Pole dancing is a fitness activity that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Your strength and endurance will be improved as a result of this intense workout. When you take pole dancing classes, you can also improve your flexibility, coordination, and core muscles

There are plenty of pole dancing studios in Long Beach, CA if you want to join a community of people who love this type of exercise. We compiled a list of the best ones so that you can get straight to it!

The 5 Best Pole Dance Classes In Long Beach, CA (2024)

5 Best Pole Dancing Classes In Long Beach, CA


POL Is one of The 5 Best Pole Dance Classes In Long Beach

Those who have been to POL will tell you that the moment you walk in and up the private staircase, you are taken away from the outside world. Culver City’s pole dance studio features six poles, high-quality Sonos sound, gorgeous diffuse lighting, and buttery floors.

At POL, they have a passion for pole and movement. As such, their entire schedule is designed to foster your unique journey in this art form.

In addition to their beginner pole dancing series, they offer impressive advanced pole dancing classes and mixed-level drop-ins. So, there is something for pole dancers of every level!

Your pole dancing journey is a continuous practice at POL. “POL” is an acronym for “practice of love”. This is what they do! By taking classes at this studio, you are falling in love a little more with your amazing self with every breath, movement, and hair whip you make.

POL currently has a 5 – star rating on Google with their students raving about the authenticity of the studio for filming as well as its sense of community.


11834 Teale Street, Culver City, CA, 90230






PŌL I-III (six-week progressive series)$240
flŌ – Single$36
flŌ – 5 pack $160
SolŌ – Single$40
SolŌ – 5 pack$175
SolŌ – 10 pack$300

Urban Aerial Fitness

Urban Aerial Fitness Is One Of The 5 Best Pole Dance Classes In Long Beach

Urban Aerial Fitness could be a solution to your problem of sticking to an exercise program. If you’re tired of gyms loaded with grunting dudes and lifting the same weights over and over, you need to check out this aerial studio!

Pole fitness may seem like it requires a lot of strength and muscle to perform, but the truth is that you don’t need much of either to get started. 

Their small, intimate class sizes allow their students to customize every class to meet their needs. Interested in learning a certain trick?

Feel free to let your instructor know, and they will walk you through it once it’s level appropriate. It’s like having a personal trainer with the support of a group.

Urban Aerial Fitness has a 4.9-star rating on Google with students praising the encouraging instructors and the fun tricks you learn in a small period of time.


8780 Warner Ave #14, Fountain Valley, CA 92708






10 FlexFix Classes$208
5x Membership$145
10x Membership$219
Kids 4x Membership$116
Kids 8x Membership$220

Romance and Dance Pole Aerobics 

Romance and Dance Pole Aerobics 

Romance and Dance appeals to women of all ages and sizes! They have two locations within driving distance of Long Beach, so you can choose the one closest to you.

With 14 custom-made pink poles, Romance and Dance is the largest pole studio in the area without weight restrictions! No matter how petite or curvy you are, Romance and Dance make you feel irreplaceable. 

All naughty girls, single ladies, or suga mamas are welcome to slip into some high-heeled shoes, and pole shorts at Romance and Dance Pole Aerobics Studio!​​

Romance and Dance Pole Aerobics Studio currently has a 4.8-star rating on Google raving about their fun classes and helpful instructors.


Carson Location:

22221 Avalon Blvd, Carson CA 90745

Rancho Cucamonga:

9552 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga Ca 91730






Single Pole Class$29
Single Specialty Class$27
8 Pole Classes$110
Unlimited Monthly Pole Classes$210
4 Specialty Classes$65
Unlimited Monthly Specialty Classes$99

Embody Alternative Fitness

Embody Alternative Fitness

Embody Alternative Fitness has two locations in Los Angeles and Orange County. Among the locations are Signal Hill (Long Beach Area) and Westminster/Huntington Beach. Among the classes they offer are Pole Dancing, Barre Fitness, Aerial Hammock, Twerk, Aerial Silks, Burlesque, Aerial Hoop, and Flexibility!

The purpose of pole dance fitness classes at Embody Alternative Fitness is to build strength, enhance grace, and encourage sensual movement through a vertical steel apparatus. Students learn various spins, dance movements, floorwork, and conditioning exercises to strengthen and tone. 

During this process, you will improve your coordination and body awareness. You will also gain strength and flexibility in your upper body.

There is no need to worry if you don’t have any of these skills (everyone starts out this way). You will learn all the basics needed to progress. It is here that empowerment comes into play. 

Students are trained to perform tasks they previously thought were impossible. With their help, you will accomplish your dreams. You can also arrange private parties for your special occasion. Embody Alternative Fitness is perfect for a Girls’ Night Out, Bachelorette Party, or a Birthday Party!

The studio maintains a 4.6-star rating on Google with students praising their encouraging instructors and body empowerment that the classes promote.


Long Beach/Signal Hill

3301 E Hill, St. #401, Signal Hill, CA 90755

Westminster/Huntington Beach

14340 Bolsa Chica Rd., Ste A2, Huntington Beach, CA 92683






Single Class$35
5 Class Pack$149
10 Class Pack$249
Private Classes$70

Secret Pole Dance Studio

Pole Dance Classes In Long Beach

Secret Pole Dance Studio aims to provide all its students with a fun, unique, and exciting way to exercise. Our services are intended to empower and create a positive environment.

They specialize in helping students who don’t have rhythm, aren’t good with heels, cannot dance, are shy, and lack confidence; a safe place where they can completely open up and let their guard down. Their instructors aim to help you build your strength and skills.

All students who walk through their doors are welcomed with open arms. Students with stuck-up attitudes will not be tolerated! Their studio is a judgment-free zone for all staff and students. If you are seeking a studio with people who will cheer you on every step of the way Secret Pole Dance Studio is for you.

Secret Pole Dance Studio maintains a 4.2-star rating on Google with people praising their warm, amazing, welcoming, encouraging, and sexy community.


11409 Jefferson Blvd., Culver City, CA, 90230






Monthly Packages – 1$30
Monthly Packages – up to 4$100
Monthly Packages – up to 8$150
Monthly Packages – up to 12$200

The Rundown!

I hope you found this article helpful and are a bit closer to finding the best pole dance classes in Long Beach, CA. In general, California is a hotspot for the pole dancing community – if you have friends in neighboring cities who would love to find a pole class, be share to point them in our direction!

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