Whether you’re looking to get in shape or just have some fun, pole dancing is an intense but exhilarating workout that will improve your endurance and strength. You can also work on flexibility, coordination & core muscles when taking classes with this exciting activity!

Not only is it an amazing aerobic workout, but it is also an empowering and enjoyable activity for both men and women. Many pole dancers have described how the art has helped them to feel confident and sexy about themselves!

If you are interested in joining a community of people who love the vertical arts as much as you do, then we have some great news for you…

We’ve compiled a list of the best pole dancing studios in San Antonio, Texas. This list should help you take the guesswork out and get straight to it!

Top Pole Dancing Classes In San Antonio, Texas (2024)

North Pole Dance Studio

Pole Dancing Classes In San Antonio

The North Pole Dance Studio is Texas’ largest pole dance studio. It has two studios located in Bandera and Stone Oak, San Antonio. The North Pole Dance Studio is dedicated to encouraging body positivity and confidence through pole dancing.

Both men and women are welcome to become part of the North Pole Dance Studio. It is a co-ed dance studio catering to individuals aged 16 and up, who have a drive for self-improvement and are interested in finding a new hobby. 

Many perceive pole dancing with a negative connotation, but the instructors of the North Pole Dance Studio will prove to you that simply isn’t true. Students of North Pole express how greatly their confidence improved. Pole dancing is such a thrilling activity that some students felt better and got past their depressive moods.

The North Pole Dance Studio offers a variety of pole programs. Pole Dance classes are categorized by skills level. On the other hand, Pole Fit classes don’t require prior experience.

To get the most of your pole dancing journey, instructors let you learn new tricks and techniques at your own pace. There is absolutely no rush at all. Fellow students will even cheer you and support you as you grow stronger every week.

While Pole Dance classes emphasize on a dance routine around the pole. Pole Fit classes focus on conditioning your body to gain more strength and flexibility.

Book a class with North Pole Dance Studio and experience the encouraging guidance of the instructors, supportive classmates. The drama-free environment of the studio is the perfect getaway after a stressful week at work.


5417 Bandera Rd #603, San Antonio, TX 78238, United States






First Pole Dance Class Promo$10
Single Session (Pay-per-class)$20
5-Class Pack  $90
10-Class Pack$150
5-Open Pole$50

Soft Sensuous Moves LLC

One of the Top Pole Dancing Classes In San Antonio, Texas

Soft Sensuous Moves LLC is a pole dance studio for women, by women in San Antonio, Texas. It commits to providing a safe and encouraging space for women to explore their natural flow and sensuality.

Soft Sensuous Moves LLC offers pole dancing classes as an avenue for women to touch into their femininity and nurture confidence. The studio presents a relaxing atmosphere for students to release their insecurities and just go with the flow.

Pole dancing demands commitment The instructors of the dance studio gently guide and nudge students to perfectly nailing down forms and techniques.

Students appreciate the detailed and careful instruction of the crew at Soft Sensuous Moves LLC. As all of the instructors are professionals outside pole dancing, you are in safe hands.

Soft Sensuous Moves LLC is diverse; every lady, regardless of skill level and experience, is welcome to join in the fun of pole dancing. Comprehensive courses for every level are offered so you can improve your routine and strengthen your body step by step.

And if you feel like celebrating with the dance studio, keep your schedules open! The studio hosts ladies’ parties  for you and your girl gang to have fun with pole dancing all night long!


6441 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States






Try Me Out Intro to Pole$25
Level 1-4 Pole Fitness Course (4 weeks per course)$100
Level 5-9 Pole Fitness Course (4 weeks per course)$120
Level 10-12 Tricks$120
Advance 1$125
Advance 2$135
Individual Pole$15/class
Private Pole$85/hour

Aerial City

Aerial City

Aerial City is one of Texas’ most established aerial gyms. Rejuvenate yourself from the tiresome routine of conventional gyms, and explore the magic of pole dancing.

Aerial City features an array of classes for students to choose from, such as pole dancing. Pole dancing is growing a steady following in Texas and all over the world, allowing for more opportunities to study and pick up pole as a hobby.

Students of Aerial City sing praise for the professionalism of the crew. The instructors take care to pay attention to every student’s needs and limits. Everyone in the studio encourages one another in mastering the choreography. 

Pole dancing is also versatile, thus different instructors teach with different teaching styles. At Aerial City, students are grateful for the assortment of combination moves and techniques the instructors share with thm.

Pole classes at the Aerial City are offered as Open Pole, with no required level of experience to get enrolled. Classes are delivered comprehensively according to the intensity of the movement. Students are also more than welcome to ask for support in accomplishing a challenging technique.

Frustrated that you are still not seeing visible results yet? Aerial City also offers conditioning programs to focus on your body’s overall strength, rather than flow. Climb up and down, upside down and right side up the pole while you build impressive abdominal and leg strength,


9012 FM1976 STE. 301, Converse, TX 78109, United States






Single Open Pole$15
5-Pack Open Pole$60
10-Pack Open Pole$100
1-Month Unlimited Open Pole$110

Practice Pole Dancing at Home

With all the restrictions at tow in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, most activities are now reshuffled to be accomplished at home. Unsurprisingly, pole dancing is among those hobbies that you will have fit in your house.

Pole dancing at home is not unusual. In fact, it allows you to lower your guard as you only have to worry about making mistakes with no one else around. To get to practice pole dancing at home, we highly recommend purchasing and installing your own pole.

If buying a pole is out of your options, you can focus on improving your floorwork. Strength training and deep stretching can also help develop your dancer’s body and prepare you for the dance pole.

To get started with your at home pole dance training, you will need to gather teaching material. You can always check out YouTube for channels dedicated to teaching pole dancing, or get in touch with a pole dance instructor and book for virtual classes.

Pole Dance YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

As we mentioned above, YouTube is your best bet for free pole dancing tutorials. If paid courses are too heavy on your wallet, or you simply cannot align your schedule with the available virtual classes in your local dance studio, YouTube is your best friend.

Various pole dancing tutorial channels on YouTube are available. They range from teaching the basics, to pole choreography and more advanced techniques. Take your time to search around for different pole dancing YouTube channels.

We recommend checking out Elizabeth Blanchard’s YouTube channel. Elizabeth takes great care in extensively explaining every move and technique. You will not have any trouble finding which trick suits your level, because Elizabeth caters to all levels of experience.

Pole Dancing Classes In San Antonio

If you want to learn new choreography, head over to Miglena’s channel, The Pole Dancer. Miglena uploads in-depth tutorials on pole flow and pole dance choreography. Miglena caters to all levels of pole dancers, and you won’t run out of motivation when you watch her flawlessly complete her choreo!
Pole Dancing Classes In San Antonio

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