In this post, we look at some of the best pole dancing classes in Washington, DC. We’ve compiled a helpful list of a few alternative spots for you to investigate based on pole dance studios and what their reviewers have to say!

There is a growing number of pole dance classes and pole fitness studios in DC, so you have many options to choose from. Whether it be pole dancing classes for beginners or private parties and bachelorette dos or other ladies-night-out events; you are spoilt for choice!

We’ve compiled some options that should fit any dancer’s needs: whether it be a drop-in one-off class or an entire pole dancing course!

In DC, you can find some great studios with professional instructors who will push you to be the best dancer you can be (and help you get fit and have fun while you are at it!)

The Best Pole Dance Classes In Washington, DC (2024)

Best Pole Dance Classes In Washington, DC

Pole Pressure

Best Pole Dance Classes In Washington

Pole Pressure has been a premier dance and fitness studio specializing in pole, aerial, flexibility, and grounded movement classes since 2009, making them the leading Pole Fitness studio in Washington, DC. 

Pole Dancing is the heart and foundation of Pole Pressure. They offer a wide variety of fun, challenging, and stress-busting pole fitness classes designed for pole beginners (newbies) to advanced tricksters (professionals). Pole Pressure believes that pole dancing is for everybody — every BODY, any skill level, gender, age, and size.

Pole Pressure is more than just pole classes. They also cater private events such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, custom celebrations, and studio rentals — they do it all (just because)!

Reviewers have given impressive reviews with their experience in Pole Pressure, saying, “It was worth every penny!”. The instructors were very hands-on, patient and took their time to instruct the students in making sure that they learned the diverse techniques, tricks, and routines taught in class.

Good praises were given to Pole Pressure, its owner, instructors, and the studio. Reviews say that Pole Pressure is recommended to anyone in the market looking for a pole dancing studio in DC. 


Above Popeyes, 1322 14th St NW 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20005, United States.



(In-Studio Drop-In) One Class for New Clients$25
(In-Studio Drop-In) One Class for Returning Clients$35
(In-Studio Class Packs) Three (3) Classes$95
(In-Studio Class Packs) Ten (10) Classes$300
(In-Studio Memberships) Ultimate Membership$165
(In-Studio Memberships) Ultimate Plus Membership$185
(Virtual Pricing) Live Stream Drop-In$10
(Virtual Pricing) Virtual Drop-In$20
(Virtual Pricing) On-Demand Membership$35 per month
(Virtual Pricing) Boost Membership$69 per month

Balance Gym 

Best Pole Dance Classes In Washington - Balance Gym

If you are trying to get stronger, improve yourself, and find a community of like-minded people, then Balance Gym is the right place for you!

Balance Gym is a multi-award-winning fitness company that manages a collection of world-class fitness facilities born and bred in Washington, DC.

Balance has locations throughout the city, making them one of the most convenient gyms. Each of their facilities is unique, for they offer a wide variety of classes at all of their locations. Furthermore, Pole Dance Workouts are provided in one of the four locations, specifically on Thomas Circle.

Balance Gym offers two Pole Dance Workout Classes, namely, for beginners and intermediate. All genders and clients with no prior pole experience are welcomed in all their classes. 

Moreover, the beginner pole class develops coordination, flexibility, and strength through fundamental dance movements, floor work, pole work, and training on the pole. While the intermediate pole class is focused on technique and advanced conditioning, working on staying off the ground and on the pole through various skills.

Pole Dance Classes are expected to change schedule; therefore, it is recommended to check the class schedule in advance on their website for updates.

Reviewers find their experience outstanding — the instructors, staffs, and workout programs are impressive. Additionally, the management provides a fantastic variety of live-streamed classes, along with on-demand lessons and even loaning equipment. 


Thomas Circle: 1339 Green Court NW, Washington, DC 20005



30-day Virtual class membership$49
Month-to-Month Membership$99
Annual Membership$84

Twerk Werks DC

Best Pole Dance Classes In Washington - Twerk Werks

Twerk Werks offers a fun ratchet fitness class taught in a tasteful manner. From booty shaking, body rolls, hip, booty, and cheek isolation, as well as hair whips and more. Twerk werks provided classes that are broken down step-by-step to help anyone master the basics.

Twerk Werk’s classes are 1-hour in length and are suitable for ladies of all ages, shapes, sizes, fitness levels, and dance abilities.

The classes incorporate; dance, twerking, routine work, interval and strength training, and stretching into an energetic and enjoyable lesson. They also provide party services. To see their party options and class schedules, it is recommended to visit and view their website.

Reviewers gave an astounding 5 out of 5 stars. Twerk werks follow through with their promise of providing a great way to work out while having fun. Reviewers loved how friendly the environment was and how patient, incredible, and humorous the instructors were.  


6910 4th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20012. The studio is a Nail Spa.



Drop-In Pole Class$35 per hour
Pole & Flow Series (6 Classes over 6 Weeks)$80 – One (1) hour per session
Virtual Pole Class$30 per hour
Virtual Pole Class (3 Week Series)$75 – One (1) hour per session
Virtual Pole Class (6 Week Series)$150 – One (1) hour per session
(Private Class) In-Home Pole Lessons$250 per hour

LoveJones Pole Fitness

LoveJones Pole Fitness

Love Jones Fitness is a boutique dance studio that provides alternative workouts combining fun, fitness, and dance while feeling sexy and building confidence! They have offered mobile and studio parties, classes, private lessons, pole & exotic dance instructions, and more in the Washington Metropolitan area since 2007.

Classes offered by Love Jones Fitness are preregistered; clients or students are suggested to book time with the studio for their needs to be catered to and to avail of the classes.





By Appointment$$

Book time with Love Jones Pole Fitness to discuss your needs or perform a service.

The DEN Loft Fitness

The DEN Loft Fitness

In the heart of Dupont Circle perched high above Connecticut Avenue, the DEN Loft has become synonymous with convenience, comfortability, and professionalism. They are confident that instructors and clients alike will find their venue, amenities, and services paralleled to none in the local industry.

Part art gallery, part mixed-use co-working space, part cultural center, and part nightlife destination, The DEN Loft (TDL) is a unique and vibrant private members-only club where art, business, and culture collide.

The DEN Loft (TDL) Fitness Studio offers elite fitness instructors, a high-end, affordable, state-of-the-art, 2300 sq. ft. fitness studio for lease to offer pole, chair, twerk, Zumba, Doonya, yoga, personal training, and more to their clientele.

The DEN Loft requires an active membership to register and attend any events and services they offer.


1215 Connecticut Ave NW Floor 4, Washington, DC 20036, United States



Nightlife Package$150
Quartz Package$300
Bronze Package$550
Gold Package$750
Platinum Package$1,000
Diamond Package$1,500
Blue Diamond Package$3,000

I hope you have found this post useful and are one step closer to finding one of the best pole dancing classes in Washington DC. I might warn you, if it is your first class then you may be in for a surprise in the form of pole bruises!

Not to worry, though. It is all part of the lovely journey! One day, you will be reading through your pole dance journal in amazement at where you were when you first started!

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