In this post, we share the best pole dancing classes in Portland (Oregon) and why you might want to check one of them out.

As the hype around pole dancing grows, more and more women are curious to deep their toes into the waters of the pole dancing community which is indeed a fun and empowering group of women.

Portland is the anchor of the state of Oregon and is a hive of activity hence you’ll have quite a few pole dance studios to choose from.

Rest assured they are highly rated studios and you sure won’t be disappointed, and it shouldn’t be a hassle to find the right one. That’s why we’ve put together an easily comprehensible list, so you can easily find the Portland pole dance class that’s perfect for you!

The Best Pole Dancing Classes In Portland, OR (2024)

What Makes A Good Pole Dancing Class?

What Makes A Good Pole Dancing Class?
  • Instructors
  • Participants
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Atmosphere/Vibe

When trying to find the best pole dancing class in Portland you don’t necessarily have a plethora of classes to choose from but you do have a few decent studios to choose from nevertheless, consider what your individual needs are – do you need a particular style or method of teaching?

Are there any restrictions on who can attend the classes? If you have accessibility issues, does the studio offer options for this perhaps virtual classes?

Once you’ve considered these questions, look at each studio and their social profiles and feedback to see what the hype is about. If you need to contact the studio, do not be afraid to after all you are seeking the best fit for your needs!

You should also inquire about taster sessions and if they have any rules or requirements (ie. do you need to wear a facemask etc.).

Best Pole Dancing Studios in Portland, OR (2021)


Ecdysiast - Best Pole Dancing Classes In Portland

The name of the studio sure is a mouthful if you’ve never encountered the name before! Established in 2008 the studio hosts an array and diverse set of classes and you are sure to find one suited for you.

They host pole dance, pole fitness, chair dance, contemporary pole, and artist development classes to name a few on a non-exhaustive list. They are a team that embraces diversity across the spectrum and provide classes for all types of individuals and that is if you are an adult.

All you need to have with you to register for classes is your body and that’s enough to be a Poler! The establishment has over 3 studios each with 4000 square feet of space and stainless steel dance poles.

If you can’t make it for in real-life classes to make use of their amenities then worry not. Ecdysiast hosts virtual classes for any and everybody without compromising training, making sure you fare just as well as you would in a real-life class.

Instructors have years of training experience and will ensure you are in great hands. A 4.8-star rating from a cumulative 88 reviews praising staff and amenities should surely lure you in.


316 SW 11th Ave. Suite 300 Portland, OR 97205



Virtual monthly unlimited classes membership$280
In real life Unlimited classes membership$300
In real Life Semi-Annual classes membership$760
In real life Annual unlimited classes membership$980
1 single 60-minute taster class$25
1 60 minutes Private lesson$80
3 Pack private lessons$220

N.B. More class and studio rental prices to be found on the website.

Pole Palace

Pole Palace - best pole dancing lessons in Portland, OR

If you happen to be looking for one of the best studios in Portland and one that caters to and creates an inclusive space for everybody then Pole Palace is the place to be!

Consisting of a team of 7 instructors their main goal is to ensure you achieve your goal of mastering the art of pole dance through movement and sensuality.

You do not need to worry about your abilities the studio has a class for everybody so do not worry about not having upper strength because you are there to work on it and gain flexibility!

Opening its does in 2013 it is now one of the biggest pole dance studios in the Northwest and you are sure to be in awe at their facilities. They have 4 studios in 2 buildings right across the street from each other with their largest studio being 1000 square feet.

All students should be adults at least 18 years of age to start a class and the rest is history, you will be introduced to various pole dance techniques for your ability and skillset.

Reviews have claimed the studio was a perfect alternative for their fitness regime earning it a whopping 4.9 stars.





4-week pole intro to Pole series for beginners$140
Pole taster class$35
VIP monthly Membership$199
6 week Pole 1 series (1 class per week)$189
4 Classes per month membership$125
1 Drop-in class$45
10 pack Drop-in Classes$350

The AERO Space

Aero Space - best pole dancing lessons in Portland, OR

The Aerospace is the only pole dance facility in Oregon that offers two dance studios, one for regular classes and the other for 24/7 access for all students with membership access. They offer a variety of classes that are rigorous but fun.

Their mission statement is to empower and build a sense of community for members through dance. Some of the instructors have pole dancing experience of over 30 years which is insane! You are sure to be trained by veterans of pole dancing at AERO space.

The studio makes use of an app called Fit Degree for bookings and registrations and class sizes have space for a maximum of four people.

So make sure to book in advance as spaces run out fast. Their clientele has lauded the studio for its genuine instructors who put effort into improving your growth whilst also making it the perfect place to make friends with other students.

This has earned the studio an exceptional 4.7-star rating.





Intro to pole single class$20
Intro to pole 4 classes$75
Unlimited monthly studio membership (full access to all classes and amenities$239
Unlimited monthly class membership (full access to all classes)$219)

N.B Prices for other membership plans, classes, and studio rentals are to be found on the website!

Diva Den Studio

Diva Den - best pole dancing lessons in Portland, OR

Diva Den studios is a fitness facility and a boutique that was founded by women and caters to all women. It is the largest women’s fitness facility in the Northwest and attracts women of all backgrounds.

Whilst it is a gym it isn’t exactly your stereotypical everyday gym, here fitness is meant to be a fun experience rather than a rigorous boring routine.

Classes are a fusion of fitness and pole dance classes that accommodate every skill level beginner, intermediate or advanced. Different techniques are taught in various classes to suit everybody’s ability.

Diva has a 1300 sq. ft. pole room with enough poles to accommodate several people. The instructors are all certified with years of experience to teach classes that will advance your skills to the next level.

A stellar 5-star rating is nothing short of impressive for a space that will empower you to reach new heights as a woman.


11959 SW Garden Place, Portland OR



Drop-in single class$20
5 fitness classes$85
10 fitness classes$150
Vixen monthly  Membership for 6 months (excludes pole sessions)$95
Siren monthly Membership for 6 months (unlimited access) $185
N.B. More prices on memberships, classes, studio rentals, and parties to be found on the website!

Peng Pole Dance

Peng Pole - best pole dancing lessons in Portland, OR

Peng Pole offers some of the best pole dancing lessons in Portland. Classes are for everybody, all ages, genders, sizes, strength, and flexibility levels. The studio is determined to provide some of the best pole dance techniques and also raise awareness about the art form.

Whatever you want to harness within yourself whether it be sensuality, empowerment, or confidence amongst other things Peng pole has the instructor and facilities to facilitate all these.

At Peng pole studios you have gym access, free wifi, saunas, and change rooms. Your pole instructor will be Julia who has over 4 years of pole dancing experience and enjoys pole dancing as much as she loves teaching it.

You are guaranteed safe and effective training under her instruction. She also ensures that you are not left behind in any of her classes.

You can either participate in classes of 3 people per group or take individual classes. Many clients have been happy with Julia’s work and caring nature earning the studio an outstanding 5-star review.


815 NE Halsey St, Portland, OR 97232



5-week introductory group classes$195
Contact the studio for more prices!

I hope this post was useful and assisted you in finding a pole dance class in Portland, OR to try out! If you are wondering what outfit you should wear to your first pole class, be sure to check out our post on pole dancing attire!

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