So, a very frequent question asked about installing a dance pole in your home is dance pole ceiling damage, “will it damage my ceiling?” The answer is, no. Unless however, your ceiling is made from plaster or if it was already weak or made from a material that could potentially be damaged by the weight of someone dancing on a dance pole or anything of the sort, then of course. But generally, and, in most cases, the answer will be no.

Dance Pole Ceiling Damage

Portable Removable Home Dance Poles

Most home poles and the dance poles we recommend are portable, multi-piece, pressure-mounted poles. They simply go between your floor and ceiling and lock into place!

There are no screws and certainly no drilling being carried out, and I trust that your home has been built to a relatively modern-day standard… so there should not be any structural damage whatsoever!

What About Cosmetic Damage?

Well, you might get some cosmetic damage. Cosmetic damage refers to marks on your ceiling and/or floor created by the material rubbing on the surface.

In my old apartment, I lived on a busy high road and kept my pole up most of the time. When It was time to take the pole down, there was a huge pale patch where the pole was mounted!

To both my surprise and horror, this patch was the only untainted, and clean area on my ceiling. Come to find out, the shadowy area surrounding the mount was from all the motor fumes!

So, while the pole itself never left a mark and I don’t have a dance pole ceiling damage horror story to share, I do have that. *shakes fist green-thumbly*

dance pole ceiling damage

So regarding cosmetic damage – that’s about it. Cosmetic damage is any scuffs, marks, or discoloration of paint and it can always be painted over if this is the case.

Installing A Dance Pole With Ceiling Mount

Some professional and removable studio poles, such as the Lupit Pro pole have a ceiling mount that screws into the ceiling and floor. Even with these poles which do require some DIY (four screws), as long as the screw is going into a wall plug, it should not really cause any damage to your ceiling.

Do I Need To Put Anything Between My Dance Pole And Ceiling?

No. You do not need to put anything between the dance pole and your ceiling. Don’t bother with padding, cushioning, or anything of the sort. It’s totally unnecessary and could be quite dangerous.

If you place something there that could shift or dislodge, such as a pad or foam, you risk the pole not being as secure as it was designed to be. As now, it isn’t secured against the component holding your home together, but rather, some item you have put there.

If this happens and someone gets injured, such an incident would be 100% avoidable by simply not placing any padding between the dance pole and ceiling.


Unless you’re one of the lucky few with a concrete ceiling, you’ll need to find a ceiling joist in the room where you want to put up the pole.

Most ceilings are made of plasterboard, which is weak, but the plasterboard is supported by strong wooden joists. It’s very important that you position your pole underneath one of these joists to prevent damage to your ceiling (and far more importantly to you if the pole falls down).

Finding joists

Ceiling joists are typically 30-60cm apart and usually run parallel to one wall of the room. You can usually find a ceiling joist by tapping on the ceiling – when it stops sounding hollow you’re probably over a joist.

You may find you can get more accurate results using a stud detector, which cost about $10-15 from DIY shops.

If you’re planning to take your pole down, it’s a good idea to mark the ceiling so you don’t have to play ‘hunt the joist’ all over again.


Can You Install A Dance Pole On A Slanted Ceiling?

slanted ceiling

Yes and No. Most home dance poles are tension poles. Tension poles require that there is a flat surface above and below in order to be installed properly so you would not be able to install this type of pole on a slanted ceiling.

Some companies sell special fixed mounts for slanted ceilings, however, these mounts require drilling in and they tend to be pole specific so you are better off buying the pole and mount from the same company. You can check this post to learn more about slanted ceiling mounts.

What Will Happen If I Screw A Dance Pole Into My Bedroom Ceiling?

Nothing. Many people have done this using professional poles that are made to be. mounted. If your pole has not been designed to be fixed to your ceiling using tools such as drills and screws, I would advise against it unless you know what you are doing.

So, Do Dance Poles Damage Your Ceiling (Or Floor)?

I am going to confidently say, “No.” If buy a professional pole that you would like to have mounted with screws or bolts and you are in any way concerned about damage to your ceiling or floor, contact a professional installer.

Sometimes it is just safer, offers peace of mind, and is better for the overall end result if a pole is installed by someone who knows what they’re doing!

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