If you really want to get into pole dancing and your ceilings are slanted, sloped, or vaulted, there’s still hope for you to use a dance pole in your home! You’ve likely been browsing through the various home poles to buy, all of which are tension poles and will not work for slanted ceilings.

But do not lose hope! You can still have your very own dance pole… in your home… with that slanted ceiling that you loved so much when you first moved in but began to dislike when you learned it would be an obstacle for your new hobby.

Here we will talk about your best options when buying and installing a dance pole using a vaulted ceiling mount.

vaulted ceiling mount

Buying A Dance Pole Vaulted Ceiling Mount

X-Pole Slanted Ceiling Mount

Once the mount is fixed, it must remain there, however, you can remove the pole itself just as easily. The mount shouldn’t be too much of an eye-sore when your pole isn’t in use but it is something to consider.

Another company that makes dance pole ceiling mounts for slanted or vaulted ceilings, is X-Pole. You can purchase on eBay, or on their official website.

vaulted ceiling mount
Vaulted ball mount (right) – image taken from the X-Pole website

For both makes, you must purchase a specific pole to be able to use the mount and cannot use it with a pole of another make or model beside theirs.

For X-Pole, the two recommended poles for sloped ceilings are;

  • XPERT Poles
  • XPERT Pro Poles

They offer a vaulted ball mount for these poles, that you can buy separately. These vaulted ball mounts are available for both 40mm and 45mm diameter poles.

vaulted ceiling mount

How Do Slanted Ceiling Mounts Work?

In the same way, that dance poles can be fixed permanently and mounted for maximum safety on standard ceilings; they can be on vaulted ceilings with the right tools. In this case, with a mount designed for such ceilings.

A vaulted pole mount must be installed on at least a 100mm wide beam/joist or a solid ceiling. A ball can also be mounted to truss and I-beams using the truss plate or beam plate respectively, but only when you use a suitable top insert for your poles. 

If you require a top insert, you will need to buy this separately and it must be the right size for your pole. If this is the case, I highly recommend speaking with customer support before ordering, to save you any return costs or hassle you might experience.

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