sizes and colors and you have the option to just wear the corset part if you wish to.

7. Firewoman

Very fitting (pun intended!). Once you have nailed your fireman spin, you might just want to go ahead and commit to the role with this firewoman outfit!

Just don’t turn up to the interview in it…

8. Just Joined The Mile High Club

Get the sexy and playful stewardess look. This costume is very lightweight so won’t impair your moves on the pole as the fabric is quite thin.

This is of course a good and a bad thing. If it is just for aesthetics here and there then I would say go ahead. Just don’t go making this your regular pole class outfit or you will be disappointed.

9. Before Pole, I was Almost A Cat Lady…Now I Am CAT WOMAN… purr b*tches!

I think the title said it all, really, lol!

Check it out:

10. Woody… 🙂

11. Hooters Girl

We love, Love, LOVE this Hooters novelty outfit! It is 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex and fits superbly. It is also comfortable enough to wear often as you would your normal pole dance class outfit.

12. One-piece Lace

13. Erotic Barbie Robot

14. Sexy Astonaut

15. Intercosmic Metallic Star Queen, anybody?

16. Egyptian Goddess

You could really perform a badass routine including the ankh staff and the pole! I can see it now. You might need to adapt this costume, however.

Particularly the tassels on the arms, as they might interfere with your moves on the pole or create ate a hazard. Yiu can skip those altogether and swap for pole gloves in any case.

Well, there you have it, our 16 best pole dancing costumes for a fun and playful evening. If you happen to compromise your pole grip for aesthetics, not to worry. Just make sure you sensibly grab a pair of pole grip gloves in a color that matches your new outfit!