In this post, we look at some of the best pole dancing classes in Colorado Springs, CO. From pole dance studios to private instructors, we have compiled a helpful list of some unique options for you to explore.

The number of pole dancing and pole fitness classes available to you in your region is increasing as well. From private VIP pole dancing sessions for newcomers to one-of-a-kind “X Pole Parties,” which are growing increasingly popular for bachelorette parties and other women’s night out events, the options are endless!

Here are just some of the options we have compiled for you. Whether you are looking for lessons in your hometown to get fit or shed some weight, or you are hoping to up your pole skills, this is for you…

The 3 Best Pole Dancing Classes In Colorado Springs, CO (2024)

What Constitutes A Good Pole Dance Class?



The atmosphere of a pole dance studio can greatly affect your experience, regardless of the quality or qualifications of the instructor. A good studio should feel clean and safe.

If you are planning to go dancing in stilettos and bare skin, we recommend that you check out what shoes they’re allowing you to wear on their floor. No one wants a broken ankle!

The Instructors

The Instructors

There are many levels of instructors when it comes to pole dancing. You can find experienced or new instructors, and they usually offer a wide range of classes and specialties. Make sure you look for studios that offer:  

  • Beginner classes: A good studio will typically start with beginner-level classes so you learn the basics before moving on to more advanced moves.
  • Intensive courses: These are typically one-on-one lessons with a pole dance instructor. Learn more about Intensive Courses below!
  • Specialty classes: If you’re looking to get into tricking or acro, there are many studios that offer specialty classes for this style of dancing. It all comes down to your needs.

The Pricing Plans

The Pricing Plans

The pricing plans of a pole studio can vary greatly depending on the location and your class preference.

It’s always best to ask for specific details, such as the length of the package, cancellation policy, etc. We also recommend comparing studios in your area, as they may offer different prices at different times of the year or even change their rates according to their own needs.



The location of a pole dance studio can affect your experience, but it doesn’t have to! The plus side about studios in obscure locations is that they can often be cheaper since their overhead costs are much lower than those of main street locations where the rents are much higher.

The Attendees

The Attendees

A pole dance studio can be intimidating if you’ve never been before. The attendees at a studio vary widely depending on the location and style of the class. For example, many aerial arts studios attract a younger crowd since they offer acrobatic classes as well as pole fitness courses.

Of course, you need to actually visit and try the class to know what it will be like!

3 Best Pole Dancing Classes In Colorado Springs, CO

Pole Revolution LLC

Pole Revolution LLC - Pole Dancing Classes In Colorado Springs

When you’re in the mood for a different type of fitness class, try out the classes at Pole Revolution LLC in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here, you’ll find fitness and skill mixed with a good time. Monthly memberships are available, as well as private parties, non-aerial classes, and virtual classes. 

As a pole fitness class that has been in the Colorado Springs area for ten years, Pole Revolution LLC knows what customers want and need from their fitness journey. Plenty of support, knowledgeable instructors, and convenient class times are what attendees love the most about this facility.

In fact, once you go to a pole fitness class at Pole Revolution LLC, you won’t be able to wait until you can go again. This is what most of their reviews on the website state from clients who have gone to classes, and we certainly trust their judgment on this subject. 

Even if you’re looking for a fun date night idea, Pole Revolution LLC has a Couples Night class that is a blast. For just $30, you can get flirty and cozy with your significant other. If you’re not into a crowd, you can opt for Private Lessons. A single-person lesson will run you $50, and a long private lesson for two hours will be $70. 

Before you sign up for a class, though, you’ll want to see which options this studio has to offer. Beginners can find their way with the Intro & Level 1 class or the Intro & Levels 1 & 2 class. Group class levels range from 1 to 8, with Level 8 being the most advanced. 

Special classes are also available for those who may be interested. RollerPole combines pole fitness with roller skating, PoleNastics mixes gymnastics with pole dancing, and Flowetry helps those who want to specialize in freestyle.

If this is your first pole fitness class, don’t worry. Pole Revolution LLC seeks to make everyone feel comfortable. Be sure to wear short and tight shorts, as well as a sleeveless shirt or sports bra. This allows you to get a better grip on the pole. Don’t wear jewelry or lotion. All you’ll need is sexy shoes and your own water bottle.

Clients of all fitness levels are welcome, but anyone under 18 years old will have to have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  Pole Revolution LLC offers a good time for everyone!


1861 N Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80909


Pole Revolution Facebook Page


Regular Pole or Aerial Class$25
Open Pole Session$20
6 Classes$126
13 Classes$250

All class fees are for 60-80 minute sessions and include the pole, silks, and hammocks.

Fit Body & Pole

Fit Body & Pole - Pole Dancing Classes In Colorado Springs

Are you ready to test your limits, gain confidence, and see your body in a new light? Fit Body & Pole can help transform the way you think about yourself and put you back in touch with your sensuality. Pole classes at this location will help you tone your body in a fun way, so the next time you head out for a date night you’ll feel confident and sexy. 

Pole fitness helps women feel strong, confident, and empowered, which is what our instructors strive to develop in Fit Body & Pole classes. If you’re new to pole dancing, you can attend a series of 3 classes in a pole workshop for just $60. 

The pole workshop shows you the basic spins, transitions, pole etiquette, and choreography. With each class building upon what you have learned in the last, you’ll be ready to head into a group class when you finish this series. Now, you can enter into your first class feeling empowered and confident after you’ve invested in this workshop.

When you and your friends want a fun night out, you can plan a party at Fit Body & Pole. With themes like Pole Dance Party, Werk Yer Twerk, Glow in the Dark Pole Party, and Lap Dance Party, you are sure to get in a great workout and have a good time. 

Although the hours of this studio vary, you can typically find them open from 9 AM-11 AM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with evening classes on Sunday from 4 PM-7 PM, Tuesday from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM, and Wednesday and Thursday from 6 PM-9 PM.

Fit Body & Pole also has specials for guests of members, so they can spread the confidence and empowerment that comes from their classes to everyone. When you purchase an 8-class or 12-class per month pass, you get 1 free guest pass per month to give to a friend or family member.  It just doesn’t get any better than that! 

When you need a pole fitness facility in the Colorado Springs area, look no further than Fit Body & Pole.


3360 Templeton Gap Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80907



5 Classes Per Month$99
2X a Week (8 Classes/Month)$139
3X a Week (12 Classes/Month)$159
5 Class and 12 Class Packages$115/225

The single Class Rate is $27.

South Springs Pole

South Springs Pole - Pole Dancing Classes In Colorado Springs

Forgoing traditional classes, this location is currently offering private, semi-private, and pole parties for up to four people. Feel free to invite those in your social distancing bubble to have fun at a pole class with you, but they are keeping clients to a limited number. 

South Springs Pole is making it convenient for you to schedule classes at this time by offering a prepayment option by phone. Their current schedule is fully customizable, so you can text to schedule a lesson and be on your way!

Opened by a single yoga teacher, named Diane Martin, South Springs Pole started small and has grown to include another pole teacher, named Kathy Prichard. Although times are stressful during the pandemic, Diane and Kathy are working hard to provide a fun way to exercise in a socially responsible way.

If you’re looking for a small and intimate place to practice pole fitness, South Springs Pole is the place to go. Welcoming women of all ages, sizes, colors, and fitness levels, there is a place for everyone to feel welcome here. The small classes create a sense of trust and partnership that allows attendees to truly let go and feel free. 

South Springs Pole has some great reviews online and fun pictures of techniques that attendees have mastered on their social media.

Not only do they take care of their clients, but they are proud when attendees can put what they have learned into action.  Of course, this isn’t required, but it does give us a look into what regular classes are like at this studio. 

This pole fitness studio is different from others because they are intent on teaching you why, how, and when to use certain movements to your advantage. They want clients to understand the function and purpose of every move, so you can begin to put the pieces together yourself in a way that expresses your personality.


1724 Ascot Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906



“Safer-at-Pole” Special: Private Lessons$20
“Safer-at-Pole” Special: Semi-Private Lessons$30
Pole Parties (Max. 4 People)$60

Please note the studio’s current COVID restrictions.

So there you have it, the best pole dance classes in Colorado Springs, CO! Now it is time to get your pole fitness attire together and head to your new class! Oh, and don’t forget your pole grip!!

One last thing, seriously… If you don’t mind traveling, check out some of the best pole dance classes in Denver, CO.

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