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What Exactly Is Pole Dancing?

It’s honestly quite saddening that there are many people that think of pole dancing with a negative connotation. I’ll even admit that I used to be one of those people whose face scrunched up when hearing the word, ‘Pole Dancing’. But not anymore. Pole dancing has become so much more than just an ‘erotic dance’.

But now, this begs the question of what Pole Dancing is. By definition, according to Wikipedia, it “combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole.”

Besides the usual negative connotation that comes with pole dancing, there’s another misconception that bars other people from appreciating it. 

Oh, that’s just a woman thing!” Actually, Uncle Joe, men can pole dance too. 

You heard that right! In fact, men typically have a physical inclination for upper body strength, which makes them an even better-suited candidate for pole dancing. There are also many ancient forms of pole dancing that were performed exclusively by men. 

Lastly, pole dancing really is so much more than just ‘gripping and spinning on a pole.’

Pole Dancing As A Sport

Let me drag your mind away from thinking of scantily clad women at a nightclub (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) when I mention the word ‘pole dancing.’ Moving away from the typical negative misconceptions about it, you’ll find that pole dancing is actually a form of performance art.

Pole dancing combines: 

  • Upper body strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • A sense of rhythm

And mashes it all together to present a beautiful and exciting sport. 

Like most sports, pole dancing also has its own competitions, where its participants compete either individually or as a group. The closest sport you could compare it to would be Gymnastics. Competitive pole dancers are similarly judged based on routine, the difficulty of the acrobatics performed, and the types of movements made. 

It was recently officially recognized as a sport and is currently under review to be recognized as an Olympic sport! If this doesn’t make you believe me when I say it’s a sport, then I don’t know what will.

The Beautiful, Positive World of Pole Dancing 

Pole dancing doesn’t always have to be sexy. It can simply be a way for someone to artistically express themselves through movement. But, it is undeniable how empowering the sensual side of it can be.

There’s just something special about being able to successfully climb the pole or finally complete a routine without any awkward slips. That feeling of accomplishment contributes so much to one’s self-confidence.

Think of it as the feeling from when you were a child and finally being able to ride your bike on your own or receiving an award at school. The sense of pride, accomplishment, elation, you name it. Pole dancing can offer those same feelings.

Self-confidence Through Pole Dancing

The key to happiness is building self-confidence. Pole dancing is one of those amazingly unique ways to build self-confidence, strengthen your body, showcase superhuman strength and feel empowered and sexy by moving your body in ways you never thought possible.

Going back to common misconceptions, another one is that they feel that someone is too ____ to pole dance. No one is too anything to pole dance. No matter what size you are, how old you are, where you’re from, what you look like, etc., you’ll always be able to pole dance

Each time you’re able to hit a lower spot with your splits, or you’re able to climb to the top of the pole with ease, or any time you’re able to overcome a new challenge you’ve set for yourself, the feeling of love for your body and what it can accomplish will flood through your veins. You’ll realize, “Wow, I love my body.”

Each achievement contributes to a bigger picture. Many pole dancers say that they stopped focusing on what their bodies looked like but rather, what they were able to accomplish. Of course, the longer you pole dance, you’ll start to notice your body changing. You’ll develop muscles or maybe shed a couple of pounds which can also contribute to positively impacting how you view yourself.

It will ultimately redefine how you see yourself.

The reason those women (or men) look so beautifully sexy and attractive while on the pole is that they’ve fully realized and accepted their inner sexuality. As I mentioned, they’re focused on their achievements and what they can perform. They’re filled with pride for who they are.

This type of confidence can only come from the inside.

Sensuality And Exposing Skin

There is no other sport that allows you to develop such an intimate relationship with your body as pole dancing does. Believe it or not, wearing skimpy clothing is necessary for pole dancing. (And no, it’s not because it’s ‘for the male gaze.’)

In pole dancing, there are two things that you’ll have to learn to embrace:

  1. Accepting open sexuality
  2. Exposing your skin

Wearing short-shorts and sports bras are needed when you pole dance. I know, I know, the thought can be mortifying. But the sport requires your skin to directly come in contact with the pole for better grip. Attempting to pole dance in leggings and a t-shirt will cause you to slide down the pole immediately, and if it happens too quickly, it can result in injury. 

So, it’s time to wear those shorts! It’ll be difficult because everyone has an ideal image in their heads of what a pole dancer ‘should’ look like (Heavy quotations on ‘should’). 

We picture ads, long legs, a curvaceous body, thin arms, long hair, and so on. But there really isn’t one way a pole dancer ‘should’ look like. Fork that! 

As you pole dance, you’ll become more and more comfortable in your skin. It’s extremely freeing, and at some point, you’ll laugh at yourself for feeling shy or insecure about wearing those shorts or exposing your midriff.

To appear sexy, you’ve got to feel sexy from the bottom of your bones. When pole dancing, the sensuality will come naturally to you. I mean, how can you not feel sexy as you twirl, twist, and dance against a pole.

Especially so when the community will cheer you on, howl, and spur you on…”Get ’em gurl!!”

Support From An Open Community With No Judgement

You’ll never find a pole dancer that will pick apart what you look like. You also won’t find a pole dancer that’ll allow you to pick yourself apart. It’s an extremely body-positive community where you’ll find no judgment, but rather, love and support. 

There’s a strong sense of camaraderie amongst pole dancers. They want each other to succeed and highly discourage comparing themselves to each other. 

Additionally, it’s safe to say that almost all pole dancers come from a similar background of feeling extremely self-conscious when they first came to class in short shorts and a sports bra or having deeply-rooted body image issues. They understand.

Which is why they want nothing more than for new pole dancers to feel accepted. They want to help you see yourself and your body through a different lens and discover all the amazing things you’re capable of.

It’s an extremely uplifting community, and it’s a beautiful community to be a part of.

It is also common for plus-sized dancers to doubt their belonging when it comes to pole dancing; they are often shocked to find an entire supportive community of plus-size ladies (and gents) free and fabulous on the pole.

For plus-sized individuals specifically, it is okay if you feel that you need to get comfortable in your own space first, before maybe attending a public class. This post will help you find the best pole for plus size individuals to get started!

The Many Physical Benefits of Pole Dancing

In addition to the mental benefit points mentioned above, we also can’t ignore the many physical benefits that stem from pole dancing, especially if you’re able to do it consistently.

Of course, not everybody wants to lose weight, and body positivity is about being comfortable in your own skin. But, this is a physical sport, so one way or another, you will notice some physical changes such as:

  • It builds muscle
  • Increases upper body strength
  • Promotes flexibility and balance
  • Burns fat
  • Great way to release stress and negative emotions
  • Increases body coordination
  • A great form of cardio
  • Better blood flow
  • Promotes better sleep

Studies show that pole dancing is great for chronic pain since it engages almost all of the body’s muscles in a routine or workout. Because of this, it also targets all of the muscles at once, meaning your muscles will develop all at once too.

There’s no need to stress on whether today is leg day or not because every day is every muscle day!

But, let’s be realistic. With pole dancing also comes bruising, pole burns, or maybe even pulling a muscle. When you’re throwing your body about and hanging off of an arm or a leg, it’s not hard to pull a muscle if you aren’t careful. I’m not trying to rain on your parade. I’m just being honest.

Luckily, when you’re pole dancing, you won’t necessarily be feeling any of this pain as you’ll be so absorbed in your movements. All of your focus is directed onto what your body is doing and can do than what it’s feeling in the moment. 

As you build strength and flexibility through pole dancing, you’ll eventually become accustomed to the pain and will learn to manage it. More joint mobility means that you’re less likely to fall victim to back pain and muscle stiffness or soreness.

Combining Physical And Emotional Benefits

I’ve already covered many mental and psychological benefits, but can you believe that there’s even more? Pole dancing is amazing for releasing and managing stress. 

As the stress builds up, I’m sure that you’ve noticed that you have more feelings of:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritation
  • Depression
  • Frustration
  • Restlessness
  • Adrenaline

And these are common emotions for when a person has a lot of pent up stress. You’ll notice at the bottom of the list I’ve mentioned adrenaline. Now that, will be the key as to why pole dancing is able to counteract all of those negative emotions.

Once you’re on the pole, climbing, swinging, spinning, or dancing, you’ll spend all of that adrenaline because of the euphoric feelings that rush through you as you move.

 Imagine you’re at the top of the rollercoaster, and you’re about to drop. You’re peeking over the edge, and you can feel the rush of blood through your veins. Your blood is pumping, your breaths are quickened, and your palms are sweating in anticipation. 

That’s the same feeling as when you climb up the pole and are about to begin your routine. Once you drop down the pole and continue on, that’s when your adrenaline gets spent, and your body will release endorphins (the happy hormone), and all the negative emotions are spent with the adrenaline. 

Once you climb down the pole, you’ll definitely feel refreshed, calmer, and ultimately, happier.

Wrapping Up With A Good Night’s Rest

Nowadays, it’s very common to hear stories of people being unable to sleep. Whether it’s due to stress or chronic insomnia, the reason is unimportant. The bottom line is that not getting enough rest is very harmful to the body.

It’s a given that rest is just as important as the workout. Pole dancing is a very taxing workout (that doesn’t feel like a workout). When you combine this with how much you stretch your muscles throughout your movements, it’s almost a 100% guarantee that you’ll sleep like a baby once it’s bedtime. 

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