If you happen to be searching for a community that loves vertical arts in Oklahoma City, this is a great place to begin! In this post, we have compiled a helpful list of pole dancing classes in OKC, that should help you discard the guesswork and get straight to choosing and signing up for one. 

Should you not want to partake in any of the options listed for whatever reasons, we’ve incorporated another suggestion that may be just right for you! Stay put.

Shall we begin?

The 3 Best Pole Dancing Classes in Oklahoma City, OK (2024)

Teaze Dance and Fitness

Teaze Dance and Fitness

As you enter the old Hollywood-themed open-plan studio, you are greeted by an amoeba couch and vintage lamps at the sitting area. Beyond is a 961 sq ft custom-built sprung wood dance floor, that accommodates 14 poles and 8 aerial apparatus.

On the walls and shelves are historic photos of the company and the items they have collected and preserved over the 12 years they’ve been running. At another corner are musical instruments and equipment they use at events to perform. 

Teaze Dance and Fitness is the first, award-winning studio of its kind in Oklahoma city. It has hosted internationally known artists for shows and workshops over the years and nurtured the likes of Rachele Ribera- the 2013 Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma winner- who’s now teaching and performing internationally. 

It is an inviting and non-competitive environment for adult women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. A safe haven for both beginners and experienced dancers. 

Teaze offers pole, aerial and sultry dance classes which are taught by skilled, friendly, and dedicated instructors. 

They stopped group classes, events, and workshops from the on-set of Covid-19 until further notice. You can however team up with 2 or 3 of your friends and sign up for private classes. More so,  you can do it alone!

The classes are only open by appointment. You will be required to register online first before booking any private class or party. For safety and security purposes, no drop-in clients or non-participants are allowed. 

The studio is available for private parties of up to 20 people. The vintage furnishings and decor provide a great background for photoshoots. They also offer entertainment services for events with their live band and dancers. For more details on this,  visit their website.


1112N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 United States 




1 person $150
2 participants$180
3 participants $210
4 participants $240
Fees per 90 minutes

Note that: Every additional 30 mins will cost an extra $50.

Aerial Arts of OKC

Aerial Arts of OKC

The Aerial Arts of OKC studio was established by Kristle Lee. She wanted to provide a safe space where people can be free with themselves through movement and fitness. This is why the studio welcomes all women regardless of age, body shape, and previous experience. 

The studio offers classes in pole dance, aerial arts, acro yoga, fitness, and many more. The courses are tailored to meet the needs of students in all skill levels, including beginners. If you are looking to join a pole dance community that’s non-judgemental, supportive, fun, and warm, consider Aerial Arts of OKC.

You can choose to sign up for group classes or private classes.  Private classes are booked by appointment. This should be done 48-72 hours in advance through the booking manager.

In the case that you want to cancel,  you are advised to do so within 12 hours to avoid a no-show situation. Again, you wouldn’t want to be charged an extra $40 for late withdrawal, would you?

In case you are looking for a place to host your party or event, this studio offers rental services. There is no flat fee for this, instead, you will get a customized quotation depending on your requirements. You’ll be however required to contact the studio for approval prior to booking online. For more details, visit their website. 


8200 N Classen Blvd #120, Oklahoma City, OK 73114 United States. 




Class Cost per hour
Open studio$15
Pole 101$25
Pole 201$25
Pole 301$25

Studio Pole Life

Studio Pole Life

Studio Pole Life is located in Del City, a 10-minute drive from Oklahoma City. Del is part of the larger metropolitan area of OKC. 

It is a pole fitness studio that offers private pole dance classes in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment. Their curriculum is structured to cater to the needs of individuals in all skill levels. With instructors who are skilled, helpful, and passionate in their art, be sure to get a smooth experience.

When you sign up for classes, consider purchasing an unlimited pole pass that allows you to attend all pole classes at your level without payment. This pass goes for $250 and lasts up to 1 month of free and open classes.

On the other hand, you can purchase a buy 5 get 5 free (b5g5) package that goes for $150 only. This package gives you 2 classes each of:

  • Twerk out 
  • Absolute abs
  • Choreography Wednesday 
  • Litty lap dance 
  • Transition and flow

You can pay for these great deals and other services by cash, debit cards, Zelle, and cash app. Note that they do not accept checks or money orders.

Studio pole is perfect to host your private party of up to 15 people. It’s a great space where you can dance and use the available poles and other amenities for up to  3 hours. In case you have more than 15 participants, feel free to contact the studio. They can do adjustments just for you!


111 S Sooner Rd, Del City, OK 73110 United States. 




Class                                                                 Cost per 50 minutes

Beginner pole$20
Pole 101$20
Pole 201$25
Pole routine$20
Transition pole$20
Exotic pole routine $20
Pole twerk$20
Floor work$20
Heel routine $15

Note that: Open pole classes are offered from Monday to Thursday at $20 for 4-6 hours depending on the day.

The above 3 are the best studios we came up with during our search in Oklahoma City. But if they don’t tickle your fancy, why not try out this virtual studio?

Open Dance Academy (For Online Pole Dance Classes In OKC)

Open Dance Academy (For Online Pole Dance Classes In OKC)

Perhaps you have a busy lifestyle that limits you from committing to an in-house dance class, or maybe you want to avoid the hassle of commuting to a physical location. Whatever the reasons, Open Dance Studio may be what you need!

This is a virtual studio that was founded by Evgeny Greshilov. Together with a team of other experts, they aspired to build a virtual platform where you can learn pole dance from world-renowned pole champions at the comfort of your home!

The studio offers lifelong access to hundreds of lesson videos through their Pole Dance Platinum Package. The package goes for a one-time fee of $350.

It includes all pole dance lessons except for exotic which are incorporated in another lifetime package dubbed Exotic Class Pole Dance LIFETIME ACCESS. For all these great deals, visit their website to learn more.

If you still can’t decide whether or not to take this course, why don’t you check out the free lessons on their website, or better still, start with the trial course. 




Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime access$350
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Exotic Class Pole Dance Lifetime Access$250
Trial Class- Beginner and Intermediate$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner & Intermediate) Lifetime Access$199
Complete Class 2 (Advanced & Expert) Lifetime Access$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Pole to Pole Chore and Floorwork$150

One Last Before We Go…

 As you can see, there is no shortage of pole dance studios in Oklahoma City. You can sign up for a class within the city or drive a short distance out of the city.

Alternatively, you can purchase a pole and join the virtual community in Open Dance Academy.

Meanwhile, we’ll be on the lookout for more Pole and Aerial studios that are bound to open their doors for the first time in the coming year. We shall keep you updated. Happy dancing!

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