In this post, we share the best pole dance classes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and why you might want to check one of them out.

If you are looking for a fun and sexy way to get in shape, you have probably been urged to try pole dance classes! And for good reason; pole dancing is a great exercise because it uses many muscle groups from your arms, abs, back, and legs.

Pittsburgh is the bustling metropolis of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania and hence you’ll have quite a few pole dance studios to choose from.

Rest assured they are highly rated studios and you sure won’t be disappointed, and it shouldn’t be a hassle to find the right one. That’s why we’ve put together an easily comprehensible list, so you can easily find the Pittsburgh pole dance class that’s perfect for you!

The Best Pole Dance Classes In Pittsburgh, PA (2024)

Best Pole Dance Classes in Pittsburgh, PA (2021)

Fitness With A Twist

fitness with a twist is one of the best Pole Dance Classes In Pittsburgh

Fitness with a Twist studio 2.0 is not only the very first pole dance studio established in Pittsburgh but is also one of the very first 5 pole dance studios in the USA.

It is also conveniently located in the heart of Pittsburgh right in the business district of the city making it easily accessible. The studio has been empowering women of all demographics, shapes, and sizes and has been promoting female fitness for over 15 years now.

The studio is all-inclusive while it promotes women empowerment and fitness the studio also welcomes individuals from all walks of life recently offering co-ed classes.

They provide an empowering and liberating atmosphere with instructors that will provide an intense body workout that will boost your self-confidence.

In  2021 the studio has expanded beyond just offering pole dance lessons, they now offer Barre, Zumba, chair dance, twerk, and aerial fitness classes with many more. Classes at the studio are only available by appointment and they operate from Monday to Sunday.

The studio has earned a well-deserved 4.5 stars from 37 reviews. Most students have thoroughly enjoyed their lessons as the studio is described by students as delightful because of its kind and encouraging instructors.


1911 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15203



Newbie 5 class pass$49
Returning students 5 class Pole drop-in pass$99
Gold one-year membership ($125/month
Silver one-year membership$99/month
Bronze Student membership( for those unable to commit for a year)$125
One hour Private Lesson$75
4-week pole level 1, 2, 3, or 4 course$150

Chrome Empire Pole Dance Studio

Chrome Empire Pole Dance Studio

Chrome Empire Pole Dance studio is one of Pittsburgh’s only all-inclusive pole dance studios. So if you are looking for a studio where all you need is to show up as you are, then Chromes studios might be the studio for you.

At Chrome, you are encouraged not to just think about the idea of pole dancing but to entertain it and come to immerse yourself into the world of pole dancing. The studio offers a variety of classes anything from drop-in pay as you go classes to series and courses in many activities.

They offer on-the pole classes and off-the pole classes that include anything in the aerial and flexibility and conditioning sphere. Additionally, the studio offers private lessons, parties, and private group sessions, and studio rental services.

The studio is beginner-friendly and regardless of whether you show up on your own or with a group you are sure to feel at home. The studio’s immaculate services have earned it an excellent 4.8 stars.


4460 Steubenville Pike Pittsburgh, PA 15205



Contact the studio for prices.

Irony City Circus Arts

Irony City Circus Arts

Located in the south side of Pittsburgh, Iron City Circus Arts is a circus community that offers circus arts classes for all ages and levels and pole dance classes for adults. The studio’s mission is to provide an opportunity for people to be a part of the aerial arts and pole dance movement.

The studio boasts a wide range of extremely talented instructors who have been part of the aerial arts and pole dance community for years.

The founders are nationally recognized aerial arts performers that are a reflection of the studio’s highly qualified instructors.

 The studio offers various activities in the ariel arts that include aerial rope, aerial silks, and aerial straps along with pole dance and fitness for anyone that is 18 years old or older.

They also offer private lessons and online classes via Zoom and each class runs for 60 minutes. All you need is a mobile device and the internet and you can enjoy classes from home.

They also host several events such as Summer Camps, space rentals, and private parties and lessons. The studio has earned an excellent 4.9-star rating from a whopping 72 reviews expressing gratitude and satisfaction over services and instructors.


711 South 21st Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203



Aerial skills 6 class session$145
Pole Dance 6 class session$125
Ground disciplines 6 class session$125
Open Gym 6 class session$75
Open Gym One time drop-in class$15
Online Classes$15

What Makes A Good Pole Dancing Class?

  • Instructors
  • Safety
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Atmosphere/Vibe

Consider These 6 Factors



A good instructor should have a feel for their students’ capabilities and alter the class to their needs.

They should be supportive, build confidence, motivate students to push harder, but not punish or humiliate them if they fall short of expectations.

They should be able to adapt a class to the different levels of dancers in a group.

And they should know that not everyone can do an advanced move, and it is not a reflection on their ability as a dancer if they cannot.



Pole dancing is a very physical activity, and people who are not already in good shape should be given the option of taking a beginner or modified version of any class.

Injuries can happen when you push yourself too hard, and your body needs to be in good shape to endure a pole dancing class.

Being safe will make you feel better during the class, and keep you coming back for more.



The best pole dancing classes are at dedicated studios and are easy to get to.

A location can make or break a good class, so pick the best places to learn pole dancing.



A good pole dancing class will have a fair price, and not be too expensive.

Finding good value for money in the pole dancing world can be tough at times, but you should try to find a class that works for your budget. The cheapest is not always the best, however. And in some cases you will find, you get what you pay for!



Last but not least, a good class should have a friendly, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Many studios make the mistake of turning a pole dancing class into a competitive sport, where there is one winner and many losers. “Can you do this? Well I can do it better than you!”

Some instructors will shame students who cannot perform an advanced move. This is not how people learn and improve.

If you want to take pole dancing classes, or any fitness class for that matter, you should find a good atmosphere where everybody feels safe and comfortable.

Do not be afraid to walk away if your needs are not being met!

We have made sure to only choose pole studios that we feel meet this criterion so we hope this article has helped you choose the best pole dancing class in Pittsburgh

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