Are you looking for pole dancing classes in Baton Rouge, LA? Have you been searching and still can’t find anything that meets your needs? If so, then you aren’t alone – pole dance classes in Baton Rouge, LA is few and far between. In fact, we only found 2 in the city and surrounding areas.

Should you find that none of these options are suitable for you for reasons, we have something else in store for you. So just read on till the end to know more!

These Are The Best Pole Dance Classes in Baton Rouge, LA (2024)


Pole Dance Classes in Baton Rouge

Founded in 2017, TWRL is a central figure in establishing the pole community in Baton Rouge, LA. TWRL offers excitement and fitness all rolled into one through pole dancing and other aerial artforms.

TWRL offers some of Baton Rouge’s premium pole dance and fitness programs. Along with pole dancing, the studio also features programs for bungee, flexibility, and modern dance, catering to more communities.

Instructors at TWRL know just how intimidating pole dancing can be for first-time students with no prior experience in dance. Anyone with a passion for learning and conquering their fears is welcome in the studio, and the instructors pay close attention to every student’s individual progress.

Test the waters and see if pole dancing is meant for you with TWRL’s Pole Taster class! Newbies get to have the chance to know the pole and try out basic pole techniques. Comprehensive pole classes for the committed pole students encourage students to stack up their skills and flawlessly swap from one trick to another.

TWRL tolerates no drama and is only here to provide a safe space for self-expression. A word of caution to anyone interested in trying out TWRL’s pole dance classes: you will develop unapologetic self-acceptance and blinding confidence!


3185 Balis Dr Suite 109, Baton Rouge, LA 70808, United States



Single Intro Class$15
2 Taster Class Pack$25
Single Class Pass$22
2 Class Pass$38
4 Class Pass$66
6 Class Pass$80
8 Class Pass $90
Silver Membership$72/month
Gold Membership$85/month
Platinum Membership$110/month

Indulge Fitness

Pole Dance Classes in Baton Rouge

Indulge Fitness opened its doors to the public back in 2015. It is the first fitness studio in Baton Rouge to provide training for aerial silks and pole fitness. 

Physical fitness goes beyond weekly circuit training at your local gym. Here in Indulge Fitness, physical fitness goes beyond improved form and stronger muscles. 

Give yourself some much needed self-love with Indulge Fitness’ pole dance fitness programs! Even without prior experience in dancing, you too can master tricks, spins, and inversions up and down the pole. 

Nothing more can be better than empowering individuals through physical fitness. Instructors take great care in guiding students to execute the right form, at the same time encouraging them to challenge themselves. 

If you are worried about your strength and skills, worry not! Pole dancing, just like any other passion you strive for in life, requires a commitment to gain improvement. Instructors will respond and train you according to your pacing. You can’t rush good things, after all! 

Indulge Fitness offers an inclusive environment for everyone taking the chance to become better versions of themselves. Their lively crew of instructors and friendly student base will make first-timers want to come back again and again and bask in the positive atmosphere of the studio. 





Single Pole Dance Class $25
Private Lesson Membership$159/month
Indulge Unlimited Membership$129/month
Indulge Unlimited Split Membership$64/2 weeks
4 Pole Dancing Class Package$59
Pole Dance Party$249

OpenDance Academy

OpenDance Academy

Pole dance studios in Baton Rouge are quite hard to come by. With only a few options at hand, you might not feel like your needs and expectations are justly met.

Now is pretty much a good time as ever to invest in online pole dancing classes. Not only do online lessons provide a bigger library of instructional material, they also can reach and educate those who has limited access to a walk-in studio— just  like you in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Among many online pole dancing classes the Internet has to offer, we have the perfect platform for you to check out: OpenDance Academy. 

OpenDance Academy is more than a library of pole dance classes. It is a global community of pole dance and fitness enthusiasts, actively engaging and innovating the future of pole dance. 

Pole dancing serves many purposes for many people; it is an emotional outlet, line of work, or a stepping stone in a fitness journey. OpenDance Academy recognizes the versatility of pole dancing, supporting pole programs focusing on floor work, choreography, and sensual 

You can never run out of video tutorials to follow along; the platform is home to at least 300 videos! OpenDance Academy provides you the opportunity to explore other pole programs outside of your comfort zone. 



Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime Access$350
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Exotic Class Pole Dance Lifetime Access$250
Trial Class – Beginner and intermediate$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner and Intermediate) Lifetime Access$199
Complete Class 2 (Advanced and Expert) Lifetime Access$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Pole to Pole Chore and Floorwork $150

choose Open Dance Academy for online Pole Dancing Classes in Palm Springs
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Tips For Staying Motivated With Online Pole Dancing Classes

It’s true; it is sometimes difficult to set aside some time to catch up with online pole dancing classes. Knowing that you can always go back to the video tutorial whenever you feel like doing so, you mistakenly fall into the trap of procrastinating.

Staying motivated is always a challenge. But staying motivated alone? It can be overwhelming and too much for you to handle.

Fortunately, tested and proven tips for staying motivated exist and can help you fix your procrastinating tendencies. Remember, pole dancing is all about commitment!

Below we list down some common, yet effective tips to help you stay on top of your online pole dancing classes:

  1. Find a pole community. Surrounding yourself with people from the pole community is a great way to keep you engaged with the world of pole dancing. Staying connected with fellow pole dancing peers encourage you to improve your skills while also sharing experiences with getting down a particularly tricky technique.
  2. Track your progress. With self-studying, you don’t have an instructor or spotter to jot down notes about your strengths and areas requiring improvement. Confusing at first, tracking down progress on a notebook or a notes app can definitely help you see how far you have come in your pole dance fitness journey.
  3. Set a fixed time and day in the week. Humans are creatures of habit. Sticking to a set time and day every week trains your brain (and body) that this specific period of time you have chosen is dedicated for pole dancing, and pole dancing only.
  4. Don’t stress out; have fun! Unconsciously, you may have been forcing yourself to improve and execute tricks better with every climb on the pole. Relax! Your journey in pole dancing is not a race. Improvement takes some time, and is not always noticeable right away. Live in the moment and let loose as you try out another new trick.

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