In this article, we share a few of the best pole dance classes in Columbus, Ohio, and why you might want to check them out! Pole dancing is a popular choice for many people because of its benefits in weightloss and general body strength and conditioning. Pole dancing helps you tone your body by increasing core strength and building up stamina!

A lot of people are noticing the benefits of pole dancing and many hubs and studios are opening up; so much so, that you may be spoilt for choice when choosing the perfect place to begin your classes. This post should help you find the perfect pole dancing spots to check out in Columbus, Ohio.

Best Pole Dance Classes In Columbus, Ohio (2024)

What Makes A Good Pole Dancing Class?

What Makes A Good Pole Dancing Class?
  • Instructors – What are the instructors like? Are they kind? Are they patient?
  • Participants – What are the attendees like? Are they friendly, do you feel welcome?
  • Location – Is it easy to get to? Is there parking nearby or a bus or subway closeby?
  • Cost – Is it within your budget? Is it affordable enough for you to attend frequently?
  • Atmosphere – What is the overall vibe and atmosphere

When searching for the best pole dancing class you need to consider what your individual needs are , ie.

  • Do you need a particular style or method of teaching?
  • Who are the classes for?
  • If you have accessibility issues, does the studio offer options for this perhaps virtual classes?

Once you’ve considered these questions, look at each studio and their social profiles and reviews to see what people are saying. If you need to contact the studio, do not be afraid to after all you are seeking the best fit for your needs!

You should also inquire about taster sessions and if they have any rules or requirements (ie. do you need to wear a facemask, can you walk in or do you need to book in advance etc.)

Best Pole Dancing Studios In Columbus, Ohio (2022)

Studio Rouge

Best Pole Dance Classes In Columbus Ohio - Studio Rouge

Studio Rouge is devoted to making you feel at home away from home.

It is a wonderful establishment that delivers professional dance classes in an enthralling and fun cocktail.  The outstanding instructors ensure that pole and aerial classes are safe and entertaining for all. 

The program design is flexible enough to allow you to fit dance into your professional and personal time smoothly. What’s more, the classes are tailored to every student’s skill level.

Studio Rouge will not only promote your physical health but also social and mental wellbeing. The instructors make an effort to know every student they teach and spur a camaraderie between them. 


1411 W 3rd Ave, Columbus, OH 43212, United States



Single Class pass$ 27 for 1 hour
2 Hr Class Pass$ 50 for one 2 Hr class
5 Hr Class Pass$ 120 for 5 one hour classes
10 Hr Class Pass$ 230 for 10 one hour classes

There are special discounts for student members. The Single Class Pass is valid for a month while the rest are valid for 3 months.

Honey Groove Studio

Best Pole Dance Classes In Columbus Ohio. - Honey Groove Studio

Honey Groove Studio gives its clients an alternative to the boring and regular workout by creating highly personalized plans for their clients to help them succeed.

The intro class, which is necessary for every new member, gives an overview of the different styles of pole dancing and gives you an array of ideal pole dancing styles that best suit your personal style. 

Reviewers applaud the experience which they have when taking their classes because of the welcoming instructors who are ready to help and support them. The studio also has a cosy and ambient environment which is very spacious and clean.


4028 Parkmead Dr, Grove City, OH 43123, United States



Introduction to Honey Groove$ 25
Progressive Lessons$118 for 6 weeks
Open Studio – No Instruction$12 for 60 minutes
S-T-R-E-T-C-H (Flexibility)$22 for 45 Minutes

Buy more and save using the establishment’s class packs of 5 classes, 10 classes, and 20 classes.

Candy Cane

Best Pole Dance Classes In Columbus Ohio - Candy Cane

Candy Cane combines gymnastics and dance to help you build flexibility, strength, and endurance. Their classes are personally designed for learners of all fitness levels. Beginners, intermediates, and experts find the classes entertaining and unique. 

Candy cane offers an environment that is relaxing yet challenging. The instructors are well-versed in pole work and super helpful. They ensure that you have fun while learning. 

Candy Cane also offers classes in chair dancing, lap dance, and twerking. Reviewers say that the super cool atmosphere in the premises is perfect if you plan to hold an event like bachelorette/bachelor parties and bookings.


2545 Franksway St, Columbus, OH 43232, United States



Single Class$12
4 Classes$40
8 Classes$68
1-on-1 Training Sessions$30 for one person per hour

Classes expire 45 days after the day of purchase.

I hope this post was useful and assisted you in finding a pole dance class in Columbus Ohio to try out! If you are wondering about what to wear to your class, be sure to check out our post on pole dancing attire!

One last tip: check places like Groupon for deals in your area. In the past, there have been some crazy pole class deals at like $75 for 10 lessons – insane value!

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