Are you on the lookout for pole dancing classes in Asheville, NC? Have you been scrolling on your phone for hours, yet still can’t find anything that meets your needs?

Fret not, you aren’t facing this dilemma alone. Pole dance classes in Asheville are few and far between. While there are several amazing dance studios, we only found two studios especially for pole dancing in the city and surrounding areas.

The Best Pole Dance Classes In Asheville, NC (2024)


The Best Pole Dance Classes In Asheville

Established in 2016, DANCECLUB Asheville and the supportive crew help every student find their comfort zone and enjoy themselves through dance! DANCECLUB Asheville’s pole dance classes encourage students to adopt a positive body image through spinning around the pole.

The New York Pole Dancing certifies DANCECLUB Asheville for offering versatile pole dancing classes in a safe and inclusive environment. It is the only studio in the city to earn a certification from New York’s pioneering pole studio,

Anyone with an interest in finding something fun and new is welcome here. There are 8 poles in the studio for students to build their strength and flexibility. 

If you are intimidated by the thought of climbing up a pole, don’t! Ease up a little, because DANCECLUB Asheville caters to all levels! 

In the eight-week introductory pole series, you will learn the fundamentals of pole dance. Move through your own pace as you find the strength to do climbs, twirls, and alluring dance moves. 

Dedicate yourself to the empowering art of pole dancing, and in nine or ten months, you are strong and unapologetically confident to get into intermediate pole classes.

Pole dance is fun and empowering for everyone! The friendly and patient instructors in DANCECLUB Asheville never fail to make students feel confident and appreciated.


9 Old Burnsville Hill Rd #3, Asheville, NC 28804, United States



INTRO OFFER: 3 Pole Classes$42
Single Pole Classes$10 – $25
4 Pole Classes $88
6 Pole Classes $126
8 Pole Classes $160
12 Pole Classes$216

Empyrean Arts

The Best Pole Dance Classes In Asheville

Empyrean Arts are the first pole dance studio in Asheville, NC. Established in 2015, Empyrean intends to deliver affordable and exhilarating dance classes in the area. 

Expanding your world in Empyrean has never been easier. Here, not only do you sweat and get fit, but also get acquainted with motivated people from all walks of life! Empyrean is a safe and supportive space for everyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality,  and fitness level.

Pole dance classes in Empyrean fall into three categories. Break a sweat with the athletic Pole Fitness Program. Otherwise, groove out on the pole with the choreography in the Pole Dance Program!

Want to try something new and exciting with the versatile pole? Heat things up a little with your charm through the sexy Erotique Pole Program! Wherever your comfort zone is, Empyrean has the right mix of classes for you. 

Empyrean offers a multitude of programs to fit students’ strength levels and interests. The studio also offers online programs to students who cannot personally set an appointment and drive to class. 

Here in Empyrean, certified and seasoned instructors take great care of their students. Nobody gets left behind, and students ultimately find pole dance more fun and challenging than typical dance classes.


32 Banks Ave #108, Asheville, NC 28801, United States



First Class for New Student$22
Single Group Class$25
Online Classes$11
4 Class Package$95
8 Class Package$180
30-minute Class$45
60-minute Class$75
90-minute Class$105
4 30-minute Classes$140
4 60-minute Classes$260
4 90-minute Classes$380
30 minutes for 2 students$60
60 minutes for 2 students$100
90 minutes for 2 students$135

OpenDance Academy

The Best Pole Dance Classes In Asheville

Pole dance classes in Asheville, NC are hard to come by. Thankfully, with the power of technology and the flexible teaching of awesome dance instructors, you can learn the basic mechanics of pole dancing in the comfort of your home.

Virtual dance classes are open to everyone all over the world. Yes, Asheville too! Dance to your heart’s content in your living room or bedroom; distance cannot take away your passion for new and thrilling hobbies!

Amid numerous virtual dance classes, one stands out as our favorite. We highly recommend the OpenDance Academy, with a diverse line of dance instructors and curated dance programs.

opendance academy  10% discount code

The OpenDance Academy presents the best platform for online pole dance classes. It caters to all levels, so break out of your comfort zone and start anew in the empowering art of pole dance!

Veteran instructors like Natasha Wang, Kira Noire, and Sara Scott will walk you through detailed video sessions on acrobatics and floorwork. The OpenDance Academy offers lifetime access to their classes! All you have to do is pay once, and the classes are all yours to master.



Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime Access$350
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Exotic Class Pole Dance Lifetime Access$250
Trial Class – Beginner and intermediate$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner and Intermediate) Lifetime Access$199
Complete Class 2 (Advanced and Expert) Lifetime Access$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Pole to Pole Chore and Floorwork $150

What You Should Know About Online Pole Lessons

Now that you purchased an online program for pole dance lessons, the next item on your shopping list is a dance pole. Investing in a dance pole for at-home and personal use is necessary to make the most out of your online dance classes! 

A little lost where to start looking for the ideal dance pole? Head on to our Dance Pole Buyer’s Guide! We provide detailed insights on factors to consider in choosing a pole and rank the best poles sold on the market.

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