This month we caught up with Pole Dance champion and ambassador of Just Fly Pole Wear, Julianna Yau.

Julianna Yau is an extremely talented and inspirational Pole Dancer with a wealth of experience. We wanted to pick her brain and find out a little bit more about her, what is important to her and what tips she has for anybody looking to get into the beautiful art of pole dancing.

Here is what we asked her…

Julianna Yau: Pole Dance Champion Shares Her Insight!

When Did You Start Pole Dancing and How Did You Get Into It? 

When Did You Start Pole Dancing and How Did You Get Into It? 

I started pole dancing in 2013 as I joined a new gym and it offered pole dancing as one of the fitness classes.

I signed up for pretty much all the classes in the first week just to try them out – TRX, yoga, pilates, spinning, boxing, and of course, pole dance.

I wouldn’t say I was ‘hooked’ right from the start but I found the pole dance class quite enjoyable (the girls in the class are really nice) and effective since we can work on both strengthening and flexibility in all body parts.

So I continued going to pole class.

Over the years, my passion for pole dance grew stronger and stronger. I slowly discovered that it’s not just a sport that can help us keep fit but the dance part is also a great way of expressing our emotions through music and movements.

However, due to various constraints, I was only able to go to class once a week up until Covid. It was then that I decided to install a pole at home and I couldn’t be happier with this decision!

I trained so much more (about 4-5 times a week, sometimes even 7!) and progressed much faster in the past two years than in the previous six years. 

I started taking part in virtual competitions, hosting challenges, and sharing my experience through making tutorials and comedy dance videos, hoping that more people can appreciate and enjoy pole dancing as much as I do.

What Was Your Hardest Move to Learn?

Eagle took me many years to learn. It requires a lot of flexibility and also feels quite different from dancer’s pose on the floor even though they look almost the same.

What Is Your Favorite Move? 

What Is Your Favorite Move? 

I love Ballerina and all its variations. It was one of the first relatively harder tricks I learned and I just love how graceful it looks, especially in skirts/ dresses!

What Advice Would You Give to Anybody Who Wants to Start Pole Dancing? 

What Advice Would You Give to Anybody Who Wants to Start Pole Dancing? 

Give it a go! Attending my first pole class has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve made!

I never thought that pole dancing would transform my life but it did! When I was a pole newbie 8 years ago, I had little flexibility and no strength at all.

Now I feel much stronger, both physically and mentally. If you’re considering pole dancing, I’d definitely recommend trying it out!

But be prepared – it can be tough and you’ll get bruises but you’ll have a lot of fun along the way!

What Is Important to You?

Learning and growing are very important to me. I’m so glad that the pole dance community is super supportive and encouraging.

I’ve learnt so much from other wonderful dancers and I hope I can continue to spread the joy of pole dancing to all those around me ☺

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