So you’re a plus-size dancer and you’ve finally decided to invest in some dance pole equipment for your home studio.

You know that the market is flooded with all sorts of brands, styles, metals, and prices of poles; but what’s the best dance pole for plus size dancers?

This article will provide an overview of the best dance poles suitable for you available on the market today so that you can make an informed decision about which product to buy.

The key things you will be looking for when buying a dance pole are:

1. Price (click here to skip to our recommended pole based on price)
2. Durability
3. Safety
4. Size & Thickness
5. Metal composition

Our Top 5 Dance Poles For Plus-Sized Dancers

At a Glance

Addressing Your Concerns

First and foremost, are there even specific dance poles for plus-sized dancers?

Should you be concerned about your weight? Will your weight have any effect on your dance pole?

The truth is, women of all sizes struggle to find a good, heavy-duty dance pole. The large majority of low-budget poles on the market have a max capacity of around 250 pounds.

And, while this is generally a good load capacity for the average dancer, with use, you may find that the pole dis-attaches itself!

It can be very scary using your pole and feeling it give way or shift on the ceiling, not to mention a huge safety concern.

Many women have complained about their poles collapsing on them (and a quick Youtube or Instagram search for “pole fails” will show you they aren’t lying!)

This means that if you’re a plus-sized dancer, you might have to pay slightly more money for an extra sturdy, reputable dance pole due to its increased weight capacity.

Are Low-Budget Dance Poles Good For Plus Size Dancers?

The trouble with many low-budget poles is that there is are some fundamental flaws in their construction; so it is not just the max capacity you are looking at when buying one.

The main issues I have noticed with cheap dance poles is the quality of the base and dome and the quality of the metal composition.

Exhibit A:

One of the cheapest poles on the market. This same design can often be found with various different names.

If you look at the width of both the base and the dome of this pole. You can see the design flaw quite clearly.

Dance Pole For Plus Size

It does not have a large enough surface to offer a strong and sturdy hold with tension and suction alone, so with some use it can easily begin to shift out of place or collapse.

As mentioned previously, this is a design flaw that many of the lower-budget poles have, so if you are concerned about your weight causing the pole to collapse, this is a valid concern when buying such poles.

However, it is not always the case and you can still purchase a sturdy pole with a similar design, however, you need to pay attention to the brand of the pole rather than just buying the cheapest on the market.

Exhibit B:

While a wider dome will take up more storage space, they generally offer more stability and are more durable.

This can be seen in the design of this pole which has a much larger dome than the last one.

The top plate is also wider, allowing for improved stability due to its increased surface area contact with the ceiling and suction.

MELLCOM Portable Removable Home Pole, Professional Stripper Pole, Adjustable Height Stripper Pole Spinning Static Pole for Home, Bar Party, Fitness Exercise Club

Cheapest Dance Pole For Plus-Sized Dancers

Mellcom Professional Spinning & Static Portable Pole

With a maximum capacity of 440lbs, we have found the Mellcom Professional Spinning & Static Portable Pole to be the best pole for plus-size dancers within it’s price range.

If you are on a budget but still want the security of a strong pole with a wide dome, this is the one to get.

The Mellcom Professional Spinning & Static Portable Pole is a good place for beginners to start – it’s affordable, easy-to-use, and comes with instructions in case you need them.

MELLCOM Professional Stripper Pole,Spinning Static Pole,Portable Removable Home Pole,Adjustable Height Stripper Pole for Home, Fitness Exercise Club, Bar Party

It also has a weight capacity of 440lbs so that plus-sized dancers can use it without fear of damaging themselves, their pole, or ceiling!

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a budget pole, or an advanced dancer who loves to play around with combos and tricks, this is the perfect way to add some fun into your day without breaking the bank! But this pole is not without its cons.

See below to decide if the pros outweigh the cons!


  • Constructed using material that is durable and rust-resistant.
  • Its weight capacity is up to 440lbs, more than the average pole load capacity on the market.
  • The top of the dance pole is cushioned by a soft silicone pad, which ensures that it maintains its position.
  • Safely and easily switch between spinning and static mode easily.
  • Easy to assemble – The dance pole is simple to install and take down, with a detailed installation guide.
  • It also comes with a free DVD which contains detailed instructions as well as some basic pole moves.


  • There are other poles with a higher maximum load.
  • You get what you pay for. Some dancers have stated that their poles began sturdy and weakened with use.
  • You might not get good value for money and may be better odd spending a bit more on quality.

Highest Maximum Load: Recommended Pole For Plus-Sized Dancers

SereneLife Professional Static & Spinning Dance Pole

SereneLife Professional Static & Spinning Dance Pole is a durable and heavy-duty dance pole. It can be removed and portable for easy installation, storage, and transportation.

The SereneLife Professional Static & Spinning Dance Pole comes with a detailed installation manual to make it easier for beginners, professionals dancers, or pole fitness lovers setting up their home pole studio.

SereneLife Professional Static & Spinning Dance Pole offers an anti-corrosion surface that is resistant to rusting while increasing the strength and flexibility of the product.

This pole has a maximum load capacity of up to 1,102 lbs vertically & 617 lbs horizontally, and bears more weight than others in the market.

SereneLife Professional Upgrade Spinning Dance Pole - Portable & Removable Stripper Fitness Pole, Adjustable & Smooth Connection, Great for Training & Exercise

SereneLife Professional Static & Spinning Dance Pole offers exquisite workmanship that makes the pole feel soft and comfortable, while at the same time ensuring that this product will stand up to heavy use. The joints are precision-made with high-grade metal alloys to ensure that they can withstand extended use.

SereneLife Professional Upgrade Spinning Dance Pole - Portable & Removable Stripper Fitness Pole, Adjustable & Smooth Connection, Great for Training & Exercise

We love the SereneLife Professional Static & Spinning Dance Pole for the installation options it has.

Despite it not having a wide dome, what it does have is unmovable, strong suction on the base and dome of the pole with the option to drill these in on both ends for a more secure fit.


  • 617lb Maximum Load
  • Sturdy and durable stainless steel design coated in an anti-rust metallic fiber
  • Added silicone suction on dome and base of the pole for a secure installation.
  • Has the option to make it more secure with bolts.
  • It is well-priced and affordable for most.


  • Does not have a wide dome, so you will want to bolt it in as suggested. This is a con for anybody who wants a simple tension pole and no holes.

What To Know When Choosing The Best Dance Pole For Plus Size

The Type Of Metal The Pole Is Made Of

The metal utilized in the construction of your dance pole will also have an impact on its strength. Brass, for example, is a softer metal than stainless steel or an alloy so it’s weaker and prone to dents more easily–though not always!

Some companies use fake-brass products that are actually made from plated steel which can be just as durable if cared for properly (it depends what you prefer). Typically, whether it is made of brass or imitation brass will be reflected in the price, as imitation brass tends to be used in cheaper products.

Why It Matters

Steel and alloy poles are usually the most durable, but stainless steel is generally stronger than both brass and alloy so it’s seen as a more premium material to use for your dance pole. It will also be reflected in the price of the product! If you’re concerned about weight capacity, then we advise spending a little more money on a pole made from steel or alloy.

As mentioned before, the width and diameter of your dome will also affect its weight capacity. A wider top plate (the part that attaches to the ceiling) can often have a greater load limit depending on how it is designed!

The Tubing Thickness Of The Pole

The tubing thickness should not be confused with the diameter of a pole. The tubing thickness is usually determined by the quality of the metal used to construct the pole.

As a rule, cheaper poles are made with cheaper materials – this means less dense and less sturdy poles.

SereneLife Professional Upgrade Spinning Dance Pole - Portable & Removable Stripper Fitness Pole, Adjustable & Smooth Connection, Great for Training & Exercise

Why It Matters

A good pole for plus size dancers is one that is sturdy through and through and that does not just look the part.

Not all manufacturers include this information in their product description so you will have to go by the weight of the pole.

The Diameter Of The Pole

Dance poles typically come in three different sizes:

  • 50mm
  • 45mm
  • 40mm

The most popular pole diameter is 45mm, which is the usual size found in most dance competitions or pole dance studios.

Dance Pole For Plus Size

Why It Matters

The pole size you choose will depend on the size of your hand but also, a pole that is both thicker with a wider diameter will provide you with more grip and security when performing difficult tricks or inversions.

A thicker pole will also be able to hold your weight better. The wider the diameter, the greater its ability to support even if it’s just a little!

Do keep in mind though, if you have small hands, a 50mm might be too large for you. 45mm is a happy medium for this reason.

Pole Installation

Best Dance Pole For Plus Size Dancers: Complete Buyer's Guide

Home poles are mostly tension poles. A tension pole is a pole that does not require any permanent installation. This means they are easy to remove and re-install as needed or move from one place to another without too much hassle.

These poles come with a tightening mechanism which you tighten and loosen in order for the tension of the pole to be released when it is time to take down your pole.

Additionally, some poles come with bolts to be able to secure the base and dome in place so it won’t move around or fall over when you are practicing at home or removing your dance pole for storage.

You can drill them into surfaces like the ceilings, joists, floorboards. This is also good to know if you have carpet.

Decide on the type of installation you prefer and take this into consideration.

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Do I Need A Crash Mat?

Once you have decided on your pole, you will need to decide whether or not you need a crash mat. A crash mat is used to protect your body when you fall off the pole.
If you are a beginner to pole dancing, then it is likely that you will need one; pole falls can be quite painful, so you need to ensure that your body is protected.

If you have been pole dancing for a while and are confident in the moves then it’s likely that you won’t need one.

Bear in mind though, there may be certain instances where having a crash mat would help. If you are trying the pole out in spinning mode for the first time, it is advisable to have a crash mat underneath you.

This will help absorb the shock of your weight as well as make sure that any debris from the floor doesn’t get in the way and damage your body.

If you want, you can check out our post with all of our best crash mat recommendations here.

Can you pole dance if you’re overweight?

Yes, you can pole dance if you are overweight. There are modifications that can be made to help make pole dancing easier and more comfortable for people of all sizes. Additionally, many studios offer classes specifically tailored to those who are overweight or have different body types.

The Breakdown

The combination of the cost and the solid construction of the has won us over as the best dance pole for plus-sized dancers. But ultimately, it is for you to decide.

If you are still uncertain, take the following tips with you:

Tip one: Look at the quality.

Tip two: Check the size.

Tip three: Look at the pole diameter.

Tip four: Check the construction of the base and dome.

Tip five: Consider the weight and durability of the pole.

Tip six: Determine if your ceiling can handle it.

These tips will help you choose the right dance pole for you as the load limit alone is not enough to go by. Finally, remember to be safe when you are using your pole! Follow instructions carefully and read through our safety guide so that you know what precautions need to be taken before, during, and after the use of a spinning or static dance pole.

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