Once you dive into pole dancing and become familiar with the basic techniques and workouts, the next natural progression is to invest in a dance pole for your home. Having your own pole will not only allow you to practice more, but you get the opportunity to take as long as you need to perfect tricky skills. 

You also get the opportunity to do impromptu quick workouts at home saving you tons of time in a physical gym. Plus there are tons of studios that allow you to take pole dance classes online.

But how can you ensure you have the best pole for your home especially with a high ceiling? Let’s figure it out together. 

What Is The Best Dance Pole For A High Ceiling?

Build-A-Pole by X Pole is your best choice when you’re seeking a very tall pole (especially one that is higher than 11’10”). Since taller poles are more flexible, they need more reinforcement for stability.  Most dance pole kits don’t extend over 11’10”, which is why Build-A-Pole by X Poles are so popular with high ceilings.

What Is The Best Dance Pole For A High Ceiling
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X Pole’s XPert, and X Pole Sport Models are able to reach 14 ft high, but they have a lot of flex in the pole. With Build-A-Poles, the pole has less flex and is a bit more stable.  In light of the longer “main pole” lengths, Build A Poles is always for very tall ceiling heights. 

Due to their shorter “main pole” lengths, the XPert or Sport X Pole poles can be shortened to fit lower ceiling heights in the future, but you will have to put up with some additional flex in the pole in that case.  As long as a pole remains installed and used for a long time, it needs to be checked regularly to make sure all parts remain tight.

A Build-a-Pole is a competition strength pole that is perfect for studios or homes with very high ceilings.  X-Pert A poles are over 8 feet long at the bottom. You can construct a two-piece pole with just one extension and one X-joint! The pole is also dual lined, which makes it ideal for studios with high ceilings.

Can I Still Install A Pole If I Don’t Have A High Ceiling?

Can I Still Install A Pole If I Don’t Have A High Ceiling?

The first step to buying a dance pole would be to determine the height of your ceiling. Commercially available poles can easily be used for low ceilings (below 9 feet), but you won’t need all of the extension pieces that come with the pole. However, if you have a ceiling height below 7½ feet, the poles, unfortunately, won’t fit into your room.

To mount your pole securely, you must find a ceiling joist. You’ll want to choose a place with enough floor space around the pole to comfortably walk around it, which will probably be as close to the center as you can get.

Can I Still Install A Dance Pole If I Have A Vaulted Ceiling

Can I Still Install A Dance Pole If I Have A Vaulted Ceiling

You can still use a pole dancing space in your home if you have a vaulted (diagonal) ceiling or if it is located in your attic. However, you will need a permanent mount (most websites call them vaulted mounts). That means you will need to drill into the ceiling. Based on what I’ve seen, only the X Poles have mounts for vaulted ceilings.

Depending on the direction from which you’re facing on the pole, you may be able to do some extended pole tricks if you have a vaulted ceiling that’s quite low.

Will A Dance Pole Damage My High Ceiling?

Will A Dance Pole Damage My High Ceiling?

As long as it is used and maintained correctly, the pole should cause no damage to floors or ceilings. If you receive your pole, please watch the installation video or read the installation manual, and the instruction manual contains tips on how to maintain it.

The X-POLE poles have a clear, soft silicone pad around the base. Almost any surface will adhere well to this and it prevents any damage.

It is possible that marks may appear on a pressure pole, but they can be easily removed by rubbing.

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What Is The Best Dance Pole For A High Ceiling

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