In this post, we look at some of the best pole dancing classes in Stockton, CA. Here’s a helpful list of pole dance studios and what their reviews say about them!

Pole dancing and pole fitness classes are becoming more popular in California, and your options are growing as well. From beginner pole dancing classes, to private bachelorette parties and other ladies-night-out events, you are spoilt for choice!

We’ve compiled a list of options for every dancer’s needs: drop-in classes or an entire pole dance course!

The 5 Best Pole Dancing Classes Stockton CA (2024)

Rockit Pole Fitness

Best Pole Dancing Classes Stockton CA

At RockIt Pole Fitness, they believe that pole fitness can significantly improve your flexibility, mind, confidence, and strength.

You don’t need any experience! Go enjoy this amazing, unique, and addicting workout regardless of size, ability, background, or confidence level.

The studio prides itself on building friendships and bringing everyone together in a friendly, comfortable gym setting. Their amazing instructors are friendly, encouraging, and dedicated to your success!

Regardless of your dance style or teaching style, we are sure you can find an instructor who clicks with you at Rockit!

The studio has 5-star Google rating with students raving about their fun workouts and relaxed atmosphere.


1625 Main St #1003, Oakley, CA 94561



New Student Promo$39
1 Class Pass $25
5 Class Pass$99
10 Class Pass179

Twirly Girls Pole Fitness 

Twirly Girls Pole Fitness 

The first Twirly Girls Pole Fitness class was held in Danville, before it moved to more spacious premises in Pleasanton.

At Twirly Girls Pole Fitness, chair flair, pole training, floor and heel skills are available in their classes. They use a unique approach to teach techniques for dance, routine choreography, exotic flows, conditioning & flexibility, Aerial arts, and related activities. 

In their spaces, a spirit of empowerment, and freedom permeates all they do. You’ll receive the opportunity to learn in an environment free from judgment and negativity.

At the core of their mission is positive encouragement for everyone. So, everyone is invited to dance with them, regardless of skill level. With pole dance classes offered both in-studio, and online.

The studio maintains a 5-star rating average on Google for their friendly atmosphere and amazing instructors.


288 Spring St, Pleasanton, CA 94566



1-Class Pole Pass$30
5-Class Pole Pass$135
10-Class Pole Pass$250
1 Month Unlimited$250

Ly’s Pole Studio

Ly's Pole Studio

Ly’s Pole studio allows you to become a part of a passionate, committed, and supportive community. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time on the pole or you’ve been training for years.

LPS established its roots several years before it had a physical home of its own. After taking her first pole class at a local studio in the summer of 2012, Ly Le soon found that there was a surprising substance behind its allure. While the class was extremely challenging, it was also addictive. It hooked her. 

A room in Ly Le’s house became her classroom for pole classes in January 2013. Within days, dozens of regular customers lined up. She had to move her classes to a larger apartment after her classes reached maximum capacity six months later.

LPS finally opened at its current location in North San Jose in September 2015, due to high demand. LPS soon filled up again for months after opening its doors.

Aerial dance at LPS provided an opportunity for self-discovery and self-confidence for students. Ly recognized then that she was building much more than a pole studio – a community, and she would need highly skilled instructors to guide the transformation. 

Aerial classes, flexibility classes, and other dance classes were added to the schedule in July 2017. To this day, LPS is still flourishing and fulfilling its mission: Bringing together and training the best pole dancers and aerialists in the world. They are building a community of athletes and artists, and providing opportunities for anyone who walks through its doors.


2092 Concourse Drive, #87, San Jose, Ca 95131



Drop In$30
4-class pass$115
4-class pass$160
16-class pass Membership$270

Pole + Dance (Oakland)

Pole + Dance (Oakland)

There are multiple locations of Pole + Dance in California, as well as one in Portland. Pole + Dance Studios offers classes in heels choreography, pole dance, active flexibility, aerial silks, handstands, and aerial lyra.

There is no gender, body type, or background distinction at their studio. They offer private lessons, a 5-week performance series, and on-demand online courses. 

As artists, dancers, and movement practitioners, they work together with an abundant mindset founded upon respect for one another. As well as the belief that together we are much stronger than we would ever be alone.

Pole + Dance believes that sex work is a real job. Their physical spaces cultivate a sex-positive atmosphere that celebrates and honors pole dancing’s roots in stripping. Disparaging sex workers in general or strippers, in particular, is not welcome at their studio

Through working with your bodies in the moment, they are able to build the muscular and neural technical foundations that can be trained safely, thoughtfully, and efficiently. Their shared enthusiasm for practices that turn them upside down – physically and literally – delights them – as do their curious explorations of movement.

Pole + Dance holds a 4.8-star rating on Google for their welcoming staff, and the technicality of the classes.


366A Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610



Single Class$40
5-class Pack$190
10-class Pack$360
20-class Pack$680

Revel Room Studios

Revel Room Studios

In the Bay Area, there is a new aerial fitness center called Revel Room Studios.

They offer Pole Fitness, Flexibility training, Aerial Hoop (Lyra), yoga, body sculpting, and much more. Above all, they offer a fun and inclusive space for all interested students!

“To revel” means to have a good time in a lively and noisy manner, especially through boisterous dancing. 

Whenever we think about a place where people revel with each other, we envision that elusive place where no one is prohibited, shunned, or inadequate.

That is exactly the experience you will enjoy at Revel Room Studios. At Revel Room Studios, all talents, songs, skips, and tricks are welcome.

You become part of a community where all identities are applauded, and individuality is celebrated. 

At Revel, laughter, support, and kindness abound from floor to ceiling. The number one rule of this space is to revel with those around you. 


1825 Houret Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035, United States



Single Class $35
3 Class Package $100
5 Class Package$150
10 Class Package $250

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