If you are looking for the best chalk for pole dancing, it is important that you know what makes a good product. There are many different factors to consider when choosing hand chalk and we have narrowed them down to 5 of our favorites.

In this article, we will focus on topical grip products only, but if you want to learn more about other grip aids and what you can do to increase your grip strength, you will find these articles useful:

Without further ado, let’s discuss the best chalk for pole dancing, so that you can make an informed decision on which one best suits your needs!

At A Glance

iTAC2 Level 4 (Extra Strength) Total Absolute Control Dance Pole Fitness Sports Grip

Available in three different sizes, 20g, 45g and, 200g, the iTac2 Extra strength is by far our favorite pole grip. It is not chalk for pole dancing per se, but it is a huge step up from chalk. Most of the time, new pole dancers do not know that we have moved away from chalk for pole dancing for the most part and that there have been advancements made on grip products!

The iTac2 is surely one of those advancements.

Every pole dancer should have a tub of this in their bag. The iTac2 is the official grip for international champions, and it works by adding just enough moisture to your skin while providing you with strong reliable gripping surfaces- helping conserve energy while repelling sweat!

You have a few different options when it comes to iTac2 grips as there are different sizes and strengths available. But a good choice for static pole use is the regular strength – this should be more than enough grip to assist you.

If you will be using your pole mostly in spinning mode, then the extra strength might be best for you.

iTac2 is the best grip on the market and is definitely our top pick as well! It rarely disappoints, but it does take some time to get used to applying it before dancing so that your hands are properly covered as opposed to just getting a quick spray of moisture with other products.

Key Features

  • iTac2 is made with a blend of natural ingredients derived from clean Australian forests.
  • The brand is very economical and focused on providing value with every tub.
  • A 200g tub provides a staggering 400 uses without skimping on application.
  • Ideal for long sessions and high performance.
  • It’s best for a variety of sports that require consistent hand grip and pole dancing is near the top of this list as this grip is championed amongst the top pole athletes.
  • It also leaves no residue on the skin or clothing which is a big plus.
  • Helps pole dancers to achieve better control and accuracy, allowing you to hit those difficult moves.
  • You can also apply a little to your inner thighs for extra grip!

iTAC2 Pole Dance Grip Extra Strength 45 Grams

Tite Grip I and Tite Grip II for Hands And Feet That Sweat

Tite Grip I and Tite Grip II are some of the best liquid chalk for pole dancing. Although, similar to iTac2, the product is not technically liquid chalk but rather a hand cream.

This type of liquid grip is best for people that sweat a lot in their hands and feet during pole class, sweaty hands and feet will handicap you on the pole!

The best thing about this type of grip is that it goes on clear and won’t stain your clothes or the furniture at home. So, whether you are at pole dance class or practising on your own pole at home, it won’t leave behind an unsightly residue.

You do need to reapply the product every 4-6 hours, however, if you were practising pole for 4-6 hours in one go, I am not sure you would be too concerned about reapplying grip cream!

You get a two pack of Tite Grip I and Tite Grip II.

What Is The Difference Between Tite Grip I And Tite Grip II?

The difference between Tite Grip I and Tite Grip II is the strength of grip. In other words, how much it dries out your hands and makes them tacky or sticky to best help you transfer that stickiness onto the pole.

Tite Grip I and Tite Grip II for hands and feet that sweat

Tite Grip I Formula has an intense drying effect on palms making them feel like they have been dusted with talc powder. This type of grip is best for people that sweat a lot in their hands and feet during pole class, sweaty hands will handicap you on the pole!

Tite Grip II Formula has less drying effect than Tite Grip I but still goes onto your palms leaving them feeling dry to touch. It doesn’t last as long as Tite Grip I, but this type of grip is best for people who just want to avoid tacky hands.

Key Points

  • If you have hyperhidrosis, or sweaty hands and feet, then I would definitely recommend this liquid grip. It works as an anti-perspirant as well as a grip so covers you on both bases.
  • It lasts for hours without needing a reapplication! So apply once before your pole class and you are good to go!
  • It does have a slight medicinal smell so if odour is something you are concerned about, consider this. However, you might not even notice it.

Dry Hands Ultimate Gripping Solution

The best chalk for pole dancing needs to be strong enough not to wear away during these demanding practices yet soft enough so as not to scratch or abrade skin.

It must also be able to dry quickly on sweaty hands without leaving behind any powdery residue that might cause problems with grip.

Dry Hands Ultimate Gripping Solution checks off all these boxes and more! With its unique formula consisting of magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, and calcium carbonate (all natural minerals).

Dry Hands provides strong grip that quickly dries on sweaty palms to prevent slippage. It is best used for pole dancing due to its unique formula of all-natural ingredients which do not cause any abrasion or irritation on the hands.

It also repels water to prevent slipping during sweatypole dancing practices, and is best used for hot or humid conditions where grip strength tends to be reduced.

Dry Hands "The Ultimate Gripping Solution" All-Sport Topical Lotion- 2 Ounce

Magnesium Carbonate (2 Pack /75g ea) Athletic Chalk Ball

Does what it says on the tin.

Great value for money as it lasts a very long time. Chalks balls can be used by anyone and are very versatile.

To use, simply break open and rub against hands to apply.

Mighty Grip Special Formula for Pole Dancing in Cold Climates

Mighty Grip Special Formula for Pole Dancing in Cold Climates is a best-selling product. It’s a best-selling product because it has been specially formulated for pole dancers who dance in cold climates, and especially those who have to start dancing before they are completely warmed up because the grip will not slip!

The formula comes with 1/4 ounce of powder that can be used up to 150 times, which is enough for many months even if you use this chalk on a regular basis.

This chalk is heat activated by the body and will not transfer to your clothes or gear. The grip lasts hours with a thermoplastic material that easily reactivates and intensifies when rubbed together creating heat.

Key Points

  • Works well on cold poles.
  • Activated by body heat.
  • 150 applications in one bottle.


So, those are our top choices of best chalk for pole dancing, but again – iTac2 is our go to pole dancing grip; the tub just seems infinite and we love a product that is good value for money, don’t we?

Want A Free Pole Grip Method? Try Shaving Cream!

The Best Chalk for Pole Dancing: Our Top 5 Picks

Yup, you read right! Shaving cream is an effective (and free if you already have some) way to get a grip on your pole!

Shaving cream is best applied to the hands, where it creates a nice layer of tacky moisture. It can be used on dry skin or sweaty palms – either way it will help you grip that pole!

Shaving cream works best when rubbed into your hand for about 30 seconds before trying to grab onto the pole. If your hands are already quite sticky, best to avoid using cream beforehand.