So you have decided to get in shape and you are ready to take on a new, fun, and exhilarating workout. You have seen countless women ranting and raving about pole dancing. And, sure it looks cool, but is pole dancing a good workout?

You will be pleased to learn that, absolutely, pole dancing is a good workout that engages your entire body. Plus, it is an activity that you can enjoy on your own or with your friends. It keeps you busy physically and mentally. One can say that pole dancing is the perfect all-around workout. 

Not only is it a way to connect to your sensuality, but it is also an amazing activity to keep your body fit. It has everything you need. It is cardio and resistance training in one. It improves your flexibility. Plus, it taps into your creativity. If you are trying to find out if pole dancing is a good workout, this will answer your question.

It Burns up Tons of Calories

According to the blog Love Pole Kisses, you can use up as many as 500 calories every pole dancing session.

So, if you are looking to shed a few pounds, then pole dancing can help you achieve this. Additionally, since it is a fun activity, you won’t need to force yourself to go to the gym just to get your workout in.

It Is a Fun, Moderately Intense Physical Activity

Pole dancing can be good for your heart too. According to the Physical Activities Guideline released in 2019 by the UK Chief Medical Officers, adults should spend about two and a half hours weekly doing moderately intense exercise. Doing so will decrease your risks of getting diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

Pole dancing falls under the category of moderately intense physical activity. And each class can run from an hour to two hours.

So, even if you are a beginner, you will already be reaching the target if you attend two sessions of pole dancing per week. Plus, doing this on a regular basis is akin to doing calisthenics or aerobic workouts.

It Makes Your Body Stronger and More Defined

The repetition of physical movements and having to hold your body in a certain position on the pole will increase your muscle strength.

Eventually, you’ll gain strength so that you no longer need to exert as much energy in performing steps like the climb or the Fireman.

Is Pole Dancing a Good Workout?

Not only will you be stronger, but you will also gain more muscles, or tone your existing ones. You no longer need to hit the gym to do weight training because you are literally carrying your body weight every time you clamber onto the pole.

Even beginners who are just learning how to climb and stay on the pole experience this benefit.

You may also see some definitions on your arms and abdominals. Pole dancing is a great workout for your core because it is the muscles found in that area that help keep you stabilized when you perform the Tuck Spin or the Barbed Wire.

Having to use these muscles over and over again gives that part tone and definition.

It Improves Your Flexibility

Besides great-looking muscles, pole dancing helps you work on your flexibility. With every stretch and split that you do, you stretch your muscles, allowing you to contort your body better.

We are all born with our joints being able to perform a full range of motion. Unfortunately, we lose this flexibility when we neglect to use these joints.

The good news is that practicing pole dancing lets you use all those joints, conditioning them. This gets rid of all the stiffness and the limitation on the dancer’s range of motion. With continued practice, you’d be able to return to your old bendy self.

And wh is flexibility important? It is not just so you’d look great whenever you spin on the pole. When a particular part of the body is stiff, we don’t use it. Other parts will need to unnaturally compensate for that. 

This can lead to poor posture, premature wear on other joints, and more. Flexibility will not only let you dance more gracefully, but it can also help you avoid muscle injuries and diminish soreness after every session.

It Makes Your Body Release Happy Hormones

Practicing pole dancing can also make you happy. Whenever you dance or do any physical activity, your body releases endorphins. This happy hormone blocks your body’s pain receptors, reducing your ability to perceive pain.

Therefore, your body feels less stressed after the workout. Less anxiety and less stress mean you feel happier.

Final Take…

So, is pole dancing a good workout? You now have all the tea – so you tell me! If you have been holding off on joining that local pole class or joining an online pole course and kick-starting your journey, I hope this post has helped you take the plunge!

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See you there 🙂