During my teenage years through my early twenties, I was very conscious and insecure about my body image. I particularly disliked my thighs and butts.

I felt my butt was too flat and thighs too saggy, and the thought of being in a bikini scared the hell out of me. My self-esteem was so low. I lived believing I could never change because of my genes, but little did I know…

I am certain that my insecurity wasn’t the only case. Out here, a lot of women ( probably you too) are looking for ways to grow a rounder bottom. And if you are here wondering if pole dancing can help you achieve that, this post is for you. Read on!

Can Pole Dancing Help You Achieve a Rounder Bottom?

Being a full-body workout, yes it can. During pole dancing, you lift and hold your own weight, thus, engaging numerous muscles at once.

The engaged muscles include; the upper and lower back muscles, biceps, triceps, arms, shoulders, abs, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. When you practice consistently using the correct form, these muscles strengthen, tone, and grow.

But before we continue, it is important to understand how pole fitness causes muscle growth…

How Does Pole Dancing Build Glutes?

Muscles cause body movement through contraction and relaxation. During a workout session, the fibres of the skeletal muscle in your body get damaged by tearing.

When resting, your body naturally repairs and replaces the fibres by fusing them to form new myofibrils (muscle protein strands). These myofibrils, in turn, increase in thickness and number causing your muscles to grow.

Have you ever felt your thighs and butt burn from squeezing them against the pole for grip during certain pole routines and transitions? That’s practically working your thigh and glute muscles. To build muscle, you need to damage it (by working out), get adequate rest and eat healthily.

Now that you know how muscles grow, the next question is; Which pole routines enhance your glutes?

Pole Routines that Build Glutes

As earlier said, pole dancing is a complete body workout and most of its techniques engage multiple muscles at once. So do not cease doing any of the pole routines because the odds are, your glutes will be engaged.

Nonetheless, incorporating moves that require a lot of squeezing the pole using thigh and butt muscles will do the trick. Moves as simple as the standard and gemini climbs, and advanced as the brass monkey, Russian layback, dangerous bird, cupid and titanic will work those butt muscles. 

You can also consider intermediate dance routines such as; inverted crucifix, plank body roll, passe spin, back hook spin and back stag spin with a twisted grip.

Likewise, include a lot of floor work and pole conditioning exercises in your routine to achieve a toned butt.

Off Pole Butt Exercises 

Additionally, you can supplement these pole routines with some off pole glute exercises such as;

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Bridges
  • Fire hydrants and
  • Donkey kicks.

This list is not exhaustive either. Learn even more exercises, their different forms and how to do them here

How Long Does It Take to Get that Bubble Butt?

It takes a while for growth to be noticeable, perhaps several weeks or months. However, it’s important to note that the limit on how much your muscles can grow depends on several factors like genetic makeup, age and gender. Nevertheless, ensure you do your best to build glutes by;

  • being consistent in your fitness routine 
  • Progressively increasing the amount of work in each session to challenge your body and damage more muscle
  • Incorporating starch and protein-rich foods in your diet to facilitate the regeneration of muscle. 

Wrapping Up…

Pole fitness works wonders for the glutes! All you need to do is create stress and tension on your glutes through workouts, for breakdown and growth to occur. Now that you understand the mechanism of muscle building, get on that pole and bust that butt!

Remember that rest and a protein-rich diet is equally important. All the best!

PS: I am no longer insecure about my image and I can now flaunt my bikini body, thanks to pole dancing (wink).

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See you there 🙂