Imagine the warmth of the morning sun and the smell of rose petals in your orchid. The stimulating sight of bright fireworks exploding on the horizon or the serene atmosphere of a sandy beach in the coastal region.

Picture yourself getting a long supportive hug from a friend or the taste of hot chocolate on a winter morning. These and much more, are varied ways your five senses make you feel alive.

Unfortunately, many of us do not take time to enjoy the seemingly small things that make life beautiful. Why? Because we do not have a freaking clue about what sensuality is all about.

And if you are one of them, do not fret. This post is for you. I’ll not only tell you what sensuality and sensual movement is but also their importance. I’ll also guide you through sensual movement practice. 

Shall we begin?

What is Sensual Movement and Sensuality?

Meaning of Sensuality and Sensual Movement

Meaning of Sensuality and Sensual Movement

Sensuality is the ability to enjoy our senses: smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing to the fullest. Sensual things make us feel physically good, be it delicious food, sunrises, massages…you name it!

Sensual Movement on the other hand refers to moving your body in a sensual way, which makes you feel good at that moment. It is reconnecting to your body, purpose and sensual power through dance. Sensual movement requires you to use all the senses to gain a heightened sense of body awareness. 

Sensuality Vs Sexuality

Sensuality and sexuality concepts are not the same but interconnected.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, sensuality is the expression of physical (especially sexual) pleasure or satisfaction. As much as this might be true, I’d like to point out that sexuality can be sensual but does not equate to sensuality. 

Even though sensuality boosts your sexuality, it is beyond the bedroom. It is about paying attention to your five senses and deriving pleasure from the experiences. It is more of being in the present and taking in life around you. Sensuality is a mindset and not entirely about sex. 

Why should you explore your sensuality?

Take it easy 

Sensuality teaches you to slow down and indulge in the beauty of life. To be present to enjoy the juices and ecstasy of life. It reminds you that you are human and that you should take in everything that’s around you to the fullest.

Emotional acceptance

Emotional acceptance

Awareness of your surroundings through the senses will teach you emotional acceptance. You learn that there is nothing more to your emotions than just information. When you are in touch with all your senses, you know yourself, your triggers and patterns, and what brings and does not bring satisfaction.

Confidence and Self-esteem

Confidence and Self-esteem

Sensuality brings self-awareness which, in turn, cultivates confidence and self-esteem. With self-confidence, you can bounce back faster when facing life hardships. 

Expressing Yourself through Sensual Movement 

Sensual movement is one of the various you can connect with your sensuality. Unfortunately, many of us women have been raised in environments that perceive sensuality as negative.

Society gives us confusing messages and standards of what is and isn’t ‘appropriate’. There is shame around embracing our sensuality and sexuality, making it difficult to step into our sensual bodies.

You should realise that you are sensual innately and, therefore, find a safe space where you can express yourself without the fear of judgment. Start the practice by setting up enough room where you can move freely and without disturbance.

This practice is personal, therefore you can experiment with what feels good. Whether you’ll use a mat, sit on a chair or practice while standing, put on soft lights or do it in darkness, burn candles or incense, or practice in front of a mirror…it is entirely up to you.

After you’ve set up the room, play some music that inspires you to be sensual. Put on some comfortable clothing (lingerie can do) then proceed to set the intention to connect to your sensuality. Reassure yourself that you are in a safe space to express yourself. This way you’ll be giving your body permission to relax. 

Alternatively, to relax, begin caressing yourself with love as you would a significant other. Touch every bit of yourself with tenderness then allow your body to move however it wants. Trust your body and listen to it. Allow it to move in ways that feel natural and pleasurable, and explore the sensations that arise from this practice.

Reasons You Should Practice Sensual Movement 

By incorporating sensual movement practice in your life you get to enjoy the following benefits;


Sensual movement is a slow and gentle form of exercise and like all other exercises, it produces endorphins. Endorphins are good for relieving stress and anxiety, promoting good health and wellness.

Improves Confidence

This practice provides a deep sense of connection with your sensuality. It makes you feel attractive and desirable, thereby, increasing self-confidence.

Releases stuck energy 

During the practice, any sensation, thought or emotion can be expelled from your body. You learn to embrace it, dance with it and finally let it go when you are ready. This brings a sense of peace after every practice.

Increases Sexual Confidence 

Increases Sexual Confidence 

Sensual movement helps you learn your body language. When you understand what feels good for your body, you become more embodied as a human, therefore, capable of being sexually confident.


Sensuality is a powerful life force that helps you connect with the deeper self and others. Discovering the power of sensual movement can change the course of your life from learning to appreciate your body to indulging in your pleasure. 

Sensual movement is the ultimate way to connect with your body. The best news is that you can engage in things to spark your sensuality, which is an essential aspect of health and well-being.

Engage in sensual habits to make you feel much alive and playful. Also, you can enrol in sensual movement dance classes for guidance and motivation.

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