If you’re considering taking your first pole-dancing class, you may be worried about wearing the correct pole dancing attire. The good news is that you don’t have to wear anything special. You can just wear your everyday workout clothes and you’ll be fine. That said, if you’d like to give the place a little more flair, we’ve got some suggestions for you!

First and foremost, congratulations on discovering the exciting world of pole – it feels like unlocking a new level in life, doesn’t it?

Pole Dancing Attire: What To Wear To Your Pole Fitness Class (GUIDE)

Pole dancing is one of the hottest fitness trends of the last few years, and it has become a major party favorite because it combines strength training, flexibility, and aerobic fitness into one insane workout. While dance styles vary from club to club, there are several common elements.

The basic pole dance consists of a combination of traditional and acrobatic dance moves, and in addition to strength and flexibility training, it requires specific skills in balance and flexibility.

In this post, we are going to give you some suggestions and also, provide a breakdown of what to expect from your first pole dancing class.

What should I wear to my first pole class?

As I mentioned above, you really needn’t wear anything special, and, you more than likely have some gym clothes lying around which would be more than suitable. It is not necessary to buy a new set of clothes.

However, I have been there myself and I know how it is, it doesn’t have to be necessary, you just want to rock a new fit and look good in your Instagram stories, trust me, I get it!

While this is not a fashion blog, here are some suggestions;

  • Wear clothes that will not slide
  • Wear clothes that breath
  • Wear clothes that are fitted or at least slightly fitted as these will not get in the way.
  • Wear clothes that are suitable for exercise (what you would normally wear to the gym)
  • And, most importantly, wear clothes you will feel comfortable wearing – if you don’t feel good in it, then it won’t boost your confidence.

pole dancing attire

Tank Tops

Tank tops are great because they are fitted, comfortable and, chances are you already have a bunch of them hanging in your closet as I type. They also pair nicely with a sports bra underneath so you can keep it relaxed.

If you are not comfortable with the fitted look and want to feel a bit more covered up, a standard t-shirt is perfect.


Long sweats don’t seem to work well with pole dancing. You want to be able to have as much grip when performing your first moves on the pole. That includes the grip of your legs and the pole

For this reason, the shorter the shorts, the better! If you have a pair of cycling shorts or jogging shorts lying around, those are perfect.


You will learn all about pole dance bruises soon enough… but, if you want a bit more of a layer between you and the pole, at least until you get used to it, you can absolutely wear leggings.

Although leggings are not recommended, as they do not allow you the best grip – there are some exceptions.

Sports Bra

For ladies who are body confident, you can absolutely just rock a sports bra. You will want to wear a sports bra as an undergarment regardless, as you will need the support.

You can see some nice, comfortable seamless sports bras below; I absolutely love the Nike Dri-Fit and compression range for wearing to pole fitness class, yoga, and casually to the gym.

If you decide to wear just a sports bra, you can likely get matching gym shorts which would be perfect for pole dancing.


Yup, feet. Wear your everyday feet. You do not need to rush out and buy stilettos or anything like that. Your feet provide the necessary grip to get up the pole (and they are free!)

Also recommended are in-door shoes with a rubber grip at the bottom, like these.

Yoga Sets

Yoga sets are the perfect pole dance wear as they are strong, stretchy, comfortable, breathable, and flexible. They are made to support yoga moves which are very similar to pole dance moves.

I have picked two of my fave outfits from amazon which I think are perfect for pole dancing!

Outfit 1: All-Black-Everything

For when I am feeling super badass!

Outfit 2: Pretty In Pink

For when I am feeling feminine, cute, and sexy! You can get this set in various colors but my favorites have to be all charcoal and all pink. They are seamless and feel great on!

Can I Wear Make-Up, Skincare & Beauty Products?

It’s best if you avoid putting on lotions and beauty products while working out! This ma seem strange but it poses a safety issue.

What Skincare Products Are Okay?

  • If you sweat a lot, you’ll need deodorant/antiperspirant
  • Grip aid (if necessary)

What Products To Avoid?

  • Using body lotion will make your skin too slippery and leave residue on your poles
  • Moisturizers and hand creams – too slippery and leave a nasty residue
  • The same goes for sun cream.
  • All cosmetics containing shimmer or glitter can cling to the poles and possibly damage them.
  • The worst thing you can do before a pole class is use a false tan! You will have a real mess in your pole studio as well as on your body!


Can you wear leggings to pole dancing?

pole dancing attire

As mentioned above, although they are not the most ideal, yes, you can wear leggings to pole dancing class. As a beginner, this may even be ideal for you. As you become more confident and know what to expect, you can then move up to short shorts (or booty shorts).

Can you wear heels while pole dancing?

pole dancing attire

You can, but again, barefoot is best. At least until you have mastered some basic moves. If you just want to play around using your pole at home, then there is no reason why you cannot wear heels.

Although, for safety reasons, I would advise against it until you know what you are doing. (And whatever you do, don’t go live on Instagram in your heels

What Else Do I Need To Bring To Pole Class?

Bring a bottle of water, your pole fitness journal if you have one, and your wonderful self!

Final Words…

Do not feel like you need to be all dolled up. Remember, you are just going to a casual pole dance class, not a strip club!

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