In this post, I list the best pole dance classes in Birmingham, AL! These options are all great and unique in their offering so despite there only being three on the list currently, one of these options should fit your needs.

Failing that, of course, you can always buy a dance pole for home and follow an online pole course to help you achieve your pole fitness goals!

The 3 Best Pole Dance Classes In Birmingham, AL (2024)

The Best Pole Dance Classes In Birmingham, Alabama, AL

Flaunt It Fitness (Pole Stars) Studio 

Pole Dance Classes In Birmingham

Do you want to get fit, refined, and feel sexy while doing pole grind, pole tricks, and routines? Flaunt It Fitness (Pole Stars) Studio is here to help! Pole Stars lets you feel sexy while working out, like swimming laps while wearing nothing but a bathing suit.

Pole Star sessions cover maneuvers with names such as the fireman jump and the butterfly spin. In contrast, Sexy Chair classes leverage dance moves against chair props. As students rehearse their steps, they also receive a full-body workout, mixing flirty moves with exercise more efficiently than presenting your date with a bouquet made of solid lead.

The studio hosts private classes and parties, planning lessons for bachelorette groups, birthdays, and spontaneous girls’ nights.

Class instructors demonstrate sensual walks, spins, and dance choreography; a private party includes an introductory pole dance lesson and routine.

Alternatively, during private bachelorette parties, guests can learn pole-dance fundamentals and rehearse some basic routines. The party can be held in-studio or at a location of your choice for an additional $15.

During Pole Star classes, instructors walk students through pole-dance tricks and techniques, covering spins, walks, and transition maneuvers. Sexy Chair classes, meanwhile, choreograph sultry moves around a prop chair. Both classes deliver a full-body workout while encouraging carefree fun in a supportive environment. 

As most fitness experts would caution you against wearing heels to the gym, the Flaunt It Fitness (Pole Stars) Studio staff encourages students to sport stilettos or their choice of funky footwear during its fitness classes. These courses exchange treadmills for poles and chairs, around which guests practice sultry twirls.

Reviewers find the classes, the instructors, and the environment an absolute breath of fresh air with all the great fun workouts and great times they have had with Pole Stars. The classes are not large, so there is no need to be embarrassed, and leaving the studio will surely get you back your sexiness.


7831 1st Ave. N., Birmingham, AL 35206


Flaunt it Fitness Facebook Page


Three Pole or Chair Dance Fitness Classes$35
Three Pole and Chair Combo Dance Fitness Classes$45
4 Classes (Private Showing)$70
6 Week BootCamp (Cardio, Pole, and Chair)$80
Pole Parties (2 hours up for 15 people)$165
Add PassionToy Party or Chair Dance to Pole Party$20

Flaunt It Fitness (Pole Stars) Studio does not have a website and is not active on their Facebook account. Clients and students should call or text 205.259.6311 or email for more info on classes, parties, schedules, and pricing.

Studio Steel

Pole Dance Classes In Birmingham

Established in 2017, Studio Steel is considered to be Alabama’s best pole studio. It was born of a crazy dream to perpetuate the owner’s, Elle’s, passion for poles. 

Studio Steel is a dedicated pole fitness facility for Birmingham. Located in beautiful Vestavia Hills, the studio features stainless steel X-Poles. Classes offered are taught by expert certified award-winning instructors. Parties and private lessons are scheduled by appointment, so students and clients have to call or message their website for details.

Studio Steel is an inclusive and welcoming space for students of all ages (minors with parental permission), body types, sexual and gender orientation to learn and practice pole dance and fitness at every skill level. Currently, they offer pole classes at Levels 1-4.

Students begin at Level 1 and remain there until they pass the test for Level 2. Like group classes, these classes do not require the student to complete a set number of classes or an amount of time you must spend at a specific level; when you can pass the test, you move up.

Furthermore, the pole classes of Studio Steel are offered on a rotating menu of fitness classes such as Stretchability, Bananas 4 Splits, and Ass Class.

Choreography-based classes may be offered in a variety of styles at the discretion of the individual instructor. Meanwhile, Professional pole dance heels such as Pleasers may be worn in some classes and are also sold at the studio.

Moreover, private lessons are scheduled by appointment. It is advisable to contact the website to make arrangements with the instructor of your choice. The same goes for parties; it is recommended to call the studio to book the time and date of your choice to get your party on Studio Steels’ calendar.

Reviewers find Studio Steels’ services amazing. The studio offers excellent classes with fantastic instructors. It’s a great place that is open to everyone with no judgment. The students and clients always feel welcome, and it’s one place they say they can be themselves. Studio Steels’ classes are also a great way to get in shape with full-body workouts!


1401 Montgomery Hwy Space 9 Vestavia Hills, AL 35216 Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Statistical Area

PYT Studio – Niya Jackson

PYT Studio - Niya Jackson

Niya Jackson presents Birmingham, Alabama’s 1st pole dancing and twerk party traveling service, PYT Studio. The studio offers an array of non-traditional fitness classes city to city, state to state.

All pole and twerk dance classes are pop-ups, so be sure to follow their social media accounts and subscribe to PYT Studio’s website to get the latest updates on schedules and offers.

Pole classes and pole parties offered by PYT Studio are strictly for ages 18+ and up. The owner herself instructs all lessons, and classes are a sure-fire way to lose weight, build confidence, and be taught the art of sexy dancing. 

Reviewers say that the owner/instructor, Niya Jackson, is super friendly, accommodating, and attentive in teaching the students in class and with clients. Reviews showed a majority of 5 out of 5 stars to the services PYT Studio offers pole lessons and pole parties to its new, regular, or returning clients that are definitely worth the money. 


Birmingham, AL, United States



Pole Lessons – 1 Class  (For  Ages 18+ only)$30 per hour
Pole Lessons – 2 Classes (For  Ages 18+ only)$50 per hour
Pole Lessons – 3 Classes (For  Ages 18+ only)$65 per hour
Pole Party: 3 to 5 People (For  Ages 18+ only)$210 for 1 hour & 30 minutes
Pole Party: 6 to 8 People (For Ages 18+ only)$230 for 1 hour & 30 minutes

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