Are you curious about what to wear to a pole dancing party? People usually wear leggings and loose shirts when working out at the gym. However, these may not be what you’d want to wear during your dancing session, especially to a pole dancing party. What to wear to a pole dancing party? Let’s find out.

You can wear anything that you feel comfortable in at a pole dancing party. However, the best options are the ones that expose the most amount of skin. This is not just because these let you feel sexy, but also because they allow you to grip the pole better. Booty shorts and sports bras are the top choices.

As we have mentioned in this article, you don’t need to buy special clothes for a pole dancing party. You can go in your regular workout clothes if you feel like it. However, it is understandable if you want to try out a more stylish outfit. You want to look good in the pictures (it’s a party!) and if you think you look good, the better you will feel.

What to Wear to A Pole Dancing Party?

Basic Pole Dancing Party Outfit

Basic Pole Dancing Party Outfit

Pole dancers like wearing tank tops, sports bras, and booty shorts. You can also opt for tight-fitting shirts for more cover. Bodysuits, leotards, and monokinis are also popular options. This clothing stays put and allows you to move better without sliding. Really, any attire that lets you move freely is a great option.

Some classes recommend that beginners wear long pants or leggings that cover the back of the dancer’s knee. This can be paired with a tight t-shirt or tank top. The reason is it protects your skin from getting rubbed and chafed by the pole. Beginners are not expected to do difficult spins so you can prioritize protection against bruising.

However, for more complex movements, you’d want to get as much skin on the pole as possible. That is why booty shorts and tank tops are recommended. You can also use cycling shorts. If you are comfortable exposing more skin, you can opt for a sports bra. Advanced polers need the contact to better grip the pole.

Whatever you choose, try to stick to materials that have wicking properties. You will sweat when you pole dance. Getting too much sweat on the pole can cause you to slide off it. Plus, you don’t want to feel and look icky at a pole dance party.

Some considerations for your dancing outfit

Some considerations for your dancing outfit

The main thing that you need to consider in choosing what to wear to a pole dancing party is comfort. Make sure that your clothes do not slide on or off your body, because you don’t want it to cause you to lose your grip on the metal.

Fitted clothes are always the best because they are easier to control and would not get in the way of your movements. Plus, your dance steps will not be easy to see and appreciate if you are wearing baggy clothes. Additionally, you won’t be able to easily observe and correct any errors if you are wearing baggy sweats.

Another important thing to consider is how you feel about what you are wearing. Choose what you enjoy wearing. If you don’t feel good and think that you look good in your clothes, you won’t feel confident in what you are doing. And pole dancing is always going to be about feeling happy and free with what you are doing.

If you are attending a pole dancing party, you want to enjoy the experience as best as you can. Some parties even have themes so you might be expected to wear costumes. Consider incorporating props like feather boas, cute eyeglasses, or even hats. Anything goes as long as you can pole dance safely with and in it.

What to Wear on Your Feet

Just like with any other part of your body, your feet are needed to be able to grip the pole when you dance. Some dancers like wearing rubber-soled shoes. Others prefer going bare feet. There are also some special pole dancing socks you can buy that are designed to grip the smooth metal.

One thing that you need to avoid is wearing regular socks. This can be too slippery. One mistake on the pole can send you crashing to the ground. Even if you are just doing floorwork, regular socks can slide on the floor’s surface.

According to Tantra Fitness, the school doesn’t allow its participants to wear high heels. This makes sense because you can seriously injure yourself if you slip off the pole and land on the pointy heel. The only time you may be allowed to wear heels is if you are attending an exotic dance class.

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What to Wear to A Pole Dancing Party?

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