In this post, we look at some of the best pole dancing classes in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We’ve compiled a helpful list of a few alternative spots for you to investigate based on pole dance studios and what their reviewers have to say!

The number of pole dancing and pole fitness classes available to you all around Puerto Rico is increasing, and with that, so are your options.

From pole dancing classes for newcomers, to private parties which are growing increasingly popular for bachelorette and other ladies-night-out events, you are spoilt for choice!

We’ve compiled some options that should fit any dancer’s needs: whether it be a drop-in one-off class or an entire pole dancing course!

List Of The Best Pole Dancing Classes in San Juan, Puerto Rico (2024)

Tropik Pole PR

Pole Dancing Classes in San Juan

Tropik Pole PR is a premier studio located in Hato Rey Central, San Juan, Puerto Rico. They offer a variety of pole dance classes from workshops, personal training, to seminars with rising and renowned stars of the pole dance community.

Tropik Pole PR teaches pole dancing for all levels and genders. Classes are distributed over the week, with Sundays dedicated to Open Pole practice.

If you are around San Juan, Puerto Rico, and looking for a chance to get into a new hobby or workout, visit Tropik Pole PR. Not only are their classes well-curated and organized, but their rates are too good to be true. Tropik Pole PR provides a fun and challenging pole dance classes at very affordable prices.

Learning pole with Tropik Pole PR may be the best decision you could ever make. The studio’s official Instagram account gives us a glimpse of the lively atmosphere in the studio. Male students are not afraid to flaunt their sexy side and perform advanced tricks on the pole.

Tropik Pole PR is a supportive and inclusive pole dance studio. From standard fundamental pole lessons, to more exotic and tricky classes like floorwork and chairwork, the ever-smiling crew of Tropik Pole PR are excited to have you on board.


63 C. Guayama, Hato Rey Central, San Juan 00917, Puerto Rico



Pole Basic Fundamentals$30/class
Pole Level 1$30/class
Pole Level 2$30/class
Sexy Pole$30/class
Open Pole$10/2 hours
1 Drop-in Class$30
2-Class Package$50
3-Class Package$65
6-Class Package$95

Sube y Baja Yoga and Pole

One of The Best Pole Dancing Classes In San Juan

Sube y Baja Yoga and Pole is another pole dance studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Deriving its name from the Spanish phrase that means “up and down”, Sube y Baja Yoga and Pole adds a sentimental note with parallels of an ever-changing life to the positions and inversions in pole dancing.

Sube y Baja Yoga and Pole features a homey and ambient pole dance studio, where students feel immediately at ease. The crew consists of four talented instructors. With such an intimate setup, instructors and students of Sube y Baja Yoga and Pole have some of the greatest, no-drama friendships in a studio.

If there is anything unique about this studio, it is the fact that the instructors host evening classes. For anyone who could not make it to the day classes, Sube y Baja Yoga and Pole accommodate them by providing the option for evening classes.

Speaking of classes, the studio also dedicates itself to the step-by-step growth of a pole student in the art of pole dancing. Over 18 classes are offered in a week. 

You can also focus on building endurance and enhancing ab strength with conditioning. The studio provides Pole Fit classes, designed to break in your body for some tough and demanding workout around the pole.


251 C. de la Fortaleza, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico



Day Beginner Pole Dance$25
Evening Beginner Pole Dance$25
Evening Intermediate Pole Dance$25
Advanced Pole Tricks$30
Private Pole$80 – $100/hour

Yanza Touch

Yanza Touch

Yanza Touch is a female-owned pole dance studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It also only caters to women aged 18 and above. Carrying the belief that pole dancing can change lives, Yanza Touch commits to helping women achieve better physical and emotional health.

Yanza Touch is dedicated to teaching pole dancing with a purpose. Be it finding your happiness, rediscovering your passion for dance, or building self-confidence, pole dancing is an empowering art form that can rejuvenate and motivate you to do better.

The studio offers an array of pole dance classes. From comprehensive beginner and intermediate classes to the newbie in pole dancing to specially curated classes called the Gold Club for the ladies aged 45 and above. 

Yanza Touch strives to cater to all women of all age groups and physical conditions. There is also a special class dedicated to strong and determined students battling fibromyalgia.

Yanza Touch recognizes the significance of women in society through the empowering and enthralling routines of pole dancing. To book a class with the studio and discuss rates, you can send them an email on the official website.


Concordia Shopping Center, San Juan, 00924, Puerto Rico




Send an email on the studio’s official website to learn more about rates and class packages.

If None Of Those Options Are Suitable For You…

Buying Your Own Dance Pole

To kickstart your pole dancing journey, you can say it’s best to get your dance pole and install it at home! However, you are not merely shopping for any dance pole. An ideal dance pole must be sturdy, versatile, and made of strong, hypoallergenic material. 

Buying your own dance pole can be confusing at first, but there’s nothing you can learn through some searching online. Compare and contrast brands and their products’ builds before purchasing. You do not want to grow out of a dance pole so quickly too, as it can be pricey. 

To know more about buying your own dance pole, head over to our article for dance poles! We discuss more extensively the height, size, and material of the pole that should be suitable for you and your needs.

There are many benefits when it comes to pole dancing. Fewer moments of boredom and doubt as compared to previous conventional workout routines. Not to mention, pole dancing teaches you to love yourself wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

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