There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about buying a dance pole for an apartment. You want the best one without doing any ceiling damage, but also making sure it’s safe and installed securely so you don’t get hurt! 

If you are renting your apartment, naturally, you are concerned that installing a dance pole in the apartment could lead to ceiling damage, resulting in you, as the tenant, being liable for the damages.

These concerns are valid, nobody wants to lose their security deposit, especially not in this financial climate! Worry not, you are not alone.

This is an issue anybody can be presented with whether they are a homeowner or tenant and this is the reason we have compiled a brief list of the best poles for an apartment as well as safe installation tips that you can follow.

Best Dance Pole For An Apartment: At A Glance

To answer your question, the best dance pole for an apartment is a portable/removable dance pole. There are two main types of portable and removable dance poles:

  1. Standalone (Free-standing) Dance Pole
  2. Portable Tension Pole

At a glance, your best option is one of the following X-Pole Poles –

Which Pole Should You Choose And Why?

Standalone/Free-Standing Dance Pole

Free-standing dance poles can be used in any room regardless of the ceiling type or structure. This is especially good for those with weak ceilings or vaulted ceilings. However, standalone dance poles are typically the more expensive option.

Nonetheless, these are a safe option and, if you are not looking for a permanent fixture in your apartment, we highly recommend this kind of dance pole simply for the guarantee of no issues.

Another thing I should mention is that due to these being standalone, they have a base for secure grounding, which means you require a lot more space in your apartment for one of these poles than you would with a portable tension pole.

About X-Stage Free-Standing Poles

If you decide to go with a standalone dance pole for your apartment, I highly recommend the X-Stage by X-Pole.

The X-Stage by X-Pole is arguably the best standalone dance pole on the market. It is made of high-quality materials and is designed to be safe and easy to use.

It also comes with a variety of attachments and accessories, so you can customize it to your needs.

As long as you have the extra room needed for the base, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned dancer, the X-Stage by X-Pole is a great dance pole for an apartment.

Portable Tension Pole

This type of portable/removable dance pole can be installed in your apartment by being adjusted between your floor and ceiling, creating tension. This type of dance pole can provide you with all the same freedom as a standalone pole, but takes up less space.

These are the most popular dance poles for home use and are widely sold to beginners and experts daily so these are the most popular choice and many buyers can attest to why.

This is because when you are installing them in your apartment there is no base for secure grounding since it’s being installed on the existing ceiling structure. Portable tension poles are also much less expensive than their standalone counterparts.

About X-Pole X-Pert Pro Dance Poles

X-Pole is one of the leading manufacturers of dance poles, and their X-Pert Pro model is a popular choice among professionals. The pole is made from high-quality materials and features a smooth, polished finish that allows for easy spinning and sliding.

Additionally, the X-Pert Pro is designed to be used with both static and spin routines, making it a versatile choice for dancers of all levels.

More specifically, the X-Pert Pro is also equipped with a safety release feature, which allows the pole to be easily detached from the ceiling in case of an emergency.

I had to mention this feature because it highlights how portable and temporary the pole actually is, which is most people’s concern when buying a pole for their apartment.

Other Options: Lupit Pole G2

Another favorite pole here at is the Lupit Pole G2 Professional Portable Home Pole. This is a portable tension pole that requires no drilling so no ceiling damage to be worried about.

The G2 is a premium, powder-coated dance pole which can be switched between both static and spinning modes.

If you’re looking for a stylish, premium pole for your apartment that doesn’t break the bank, then a Lupit Pole G2 would be the best choice for you.

Both of these types of portable removable dance poles are safe, easy to install -and even better they don’t require modifications to your ceiling!

Instead, tension poles pull up from the floor and put weight on the ceiling joists that support your apartment.

Using A Portable, Fixed Mounted Pole In Your Apartment

If you have already purchased or have your heart set on purchasing a removable pole but with a fixed mount (a pole that can be removed while the mount stays up as a permanent fixture), proving your ceiling is not made of a weak material, you can still install the pole safely in your apartment.

All you need to do is inspect your ceiling for signs of weakness and have a professional installer put up the removable dance pole in a way that doesn’t risk destabilizing or damaging the ceiling.  

Here Are Some Tips on How to Avoid Doing Damage:

1.) The pole mount should be attached to a solid framing member or joist, not a flimsy one.

Make sure to inspect the ceiling for signs of weakness before buying a removable dance pole with a fixed mount.

If the ceiling is made of thin plaster or drywall, it may not be strong enough to support the weight of the pole and movement safely.

2.) The space between the ceiling and floor should also be considered when installing poles in your apartment.

dance pole for an apartment ceiling

3.) Joists! If you have a suspended ceiling, you would need to find the joists that are under your ceiling beforehand.

This is where you would attach the mount. Not everyone has access to this kind of information, so if you can’t get it, I recommend contacting a local contractor or licensed professional installer to help you with installation.

If you are a tenant and worry that your landlord will start asking too many questions, I would recommend being honest as if there were any issues this is something they should know.

If you consult them and they are against it, don’t forget you still have the standalone option!

4.) A professional installer will know all of this, your excited boyfriend might not (just a thought!)

5.) Finally, make sure you aren’t drilling through any water piping or electrical wires, of course!

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember when choosing where to put your fixed apartment dance pole.

It is always best to have a professional install this type of pole for your own safety, not just the safety of the ceiling!

With that being said, while this particular portable pole is still an option, it is not the BEST dance pole for an apartment so, if you have an option between the tension pole or the standalone pole I would highly recommend either of those.

The Breakdown

If you’ve been considering a dance pole for your apartment, but have hesitations about the installation process or how it might affect your living situation, hopefully, this blog post has given you all of the information and tools to make an informed decision.

We hope that these tips help alleviate some concerns and provide you with some good options!