Pole dancing seems to be such an intimidating art form to many. It is just so sensual and liberating, but also complex and difficult. When you watch one of the professional pole dancers spinning and holding poses, you can’t stop but think that it looks so hard to do. But is it really? Is pole dancing hard?

The simplest answer is, yes it is. Pole dancing can be hard especially for beginners with no dance experience. In fact, even trained dancers find some of the complex movements difficult. But, do not be disheartened. You can make your pole dancing journey a bit easier. Plus, learning this art form is extremely worth it.

If you are a beginner, don’t let the intimidation stop you from trying out and enjoying this fun activity. There are many ways that you can explore to help you learn pole dancing at your own skill level and pace. You can start from the simplest climb and work your way up to the more difficult steps You will be dancing on that pole in no time.

Is Pole Dancing Hard? 4 Things You May Not Already Know

Everything Is Hard When You Are Trying It Out For The First Time

Everything Is Hard When You Are Trying It Out For The First Time

Learning any skill is always hard in the beginning. This is very much true for dancing in general. Your body may not be used to the movements and will find it difficult for the first few sessions. But once you get the hang of the movements, pole dancing will become easier. 

Remember the last time that you tried out something new. Whether it is doing a puzzle or lifting weights, few people find it immediately easy to do. Your body and your mind need a period of adjustment in order to figure out how to do things correctly.

The same is true for dancing. Very few pole dancers went to their first dance class and immediately picked it up.

It Can Be A Painful Process Too

It Can Be A Painful Process Too

Besides the inability to easily memorize all the choreography or know how to perform certain spins and holds, there is also the pain involved in beginning pole dancing. According to a blog on MBG Movement, pole dancers experience pain because they need their skin to grip the pole. 

Since your sensitive skin is not used to this type of pull and pressure, you will definitely find yourself bruised and sore after the first few classes. Unfortunately, there is no way of avoiding these discomforts since you need the skin to be able to grip the pole when you do your spins and poses. 

What’s even more unfortunate is that the skin that you really use is the ones on your thighs, arms, and stomach. These areas can be very sensitive and will result in more pain when pinched.

Luckily, the adjustment period is just short. In just a week or two, your skin will harden, and performing the poses will no longer be as painful as before.

You Can Work At Your Current Skill And Fitness Level

You Can Work At Your Current Skill And Fitness Level

The good news is that you can do pole dancing at your current skill or fitness level. Great pole dancing teachers know how to tailor the lessons so that their students can feel challenged but not discouraged. 

This is why it is crucial to find a class or mentor that will allow you to learn based on your skill and fitness level. Find a good beginner’s class and work your way up. Keep challenging yourself until you improve.

Watching professionals perform their dances can be intimidating. But know that these talents started out as newbies. They took the time to learn and got to where they are because of patience and perseverance. So don’t panic. And don’t push yourself beyond what you and your body can do.

Don’t try any difficult steps before you are ready for it.

So, as a newbie, go work on the basics and focus on what your body can do. Even if it is just climbing that pole, your body will get stronger. Soon, you’d be able to do the complex spins and other hard movements without too much effort.

Improving Will Boost Your Self-Esteem

Improving Will Boost Your Self-Esteem

The great thing about pole dancing being hard is that you will feel accomplished once you master a new move. You will know that you put in the effort and your body grew stronger enough for you to do something that you cannot do before. This will do wonders for your self-esteem

According to Medium, one of the best benefits of pole dancing is that it can boost your self-confidence. But, you must have reasonable expectations.

Your sense of accomplishment, and of course just the fact that you can pole dance a little bit better than before, will make all the pain and hardships worth it. 

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