Teachers and pole dancing professionals claim that pole dancing is for everybody. You can be young or old, man or woman, newbie or expert and you will benefit a lot from practicing pole dancing. But what if you are pregnant? Can you pole dance while pregnant? 

It might come as a surprise but yes, you can still pole dance even if you are pregnant. In fact, it can be a safe and effective physical activity for moms-to-be. Of course, you will need to take extra precautions; but there is no reason why you should stop pole dancing while pregnant.

Can You Pole Dance While Pregnant?

So, if you are already practicing pole dancing and find yourself expecting a child, you should be glad to know that doctors see no problem with you continuing to dance. It will keep you fit and prepare your body for childbirth. It can even lower your stress level. There are simply so many benefits to pole dancing for future moms.

Pregnant women need exercise

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, it is ideal for pregnant woman to get a minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity every week. Ideally, this should be a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise that involves moving the large muscles like the legs and arms.

Luckily, pole dancing falls under that moderate intensity exercise category. It is a good cardio workout that should help keep your heart healthy. The activity utilizes all the right body parts, including the legs and arms. It gets your blood circulating. Plus, it burns calories, so you don’t gain too much weight during this period. 

There is no need to stop

Most doctors agree that there is no problem with women continuing their regular activities even after becoming pregnant. So, if you have been practicing pole dancing before your pregnancy, there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t continue doing so. 

In fact, if you are already regularly working out and taking part in physical activities, you can safely continue to do so unless there is a problem with your pregnancy. The only activities that doctors warn against are those involving contact sports or pose a risk of falling from great heights.

Benefits of Pole Dancing While Pregnant

Besides being a fun and freeing activity, pole dancing also brings a number of health benefits. The strain that your muscles get every time you pole dance can help your body prepare for the difficulties of going into labor. These benefits will also help you very much once the baby is out. Check out these health benefits from Baby Gaga.

Staying in one pose develops and strengthens your core muscles. This should help you recover at a much faster rate after delivering your baby. The upper body strength that you gain from pulling yourself up can help you tremendously when you need to carry your baby for hours on end. The flexibility you develop will help you keep your balance.

Pole dancing is a physical activity that causes your body to release endorphins and serotonin. This will lessen the stress that your body feels and allow you to sleep better. Those are two things that will benefit you and your baby during your pregnancy. 

Plus, the knowledge that you are doing something for your body can give you the self-esteem that you need to overcome any negativity that you will feel when you see your body changing. 

Make sure to take precautions

Every pregnancy is different, so this advice cannot cover all cases. It is best to see your doctor the moment you find out that you are pregnant. A thorough check-up will assess if there are any particular problems in your pregnancy that can be aggravated by continuing your physical activities.

It is also advisable to let your pole dancing teacher know about your pregnancy. This will allow them to modify any of the steps that can put you in danger. Listen to your instructor and always follow the right steps to avoid any problems.

Probably the most important precaution you will need to take is to listen to what your body tells you. Don’t go beyond what your body can do. Pregnancy will cause a lot of changes. 

What you once could do on the pole may prove too difficult when you have your baby bump. You will need to make some changes. Your body will naturally know when a move is not something that it can do in its current state. Listen to it.

Make sure to continue eating right and staying hydrated as you dance. Tell your instructor and doctor if anything feels painful or unusual. But as always, enjoy every pole dancing session that you have. Once the baby is out, you might find it a little bit harder to carve out the time to engage in this activity. 

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