The International Pole Convention, or more commonly known as PoleCon, is an annual celebration of pole dancing and pole fitness. It can be considered as the biggest event that brings together the members of the pole dancing community.

Enthusiasts of all shapes, ages, ethnicities, genders and even fitness levels come together during this event to share what they know, learn new things, and build relationships. It is not just for dancers and teachers. This convention is also a place to learn from studio owners, talent scouts, and all the other people in this industry.

If you are a beginner in pole dancing and would like to know more about this performance art, it is a great idea to attend PoleCon. It is the perfect place to find inspiration and meet other people who are as passionate about pole dancing as you are.

Everything You Need To Know About PoleCon

What is PoleCon?

What is Polecon

The International Pole Convention is a yearly event that serves as a venue to enrich the field of pole dancing. It is also an event where people can gather to give encouragement and inspiration to other dancers. Through the various workshops and showcases, novices can see and learn about industry practices and new trends in this field.

This event isn’t just for newbies. Even seasoned pole dancers look forward to attending the PoleCon because there are so many things to watch, buy, and enjoy. It is a very exciting event where anything can happen.

What you can buy at the PoleCon

What you can buy at the PoleCon

People who are looking for pole dancing merchandise can get them from the extensive offering of the vendor hall. You can get your crash pads, pole grip, tank top, pleasers, or ankle protectors from one of the numerous vendors. You can even buy customized and portable poles here. If you are a seller, this is an excellent venue to attract more customers.

What you can learn at the PoleCon

What you can learn at the PoleCon

You can also attend as a performer or student of the numerous showcases during this event. There are a lot of aerial and pole showcases that take place throughout the day. Some of the workshops and talks are paid, but a number of them are free. These workshops are not solely for learning dance. They also cover other aspects of dancing.

From the lineup of previous PoleCons, several nutrition and fitness experts also come to teach about exercise and nutrition for pole dancers.

There are also workshops conducted by doctors on best practices to avoid injuries while learning pole dancing. There are also classes on dealing with pole-dancing-specific injuries and pains.

Some business owners also talk about how to open and successfully run pole studios. There are even talks about sensitive topics like dancing for those with larger bodies or dealing with gender and sexual orientation in the industry.

All these are crucial learning opportunities for people who want to start their pole-dancing-related businesses.

Of course, dancing workshops and private sessions are a staple in this convention. Newbies should take this opportunity to learn from teachers that they would not normally have access to. There are workshops for improving your lines, incorporating chair routines in your choreography, and storytelling with your body.

You can also watch the showcases of the pole stars. You might learn a new trick or two to improve your technique from watching the dances of these industry elites. Plus, you may discover new genres to explore.

What you can do at PoleCon

What you can do at PoleCon

One of the best things about attending PoleCon is that you will be surrounded by people who are interested and passionate about pole dancing. You will get a chance to meet countless like-minded individuals. You can get to know them better and network during the community lunch and breakfast.

Can anyone perform at PoleCon?

The International Pole Convention encourages everyone to take part and perform at the convention. This is because the group wants to celebrate all the members of the pole community. So, everyone from novices to industry professionals is welcome to submit their applications to perform at this event.

The organizers, however, recommended that newbies do not do their first-ever solo performance during this convention. It suggested that novice pole dancers perform at studio showcases or join club competitions first. Performing alongside pole stars may be too scary and could ruin your experience. However, joining will still be up to you.

Choose a showcase to join.

Each year, the organizers of the PoleCon choose different showcases for participants to be part of. Some popular showcases are artistic or contemporary, Para Pole for dancers who are differently-abled, Aerial, experimental, and low flow. You can apply to multiple showcases, but you will only be able to perform as a solo act once.

Create a video that highlights your style and character as a dancer. If you are applying to multiple showcases, submit a unique video for each application. Upon submitting a video for your showcase application, make sure that it can be viewed by the public. The curators of the convention program will not watch private video applications.

Read the instructions and guidelines.

According to the website of PoleCon International, applications are accepted only up to a specified period. If you are interested in performing at the next event, it is best to keep an eye on the application period and read up on the instructions for applying. There are also other guidelines for submitting your video application on the website.

You need to follow the instructions carefully; submitting the wrong format or forgetting to make your video public will automatically void your application. The organizers will not inform you of your deficiency or error. They will only contact you to let you know if you are selected to perform.

How Do I Get Involved?

Besides performing, you have other options to be a part of PoleCon. You can organize paid or free workshops. Aspiring teachers will need to submit their applications to teach a class during the event. If you are an expert on topics that are relevant to pole dancing professionals and enthusiasts, you can also apply to hold a seminar.

You can buy a booth to promote your service or product. In the previous PoleCons, there were exhibitors for shows, apparel, and accessories. Numerous businesses sold aerial equipment and pole grip aids. There were also booths for pole dance training organizations, dance studios, and legal service providers.

If buying a booth is too much of an investment for your small business, you can also market it by sponsoring the convention’s gift bags.

You can insert your fliers inside the gift bags to let people know about your pole dancing product or service. It is best to check the listing of exhibitors from the organization’s website to see what is available.

Can I volunteer at PoleCon?

Volunteers are welcome at the PoleCon. You just need to inform the organizer of your wish to help out so that you can be assigned to an appropriate task.

Volunteers are usually in charge of tasks like pole cleaning, ushering people and checking the attendance to workshops, assisting at the information desk, and more.

How much does it cost to attend PoleCon?

According to WGNO, the 2021 PoleCon tickets cost $195 each. This is the price for the weekend pass. This allows you to attend free workshops and non-pole seminars.

It also gives you access to the vendor’s hall. Plus, the ticket price covers the lunches for the three days and the breakfast meal for the last day.

However, the cost of the ticket is just a small portion of what you will need to spend if you choose to attend. You will also have to allot some money for your other meals. For out-of-towners, you will also add the price of your plane or bus ticket. Bringing your car may be more convenient, but you will have to pay for gas and parking.

Another part of your expense is the cost of staying in a hotel for the duration of the event. The PoleCon organizers work with hotels near the venue, so you will be able to get a room at a discounted rate. If you are working with a limited budget, it will be more economical to room with a couple of your friends.

The pass will only get you into free workshops and seminars. If you want to attend more, you’ll need to pay additional fees.

A 90-minute pole workshop will cost you $90. Non-pole workshops are a little bit cheaper at $65 per 90 minutes of learning. You can also invest in a private workshop. This costs $120 per hour.

Of course, there’s also the shopping budget. You will see a lot of pole dancing-related merch during the convention, so you have to prepare your wallet and an empty suitcase to fill up with your new clothes and accessories. It is best to establish your budget so that you can maximize your experience without going broke.

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