Do you want to learn to pole dance? Tallahassee has some of the best pole dancing classes! They will show you how to use your body as a sexy and powerful machine.

This is an excellent opportunity for women (and men!) who want to explore their sensuality and sexuality in a safe environment with like-minded people.

You don’t need any experience, the classes we talk about in this post offer introductory classes and a great community vibe to help you feel at home.

Best Pole Dancing Classes In Tallahassee, FL (2024)

Best Pole Dancing Classes In Tallahassee

Queen of Hearts Fitness

Queen of Hearts is one of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Tallahassee

Queen of Hearts Fitness (QHF) is Tallahassee’s premier group fitness studio. It offers various unique classes that include strength and flexibility training, dance cardio, and its specialty, pole fitness. The studio and online classes welcome students of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. QHF is committed to helping its students embrace individuality, empower their inner queen, and help you feel confident, strong, and beautiful, both inside and out.

QHF is a facility that offers many learning opportunities. It’s not your average gym or studio — they make you feel special, like a queen. The women instructors who teach the classes are personable, knowledgeable, and very professional — they know what they are doing. Best of all, learn how to listen. The staff, the owner, and the whole QHF are very supportive, encouraging, and empowering.

All workouts are innovative, fun, and are done safely and healthily. It is a place where the students won’t feel any pressure or stress; instead, you will feel motivated, capable, and strong as you raise your confidence. The community is a judgment-free environment where you can be yourself around people passionate about improving themselves and each other.

At Queen of Hearts Fitness, you will always feel supported by outstanding staff and fitness instructors. When you come to Queens, you’re not just some nameless person.

The instructors and staff know everyone by name– and if they don’t, they learn as soon as possible. Furthermore, they are constantly striving to get to know you for who you are. Hsiang Jones, the owner, makes sure that the place is created for people of all backgrounds.

If it is your first time, QHF is open to schedule a tour of the studio to let you grasp and embrace the atmosphere of the place you will be taking classes.

The area is vast with a high ceiling, and sturdy poles of 45m tall; not only that, the location is pretty convenient to the students of Tallahassee. Also, the studio sound and lighting system just give off the right vibe to every class scheduled.

To get started with QHF experience, new clients begin with the 4-Week Intro Program. This all-inclusive dance fitness experience teaches all the pole curriculum’s essential basic elements, focusing on specific techniques and class programs.

This program is perfect for students looking for an outlet to escape the daily stresses of life, want to have fun, stay active, get stronger, be more flexible, and are curious about the benefits of taking pole classes.

More information regarding the inclusion of the program is found on their website. Suppose you are interested in joining; the receptionist at QHF is more than willing to respond to your chat or call.

Queen of Hearts Fitness also offers Drop-In Classes and Packages. These are perfect for students who need the flexibility to take a class without any commitment.

However, if you’re ready to live the Queen lifestyle and better your overall health and wellness with consistent classes, QHF has membership options.

Becoming a member at Queen of Hearts Fitness can help you receive the results by visiting them regularly. Being a member also includes exclusive member benefits. If you’re indecisive about what kind of membership fits you, give them a call to discuss your concern.

Moreover, Queen of Hearts Fitness gives a hybrid class option. This option is for Queens to attend class from the comfort and convenience of their own home with the benefit of individualized feedback in a small group setting. Hybrid classes are listed on QHF’s schedules as “HYB.”

They may be attended with In-Studio Drop-Ins and Packages, while Live Stream classes are offered online and are listed on QHF’s schedule with the word “LIVE.”

It is essential to note the following: one drop-in equal to one hour of class, classes, and packages are nonrefundable and nontransferable, and all drop-ins and packages expire 60-days from the date of purchase.

Additionally, Queen of Hearts Fitness Studio is also available for rentals outside regular class hours. The studio also offers Private Lessons and hosts Private Parties.

For students who are a bit intimidated by a group setting and need one-on-one attention in addition to the regular classes offered by QHF, private lessons are a fantastic option to help reach your fitness goals.

Currently, party offerings are limited to a group of 10 people but may change from time to time, so it is advisable to stay up to date with the changes found on QHF’s website and be sure to review their safety protocols.

Not only that, Queen of Hearts Fitness caters to different themes of Private Pole Parties with packages ranging from $299-$469 and allows for additional party options. For booking, reservations, and further questions, make sure to contact them through their phone number and email address.

With all the positive reviews and active presence of Queen of Hearts Fitness both on virtual and actual platforms, it is no wonder that they are considered the best studio that offers pole dancing fitness classes in Tallahassee, Florida.


1318 N. Monroe St. Suite F Tallahassee, FL 32303



Single Drop-In Studio Classes$28 (Non-Member Rate)
4 Class Package$99 (Non-Member Rate)
8 Class Package$179 (Non-Member Rate)
4-Week Intro Program$189 (valued at $299)
14 Day Live Stream + Hybrid Class Trial$39.99
QHF Membership (Autopay) every 4-WeeksStarts at $179

Please call Queen of Hearts Fitness (QHF) at 850-270-9347 or email to discuss options and find out which membership would best fit you.

Her Physique Pole Dance Company

He.  Physique Pole Dance Company is one of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Tallahassee

Her Physique Pole Dance Company is a business run by Destini, a self-taught pole dancer. Each class is small and personalized so that you can get the best experience. Her Physique Pole Dance Company offers spin classes, routines, and pole conditioning.

Destini’s previous students reviewed their experience during the classes to be very informative. The owner-instructor herself made them feel comfortable and that they had a great time learning how to pole dance.

Classes and Pricing are not available on the website. However, it is suggested to give them a call through their contact number to get a quote and book a class with the studio.


Tallahassee, Florida



BookingsGet a Quote – $$$

Contact: (407) 972-8979

In view of the fact that businesses in Tallahassee, FL that offers both In-Studio and Virtual Pole Dance Fitness Classes are limited. We recommend you to check out virtual class options instead — and with that, we got you covered.

There are virtual pole dance classes that you can access in the comfort of your homes. No matter where you are located, the virtual option is sure to be convenient for you.

If you are up to it, check out, Open Dance Academy. It is the most recommended virtual option that offers online pole dance classes to students who are passionate about learning the art of pole dancing.

Open Dance Academy

Open Dance Academy

Did you ever want to learn pole dancing at your own pace? Well, with Open Dance Academy, you can! Open Dance Academy is the pole dancing instructional community that you have always dreamed of.

It is not only the most recommended online class for pole dancing but it is and going to be your number 1 choice for pole dance platinum class that you can access anytime, anywhere you want. OpenDance Academy offers a wide variety of classes for everyone.

The classes cater to each student’s personal goal, whether it is for strength, flexibility, health, or just for fun — they got it all!

Open Dance Academy presents a brand new array of simple, concise pole-dancing videos that are designed to teach each of you essential skills and techniques on the pole. They are a team of inspired people gathered together to create a fantastic online platform that will allow anyone to learn Pole Dance directly from the pole industry leaders.

All instructors of OpenDance Academy are experts at the art, and have numerous credentials to their name. Each and every one of them is entirely dedicated to their craft and strive every day to become the best teachers they can possibly be, and further mentor the students in improving their skills and techniques until they reach success.

Pole Dancing Classes In Tallahassee

Instructors in Open Dance Academy, care about teaching every student in the class to be the best that they can be for themselves.

From beginner to intermediate, advanced, and expert, OpenDance will help you every step of your pole dancing journey. It has specific classes targeting your specific needs. OpenDance Academy provides LIFETIME ACCESS (no more recurring payments) to their online classes when you avail of their offered online classes.

They have hundreds of video lessons on pole dancing from the World’s best athletes — you sure are going to get your money’s worth. Aside from that, they add new instructors and lessons from time to time. OpenDance Academy is definitely the way to go for online pole dance classes.

Erase the boundaries, dance anywhere and anytime, express yourself, and share your emotions with the rest of the world through the aid of the best in online pole dancing classes — Open Dance Academy!

Sign Up At:


Pole Dance Choreography$35
Trial Class — Beginner and Intermediate$40
Trial Class — Intermediate and Advanced$40
Pole to Pole Choreo and Floorwork$150
Complete Class 1 (BGN & INTR) LIFETIME ACCESS$199
Complete Class 2 (ADV & EXP) LIFETIME ACCESS$199
Frame Up & Strip$199
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Exotic Class Pole Dance LIFETIME ACCESS$250
Pole Dance Platinum LIFETIME ACCESS$350


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