Pole dancing is a great way to release stress, lose weight and have fun! Pole dancing connects women with their natural femininity by helping them feel sexy from within while simultaneously keeping themselves in shape!

Pole Dancing Class At Home: Are You Ready?

Is A Home Pole Dancing Class Right For You?

Learning anything at home requires a lot of discipline and pole dancing is no exception.

If you join a program such as this one: Pole Fitness Dancing you will have all the videos and lessons at your fingertips, but it is down to you to be proactive and get up every day and practice!

Holding Yourself Accountable

I would recommend that you find an accountability partner for your home pole dancing class. This could be a friend or family member with who you can do the lessons and journal your progress. Each time you nail a new move you write it down, you encourage each other and you plan your next achievement.

Staying On Track

As I mentioned already, holding yourself accountable is important to get the results you want. Keeping on track by journalling your progress and goals is a great way to stick with something.

Ever heard the phrase, ‘once you see results it becomes an addiction’? Well that couldn’t be truer in the world of pole. As once you hit that first Fireman Spin that has you feeling like a badass; all you want to do is spin!

Knowing Your Limits

If you have read all of the above and err on the side of caution, that is fine. A lot of people prefer going to physical pole fitness classes as they get to vibe off of the other ladies and make a whole social thing out of it.

If you know that you do better in a social environment with others on their journey and also want to make pole dance friends, I highly recommend you find a local class or at the very least a virtual Zoom class. A virtual Zoom class will still allow you to socialize, meet new people, and vibe – just from the comfort of your home!

All you need is your trusty pole.

Ensuring You Have Enough Room

ensure you have enough room

Making sure you have enough room in your house for your dance pole is probably the first thing you should do before buying one. Although there are many different types of dance poles, most of them require space in order to be installed and used correctly and safely.

As a general rule, your pole should not be placed next to a wall or other structures that could possibly be hit during practicing. However, this distance increases when you are dealing with free standing models (those that do not attach to the ceiling).

Before anything else, measure everything and take into consideration other objects in case you will need to move them into another room as well.

Buying A Dance Pole For Home

Pole Dancing Class At Home

Buying a dance pole for home can be difficult with the number of poles on the market these days. But all poles are not created equally! You will want to go with a reliable pole that will last many years with little care, and one that fits your home perfectly.

You typically have three options when it comes to choosing a home pole:

  1. You can choose a portable pole which you can put up and take down with ease if and when you need it.
  2. A studio professional pole to be fixed with a ceiling mount (this can still be taken down when not in use, however, the fixed mount is a permanent fixture)
  3. A standalone pole. Though less popular and sometimes more expensive, standalone poles offer great flexibility as you can use them in any room and do not need to worry if you have a vaulted ceiling or a weak ceiling you’re worried about damaging.

There are also different diameter poles available. The standard is 45mm but you can also go for a 40mm or 50mm based on your preference and grip. Size does matter, we generally recommend being safe and going with the industry standard of 45mm.

You can see our post about home dance pole recommendations here.

How To Get Started

So, if you have decided that a home pole fitness class is for you. This next section will guide you on how to get started and what you will need. Your biggest cost will be your pole; this is the main cost but see it as an investment – as once you have your own pole, you can practice daily.

Pole Dancing Class At Home

Estimated Cost:



Required Items:

– A home dance pole
– A computer (or tablet/phone)
– Your pole fitness wear
– Your pole fitness journal (optional)
– A woman who is ready to unlock the next chapter of her life.

Steps to get set up:

Pole Dancing Class At Home

Step 1

Once you have purchased your pole (if you do not want to read our buyer’s guide above and just want a pole recommendation, I recommend this one) and have it set up and ready to go, you need to have your online pole classes downloaded on your laptop, tablet or phone.

They need to be easily accessible and on a screen large enough for you to see from your pole.

pole fitness journal

Step 2

Have your water ready, and start with the ‘Ultra Basic’ videos, or, if you already have some pole dancing experience you can skip ahead to the ‘Beginner’ videos. Try to complete the entire lesson, however, if you need to stop, make a note in your pole fitness journal of what you did and where you stopped.

When you are ready to practice again, this will help you to not forget any of the details and will reinforce your learning. As you practice, try to watch for where you can switch up your body position or move in a way that feels like it might help make the move easier for you. This is the time when you should return to watching this lesson and see if there is anything else you can add in to make it easier for you.

Pole Dancing Class At Home

Step 3

Once you can complete the whole lesson, or a majority of it with confidence, try to challenge yourself by adding in music and really dancing your heart out! Do this before moving on to the next lesson.

The more of these moves that your body feels comfortable performing on its own the closer you will be to learning some awesome new pole moves and transitions!

Here Is What You Gain From Home Pole Dancing Classes

  • Learn pole dancing from the convenience of your own home by watching instructional videos online.
  • Join the millions of people who are getting in the best shape of their lives!
  • Have a ridiculous amount of fun!
  • Feel absolutely gorgeous, young, energetic, and fabulous from the inside out!
  • Give your health, your strength, and life energy a boost.
  • Reclaim your inner sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • Learn to love and embrace your natural femininity and sensuality.
  • Enjoying the fact that you now LOVE working out and do not dread it.
  • Level yourself up with this new, hot, skill.
  • Embrace a new you as you open up to taking more chances in life!
  • Feel in control and comfortable in your own skin.
  • Take a look in the mirror to see what you’ve accomplished!
Pole Dancing Class At Home

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Pole Dancing Class At Home

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Do you have any pole gear you cannot dance without? Let me know in the comments! And be sure to follow us on Pinterest & Instagram!

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