Pole dancing has been gaining popularity over the past few years. It’s an intense and exhilarating workout that will improve your endurance, strength, flexibility as well coordination with core muscles! Chances are, you have come to this post in search of pole dance classes in Providence, RI.

Whether you simply want to work on improving all aspects of your fitness, are a beginner hoping to find a new community and learn the vertical arts, or, are an experienced dancer who wants to up their game – you’ve come to the right place!

The 5 Best Pole Dance Classes In Providence, RI (2024)

RI Pole Space

The 5 Best Pole Dance Classes In Providence

The 4.9 rated Ri Pole Space in Lincoln is a quick 15-minute drive from Providence.  It is an alternative fitness studio with five dancing experts who will teach you to execute the moves from beginners to advanced class.

They offer a fun party package with a crash course to learn body rolls, spin, dips, hair flips, twerking, and burlesque style chair dance.   

Pole Dance Classes In Providence
15-minute drive from Providence

The amazing studio has high ceilings and sturdy poles for static and spin moves to explore your movements.  The pole instructors carefully gauge your dance level and incorporate moves that will not intimidate or make you feel left out from the rest of the class. 

They are friendly and encouraging, making you relax and try different moves without fear or judgment.

As you start your class, you will learn the importance of stretches as your warm-up for the actual class.  They start with the easy basics then progress to movements according to your ability. 

The instructors break down the different styled poses that give you variety and learn different styles in your pole dancing journey. 


15  Moshassuck Rd Unit 3D, Lincoln RI




Single or Open Practice Pass$ 25
5- class Package$100
10- class Package$160
Single Class Private Lesson $65 per person/hour
2-Persons Private Lesson$40 per person/hour
3-Persons Private Lesson$35 per person/hour
Group Private Lesson (4-6 persons) $30person/ hour

JM  Kennedy Dance & Pole Fitness Studio

The 5 Best Pole Dance Classes In Providence

The JM Kennedy Dance & Pole Fitness Studio is a short 11-minutes drive from Providence that offers pole dancing classes to women who want to feel empowered with their bodies. 

Pole Dance Classes In Providence
11-minutes drive from Providence

This 4.7 rated studio allows you a fun way to explore the moves of twirling and twisting while feeling sexy and getting an amazing exercise.  

Pole Dancing doesn’t feel like a workout with the variety of classes and workshops that are fun and exciting. The instructor knows how to teach the students at different paces and pushes you to know your body. 

The tight pole dancing community has built solid roots that the students join the instructors in holding a live show every month to display their advancing techniques.    

The studio converts into a venue for bachelorette parties complete with champagne, chips & dip, and fruits. 

The instructor teaches easy moves that encourage the guests to return for more lessons and get their bodies in great shape.  You feel self-empowered with your physical exercise with the harmony of a healthy mind and soul. 


21 Broad St Pawtucket, RI, 02860


Facebook Page


2-Hour Basic Pole, Burlesque, Hoop, or Belly Dancing $25
2-Hour Pole Dancing Working for 2 persons$59
Unlimited Dance & Pole Fitness Class for 1 month$59
12  Dance & Pole Fitness Class $75

Providence Pole Fitness 

Pole Dance Classes In Providence

The short 20-minute drive will bring you to the 4.2 rated Providence Pole Fitness, an intimate pole dance, and fitness studio. Six brass and chrome poles measuring 40-50mm stand in the wide-apart studio for the four-days a week class. 

The studio has adapted strict Covid protocols like sanitizing the area on the 30-minute break between classes.  Students are required to wear masks or bandanas and bring their workout mats.

Pole Dance Classes In Providence
20-minute drive from Providence.

Pole Dancing requires focus and concentration which is the reason doors are locked as soon as classes start.  Students are advised to arrive 15 minutes before their reserved slot in a class to ensure a smooth session. 

Pole dancing preparation includes getting settled before doing the challenging poses that require you to lift your weight and balance.

The owner and instructors engage the students in thoughtful classes in a welcoming and non-judgemental environment.

They teach the basic foundation that allows the students to progress into the next movement while shedding unwanted pounds. They even offer the community classes to newbies every Sunday for only $5 to get into the pole dancing exercise. 


418  Buttonwoods Ave, Warwick, RI 02886




First Class Intro Offer (Special Offer)$10
2 Weeks Unlimited (Special Offer)$25
One Month Unlimited (Special Offer)$50
Single Class$25
3 Class Pass $50
6 Class Pass$120
Open Pole Session$20
Single Private Lesson$60
6 Single Private Lessons (Covid-19 Special)$295
Community Yoga/Pole$15
Open Pole Single Session $20
Single Community Class$15
Intro to Pole Class$20
Individual Private Lesson$60
2 Person Private Lesson$110
3 Person Private Lesson$160
4 Person Private Lesson $210
5 Person Private Lesson$250

MCDG Pole & Aerial 

The 5 Best Pole Dance Classes In Providence

Mill City Dance Fitness (MCDF) is the pioneer and innovative pole, aerial, dance & fitness session that caters to all skill levels from beginners to professional levels.  Just 20 minutes away from Providence, RI this 5.0 rated studio promotes the experience of pole and aerial apparatus to strengthen one’s agility and flexibility.  

Pole Dancing is an all-body workout to tone the arms, shoulders, back, abs, booty, and legs. 

As you take on the fun journey of moves and poses, you likewise burn calories and allow your body, mind, and self-esteem to work together.  Proper Covid protocols are in place such as slot reservations, wearing of masks, and sanitation of the studio before every class.

The instructors push the students to work on the poses and observe how upper body strength is developed. After a few months, students notice increased flexibility and now work on their graceful execution.  You become part of the passionate pole dancing community and commit your time to weekly sessions with newfound friends.          


Fall River, MA




One Hour Private 1:1 Session$55
One Hour Private Session for 2 Participants$90
One Hour Private Pole Party 3-6$35 per person
5  One Hour Private 1:1 Session$225
10  One Hour Private 1:1 Session $400
Single One Hour Private 1:1 Session Pass$75
One Hour Private Session for 2 Participants$100

Sky High Studios/ Pole Fitness & Dance

The 5 Best Pole Dance Classes In Providence

Sky High Studios/Pole Fitness & Dance is 49 minutes away from Providence, RI, and offers classes for teens and adults. 

It is a holistic approach to fitness by challenging you to explore the different dance pole movements. Doing this allows you to express yourself freely and embrace the mental and physical strength that makes you a dynamic person.   

Pole Dance Classes In Providence
49 minutes away from Providence.

Pole Dancing is an all-body workout that you commit to progress and learn more complicated moves. The atmosphere is an accepting tribe of dancers who don’t distinguish gender, body shape, fitness level, or even age.

As you journey with the pole dancing community, you observe changes in your body and the feel-good vibes after every session. 

The 4.9 rated studio is a large open space with wide apart poles for your easy movement on the floor.   You will enjoy the different classes of the six instructors who always start with a proper warm-up and stretch routine to avoid any injuries.

As you learn the basic foundations you will move to fun drills, flowy combinations, and challenging transitions for muscle memory.    


Antico Business Center, 289 Elm St Unit 114, Marlborough, MA 01752, United States




3 Class Intro to Pole Package$59
Drop-In Class$30
10 Class Package$270
Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond Memberships 

Final Notes

Pole Dancing is an all-body workout that challenges your strength and mental toughness.  Many of the movements become harder to execute as you progress in your lessons.

That’s why you must choose from the best pole dance classes in your area. The five studios mentioned have a rating of above 4 out of 5 from students who have attended the classes. 

Take a look at the list and try the classes before you commit to a long-term schedule. Each studio has qualified instructors to teach the basic foundations and move you into more complicated poses as you get better. So join a class now and enjoy your pole dancing journey. 

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