So you want to set up a pole dancing pole at home, but you’ve realized that the only available space you have has carpeted flooring. Now you catch yourself second-guessing if you should continue to have your own set up at home or continue taking pole dancing classes at a local studio.

Wondering if placing a pole dancing pole on carpeted flooring is a good idea? Wonder no more, you’ve come to the right place.

Can You Put a Pole Dancing Pole on Carpet? (SOLVED!)

You can put a pole dancing pole on carpeted flooring but, depending on what kind of carpet you have, you may want to do extensive research on the kind of pole you want and how it can affect your flooring.

There are different kinds of carpets, some have short fibers while others have long ones. If your carpet is thick, there’s a chance that an indention can be left behind–similar to when your couch legs would leave an indention when left there for a long time.

This is because when you need to tighten your pole, the carpet will compress anywhere from half an inch to two inches.

A carpet with short fibers will have a lesser chance of receiving indention and any possible marks and damages from retightening the pole–which is necessary for added stability.

And installing a removable pole dancing pole won’t bring any permanent damage to your carpet since you can detach it immediately after you finish pole dancing.

Many pole dancers have no problem installing a pole dancing pole on their carpeted flooring and it actually makes pole dancing less intimidating since the carpet is soft, making it less painful to fall on compared to regular hardwood flooring.

Although since you will be moving a lot you can get rug burn, which is a con when pole dancing on carpeted flooring.

Here is a video of a pole dancer explaining how she sets up her pole dancing pole on a plush carpeted flooring.

It’s best to use removable poles when you have carpeted flooring, but make sure to always check the tightness of the base of the pole as it can loosen over time and this can be a serious risk for injuries.

Do not place a loose mat or rug under your pole. This is unsafe because the material could slip with lateral force.

A lot of pole dancers recommend purchasing poles from X-POLE because it is high quality and has great stability. They notice no difference in installing this specific pole on carpeted flooring.

Overall, having carpeted flooring won’t be a huge hindrance if you want to have your own pole set up at home.

It’s more important to take note of the available space you have in your room and if it’s spacious enough to do different pole moves. Having enough space is ideal so that you don’t end up kicking any furniture when you swing on the pole.

Always pick a sturdy and high-quality pole dancing pole and installing it properly won’t cause any potential problems, especially while you’re pole dancing. So there’s no need to worry about anything!


u003cmeta charset=u0022utf-8u0022u003eWhat do pole dancers usually use in their homes?

Many pole dancers who train at home prefer to use adjustable tension poles which allow them to install them in any room, providing it has a strong ceiling or joists in place. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThey can set them up and take them down when they want to. But the preference is generally hardwood flooring and a solid roof.u003cbru003e

How Sturdy Should A Pole Be?

It depends on your weight and strength. The larger you are, the sturdier the pole has to be. It’s important to check how much weight it holds, as there might be cheaper options with lower weight limits. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe weight limit on poles depends on the materials used, the thickness of the pole tubes, and how they are connected together.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWe have written a post all about u003ca href=u0022 data-type=u0022postu0022 data-id=u002225652u0022u003edance poles for plus-size dancersu003c/au003e. You might find that the carpet issue is one hurdle but finding the right pole, another.

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