In this post, I hoped to share and write about a list of the best pole dance classes in El Paso, TX, however, I ran into some roadblocks with my research!

It turns out that while El Paso is one of the largest cities in Texas, it might be a hive of activity generally, but unfortunately, there aren’t that many pole dance studios in the city!

Please feel free to contact me and correct me if I am wrong, but there was only one to be found in the entire city! 

Rest assured though, that it is a highly rated studio and you absolutely will not be disappointed. As an alternative, should the studio be out of reach for you, you could always invest in a home dance pole to practice pole dancing and some online pole dance classes to take part in virtually at home.

The Best Pole Dance Classes in El Paso, TX (2024)

Best Pole Dance Classes in El Paso, TX (2021)

Academy of Aerial Fitness

Academy of Aerial Fitness Best Pole Dance Classes in El Paso

The Academy of Aerial fitness is a nonprofit aerial fitness and circus arts studio that also offers pole dance classes. This studio is the ultimate place to be if you are seeking an environment that embraces every gender, age physical ability, and any other demographic.

Additionally, the studio is the perfect alternative to a traditional gym that lacks the sense of community and support system that the studio will offer you. Instructors are there to ensure every student grows physically and emotionally and becomes their most confident selves.

Various classes are offered by the studio that includes aerial hammock fitness, yoga, Lyra, aerial silks, flexibility, and most importantly pole dance and fitness. Classes are held on weekdays during the day well into the evening and on weekends, they host classes for adults and teenagers.

All instructors have the necessary training and experience with each instructor having years of experience in their niche. The studio has scored an amazing 4.9-star rating from 37 reviews. Students have lauded the instructors for their phenomenal classes that are supportive and encouraging.


1055 Sunland Park Dr b2, El Paso, TX 79922, United States



Single Class Pass$20
4 class pack$80
8 class pack$160
10 class pack$200
Unlimited one-week classes$120
Pearl membership (4 studio classes & 1 open gym session)$76
Topaz membership (8 studio classes and 2 open gym sessions)$144
Unlimited membership (1-year contract)$425/month

N.B. Check out their website for more membership prices!

Alternatives For Pole Dance Classes In El Paso

Alternatives For Pole Dance Classes In El Paso

For most residents of El Paso looking for local pole dance classes, it likely means seeking virtual/online pole dance classes might have to be an option.

If the studio above happens to be out of reach or doesn’t necessarily meet all your needs then investing in a home pole dance and creating a pole dance space should be worth looking into. Keep in mind that this requires discipline and that you need to invest time and money. This means the majority of your costs will be on a home dance pole. 

If you want to learn all about how you can get started with pole training at home I recommend the following posts:

More On Online Pole Classes

Since the outbreak in 2020, many studios have ended up offering classes and lessons online. An example of an online pole dance studio is the Open Dance Academy that has over 450 online pole dancing lessons.

More On Online Pole Classes

It is led by reputable and world-renowned pole dancing Champions from Jamilla Deville to Yvonne Smink. Classes are suitable for all types of individuals whatever your abilities are, right from Beginners to advanced and expert lessons.

All you need is a laptop, a phone, or a tablet.

Trial classes are offered for $40 and the lifetime access option is $350. But the best part is that even if this studio doesn’t meet your criteria then there are many more pole dance classes online that might be the best fit for you!

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