In this post, we share the best pole dance classes in Queens (New York) and why you might want to check one of them out. As the hype around pole dancing grows, more and more women are curious to deep their toes into the waters of the pole dancing community which is indeed a fun and empowering group of women.

Queens is the largest borough in New York City. Whilst it might be a hive of activity, unfortunately, there aren’t that many pole dance studios, with only one to be found in the entire borough. 

Rest assured though, that it is a highly rated studio and you sure won’t be disappointed.

As an alternative should the studio be out of reach for you, you could invest in a home dance pole to practice pole dancing virtually at home or make a quick trip to Brooklyn to check out a few studios there.

The Best Pole Dance Classes In Queens, NY (2024)

Vibez Studio

Is Vibez Studio The Best Pole Dance Classes In Queens?

Located in Queens, New York Vibez Studios is a critically acclaimed excellent fitness studio. The studio host 9 venues within the same building each a venue for all the different classes offered by the studio.

The studio has a pilates studio, dance fitness studio, aerial hammock studio, and a pole dancing studio to name a few. Whatever class you take the studio makes sure that you reap the rewards of both excellent physical and mental health benefits.

Vibez has an amazing team of instructors who are dedicated to bringing the best of all things fitness to you and in both in contact classes or Livestream classes.

Live stream classes are priced at the same rates as the in-contact classes. Should you not be able to make it for in contact classes schedules for live streams in all 9 specialties and especially pole dancing are available.

Pole dance classes are offered for all levels. To make the best out of the experience make sure to download the VIBEZSTUDIO app to get schedules, bookings, events, and special offers all within your fingertips.

What Reviewers Say


The studio has a 4.8-star rating to match its critical acclaim with reviews commending the studio for its facilities and instructors.


32-43 Francis Lewis Blvd. 2nd. Floor. New York. 11358



Gold Unlimited Monthly Membership (Includes Pole dancing)$119
1 Gold class for non-members$25
10 Gold Classes for non-members$225
20 Gold Classes$400
1 on 1 training session$90
3 1 on 1 training sessions$250

Alternative Options

Perhaps Vibez Studio isn’t for you or neither does commuting to a pole dance class in Brooklyn and other surrounding areas throughout NY sound appealing. Online pole dance studios might be the perfect fit for you.

Numerous credible online pole studios might be the perfect fit for your needs. All you will need to invest in is;

  • a pole dancing space in your house (this doesn’t have to be a large space, you just need enough room to swing a cat!)
  • a dance pole (you can read our reviews of our top rated portable home dance poles here)
  • and maybe some gym wear.

An example of a company that offers online pole classes is Opendance Academy.



Opendance Academy is one of the best online pole academies that offers access to hundreds of pole dancing lessons from some of the world’s best pole instructors.

These instructors consist of Marion Crampe, Pink Puma, Dimitry Politov to name a few.

They offer classes for all genders and body types. All you need is access to a mobile device and the internet and you are ready to go.

Their most popular class is the Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime Access the costs $350 that allows you to learn anytime and access all pole dance videos.



Pole dance Platinum Lifetime Access$350
Exotic Class$250
Men only Pole Dancing$250
Trial Class (Beginner & Intermediate)$40
Trial Class (Intermediate and Advanced)$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner and Intermediate)$199
Complete Class 2 (Intermediate and Advanced)$199

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