Up Your Pole Dance Game With Some Pleaser Shoes!

If you have been pole dancing for a while and are ready to take it to the next level with a sexy costume and some Pleaser Shoes, you aren’t alone.

In fact, if there was an official pole progress (polegress?) timeline – you would see there are many women just like you that eventually come to this question about adding some pleasers to their pole dance outfit.

Is it time to add some heels? How easy is it to pole dance in heels? And so on!

In this article, I will cover all of your pole dancing heel questions and tell you how you can up your game with a nice pair of pleaser shoes.

Up Your Pole Dance Game With Some Pleaser Shoes!

Pole Dancing In Heels

This is a very popular question and a super common one for women that have been pole dancing for some time. I am going to tell you how easy it really is!

The key thing to remember with heels is, just like everything else in life, you have to practice. You can’t just go into a class or grab some heels to practice in and expect to have it all down that same week. Even if you are used to wearing heels on a night out, walking and landing are two different things.

If you are serious about your pole dancing, I assume you are practicing at home on your own dance pole. You will want to continue doing this when you get your pleaser shoes! Doing all of your basic moves, just getting comfortable – as you will no longer have the support of the grip from your bare feet.

You will be relying on your upper body strength and thighs mostly, rather than your feet. You might also need some higher-strength arm workouts to get you ready for all that extra muscle work.

This is very important! If you are still struggling just to walk in your heels, you are not ready yet! The good news is, you can still practice just walking in them, around the house or out on the town. It doesn’t matter – as long as you are getting comfortable with your strut.

It is all about the imagery. If you cannot strut smooth and sexily in your heels it will do very little for your routine.

What Are Pleaser Shoes?

what are pleaser shoes

Pleaser Shoes, also known as pleaser heels or pleasers are platform heels, typically worn by dancers or strippers. The platform of pleasers lengthens the leg by a few inches, thus making the dancer appear taller.

They also lift the butt and give the calves and thighs are more streamlined a sexy look – perfect for showing off all of those dance routines!

Pleaser shoes are also great for pole fitness as they provide an extra workout for your already engaged lower body muscles!

Are Pleaser Shoes Expensive?

It depends on what you consider expensive! But honestly, I would not say pleaser shoes cost more than regular heels and in many cases are a lot cheaper. Again, it depends how much you are used to spending on shoes.

Some will spend $1000 on a pair of heels while others will happily strut in a pair of $20 shoes, so your pleaser shoe budget will largely be based on your own personal preferences.

What Are Pleaser Shoes Like To Dance In?

What Are Pleaser Shoes Like To Dance In?

If you have never danced in heels yet, I would advise you to at least practice wearing them around the house. Listen to your body and take it slow – don’t try a super high stiletto at first!

With that being said, many people assume that pole dancing in pleasers or flatform heels in general, is no different from pole dancing in your usual Friday night heels – this is not necessarily true…

Pole dancing heels are designed with the dancer in mind. They have been constructed with angled heels to assist you with balance and spins.

Not only that, but according to pleasershoes.com the angled soles and heels provide the necessary support and padded linings provide a level of protection from the sometimes harsh flooring while giving your feet an extra measure of relief.

Leather pleaser shoe fans will enjoy the added grip of their favorite style when climbing poles and holding positions. Despite them offering less traction than your bare feet, they are still a top choice for floor moves and poses.

Finally, the weightiness of pleaser shoes and platform shoes, in general, helps you with your spins by adding to the momentum. While you might feel that they are working against you initially, with time and practice you will learn how to work these into making your moves smoother and more fluid.

Tips For Pole Dancing In Pleaser Shoes

Pleaser Shoes

These steps should help you approach the pole with confidence when the time comes:

Choose The Right Size Shoe

It’s important to find the right shoe size for your feet. If you’ve bought a pair of pleasers that just didn’t feel right the first time you tried them on; it is better to return it and size up until finding that perfect match!

The wrong size will cause discomfort and pain after a while, making it impossible to dance in.

Learn To Strut In Your Pleaser Shoes

This is similar to the advice given for practicing walking in all shoes: strut with confidence! If you can imagine yourself as an extra sexy version of your usual self, you will start moving like this automatically.

Start off slowly, with proper form and motion. Think “heel-to-toe, heel-to-toe”.

Not slowing down and consciously trying to walk with proper form can result in ankle discomfort, back discomfort, and other posture-related issues if you don’t walk properly on your heels.

Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

If you have your own dance pole at home, this tip is very easy. Wear those pleaser shoes every time you mount that pole. Get super comfortable just being in them, lifting off the ground, gliding in them, landing in them.

The more you practice the easier it becomes. Eventually, you will feel the same comfort in your shoes as you do in your favorite pair of sneakers or bare-footed!

Get A Set Of Comfortable Inserts

Did you know that you could buy inserts for your soles? They are very cheap and will make a huge difference in your comfort level. Inserts can help protect your feet from blisters from harsh surfaces as well as cushion your every step.

Where To Buy Pleaser Shoes

Pleaser shoes are available for purchase everywhere, so I won’t go into too much detail on the best places to find them. You can buy them in high street stores or specialty shops.

Nowadays, you can get a good variety of pleaser shoes online and they are even sold on everybody’s favorite virtual shopping spot, Amazon.

See below for some of our pleaser shoe and platform heel findings on Amazon!


Do Pleaser Shoes Run Small?

You will find that while some fabrics stretch with wear, others will not. So it is always best to size up if you typically take a half size in your shoes.

Do Pleaser Shoes Come In Wide Sizes?

As of the time of this article being written, no, they do not have wide sizes however, it is recommended that you size up two sizes if you have especially wide feet.

While this is a solution for some, it may not work for everybody so keep this in mind if you intend to buy online.