In this post, we share our top picks of the best pole dancing classes in Chicago IL. Whether you are new in Chicago and want to check out some of the amazing spots the city has to offer, or, you have been sharpening your dance moves on your pole at home and want to take it to the next step – you might want to read on!

As the hype around pole dancing grows, more and more women are taking an interest in pole dancing and all the amazing fitness and weight loss benefits of pole dancing!

Chicago has many great spots, and, with so many pole studios to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one. That’s why we’ve put together this list, so you can easily find the Chicago pole dance class that’s perfect for you!

The 8 Best Pole Dancing Classes In Chicago IL (2024)

What Makes A Good Pole Dancing Class?

What Makes A Good Pole Dancing Class?

When looking for the best pole dancing glass in your area, you want to consider a number of things;

  • The class instructors – how patient are they and do they demonstrate and instruct the moves clearly. Are they polite?
  • Attendees – The attendees who are regular will become your community and, if the vibe is off, with the community you will not want to go back.
  • Location – Is the location easy to access. What about parking, is there parking nearby or a bus station or, subway?
  • Cost – of course, pole dance classes are a luxury so it isn’t about finding the cheapest cost, but rather the best class in your range and budget.
  • Atmosphere/Vibe – he overall atmosphere and vibe, what have reviewers said about it?

These are just a few of the things we consider we have taken into consideration when putting this list together.

If you are looking for the best pole dance classes in Chicago, consider what your individual needs are. Are there any requirements for attendees such as age, gender, etc.? If you have accessibility issues, does the studio offer options for this?

Once you’ve considered these questions, look at each studio, look at their social profiles and see what people are saying (the good, the bad, and, the ugly). If you have any additional questions, it is always best to contact the studio and inquire.

You should also inquire about whether or not they offer taster sessions or introductory offers. Also, if they have any rules or requirements (ie. do you need to wear a face mask, what payments do they accept etc.)

Best Pole Dancing Classes In Chicago IL (2021)

Bombshell Movement Studios

One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Chicago - Bombshell Movement Studios

Bombshell Movement studios is a Chicago-based sensual dance and movement studio. It is the perfect dance studio to help women raise and build upon their confidence and self-awareness.

This is a studio that prides itself in building sisterhood through channeling women to appreciate and embrace their curves and feminine energy, no matter their body type or size. The perfect place to channel your inner vixen and temptress!

From 12 poles to the perfect club lighting for the perfect atmosphere, learn any routine there is to learn. Classes range from pole, twerk, chair, or lap dance for whatever the occasion may be.

With a 5-star rating from customers, many have lauded the studio as a “Safe, welcoming, and a non-judgemental environment” making it the perfect place to begin pole dancing classes.


Beverly/Mt.Greenwood, 2559 West 111th Street Chicago, IL 60655



Class                                                   Cost
4-week intro to Pole series (1 class per week designed for beginners).$99
Single Classes for current members only$29/ per class

Pole Appeal

One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Chicago - Pole Appeal

Having moved to a new and better location, Pole Chicago Fitness Studio is the place to be! The new location consists of better facilities, expanded classes that not only include pole dancing but yoga as well. Classes are clean and intimate sized, to provide the best experience and comfort for all clients.

The owner and lead Instructor Patty Yaconis has years of pole dancing experience and decided to open her studio that employs 4 other instructors that offer a range of services from pole dancing, fitness, yoga, and meditation to Korean pop influence choreography.

It is an inclusive environment that welcomes all types of individuals and all body types. Its 5-star rating is indicative of the “Encouraging atmosphere and instructors’ that clients have praised it for.


2544 N. Clark Street, Chicago 60614



Class                                                  Cost
Individual Class$30
5-class pack$130
12-Class Pack$225
One on One$50 per hour
Weekend Pole Warrior (Three Months) weekends only$250

Catalyst Movement arts

One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Chicago - Catalyst Movement Arts

Catalyst Movement Arts is the perfect studio to kickstart your pole dancing experience. Welcoming students of all ages and fitness levels you are without a doubt bound to fit in!

The studio consists of 2 studio spaces with bright lighting to create a welcoming space where you learn at your own pace and are encouraged to find a dancing style that is the best fit for your personality.

Consisting of a team of 5 instructors that include David Cowen the co-founder of the studio and one of the first world-renowned male pole stars you are sure to get your money’s worth. With top-notch instructors, it is no wonder the studio has received a 5-star rating from a collective 25 reviews.


2100 W. Grand Avenue, Suite 3B Chicago, IL 60612



Class                                                  Cost
Intro to Pole 3 week series$69
3 classes (Any combo of 60 and 80-minute classes)$75

The Brassring

One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Chicago - The Brassring

The Brassring is a pole dance and aerial fitness studio that facilitates inclusivity and accessibility with rates affordable enough to accommodate just about any demographic!

It offers top-notch instruction from an all queer and diverse team of instructors. You are encouraged to come as you are as no matter what body type you are, services are inclusive to anybody.

Offering pole dance and aerial fitness classes the team of instructors pays homage to strippers for gifting the dance form of pole dancing to the general public.

They offer entry-level classes depending on each individual’s experience with pole dancing from beginners right down to Burlesque dance for the most experienced.

With a team as diverse and as welcoming as the Brassring team a 4.8-star rating means signing up is a no-brainer.


2511 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60622



Class                                                        Cost
Single drop-in class$20
5-Class Pack$85
10-Class pack$150
15 -Class pack$180

Fempress Fit

One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Chicago - Fempress Fit

An alternative to the gym with weekly classes, Fempress Fit is the perfect Fit (pun intended) for those seeking not only pole dancing, but aerial and fitness classes.

With an all-female team of instructors, the message and stance on femininity is loud and clear. Fempress Fit seeks to build a sisterhood and is welcoming to all types of women to help them channel their inner feminine energy and fitness goals.

Classes are meant to be fun, sassy, and healthy for everybody to be able to express themselves freely.

Raking in a 4.7-star rating from customers it’s easy to see why Fempress Fit is deemed the “highlight” of the week for many customers.


2150 S Canalport Ave, Suite 5C6, Chicago, Illinois 60608, United States



Class                                                       Cost
Intro Class$30
Group Fitness Classes$20 per class
All Pole and Aerial Classes$30 per class
5 classes$125
10 classes$200

Pole Icons

One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Chicago - Pole Icons

Pole Icons offers their pole dancing classes to anyone who has even remotely entertained the idea of pole dancing! They specialize in classes that contain every element of sensual movement.

They cater to classes and have membership plans for everyone, whether you looking to work on your flexibility or simply polish up your skills on the pole dancing art form. Vinyasa Yoga and sculpting classes are also offered by booking.

Classes and membership plans are categorized based on skill level and depending on one’s interest to specialize in a specific realm of the pole dancing art form. They provide intro classes, sensual 8-week sessions to pole tricks.

From floor work to choreography to spin pole levels 1 & 2, Pole Icons covers it all. Private studio rentals are also available on call!

A 5-star rating is a testament to the patience of the instructors to break down every technique to accommodate your learning.


1919 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60647



Class                                                  Cost
First visit$15
Multiple membership plans are available on call!

Purepoles Fitness

One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Chicago - Purepoles Fitness

Located on the south side of Chicago Purepoles Fitness offers classes that are run professionally and filled with positive energy for an encouraging atmosphere.

Classes are mostly run by lead instructor BAM who has been teaching pole dancing for over 6 years and ensures to cater to your personal needs whether they are improving technique, flexibility, or working out she has you covered. Her style is defined as sexy, sophisticated, and confident.

Classes are to be booked online and Covid-19 state protocols are followed. Classes are held at Inferno Barre studio and have limited space, with a face mask being mandatory for class attendance.

Students have nothing but praise especially for lead instructor BAM who has been often described as accommodating, patient, and beginner-friendly hence earning the studio an awesome 4.8-star review.


The Inferno Barre Studio, 5024 S. State St. Chicago, IL 60609, USA



Class                                                   Cost
Tuesday & Thursday 5 sessions$90
Aerial Pole Silks Thursday$29.50 per hour
Friday Alter Ego Pole Fitness$22.50 duration varies
4 session Pole Aerial Silks$100
Private Pole Session 60 minutes$45

Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness

One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Chicago - Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness

Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness has been operating in Chicago for over 15 years and is one of the first pole and aerial fitness studios in the city.

The owner and instructor of the studio Angela Reininga has a resume that is sure to leave your jaw-dropping. Since the beginning of 2006, she has been involved in numerous contests and has numerous certifications for her pole dancing work.

Different classes are offered for different levels of skills, classes for beginners are offered for those with no experience, Advanced beginner/ Intermediate pole fit classes are offered for those who have over 6 months experience and advanced pole fit classes for those with over 2 years experience are also offered.

You are sure to be in good, skilled company under the instruction of Angela and hence the studio has a 4.3-star rating with many in disbelief at the transformation of their bodies and skill under her provision.


1912 W Winnemac Ave #1, Chicago, IL 60640



Class                                                   Cost
4-week beginner pole fundamentals$100 for 4-week classes or $175 for 8-week classes
Advanced beginner/ intermediate 4-week class$125 for 4-week classes  or $200 for 8-week classes
Advanced Pole Fit Classes$150 for a 4-week class 

Pole Dancing Classes Chicago Bachelorette Party

If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to celebrate your last night of freedom, consider taking pole dancing classes with your girlfriends. Most studios offer private classes where you can learn some sultry moves in a safe and supportive environment.

And what could be more fun than getting up close and personal with your besties while learning how to Pole Dance? Contact the studios listed above to book your private pole classes for your bachelorette party today!

Thanks for reading! I hope this post was helpful and has given you some insight into some great pole dance classes in Chicago! If you are wondering about what to wear, you might also like our post on pole dancing attire!

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