Are you searching for pole dancing classes in Hampton, VA? You probably looked and looked but couldn’t find enough studios to choose from. You aren’t alone in this reality – pole dance classes in Hampton, VA is few and far in between. However, we did find one pole dance studio in the city and surrounding areas.

If, for any reason whatsoever this local studio does not meet your requirements and expectations, don’t close this page just yet! Read on till the end to see an amazing offer that might fit the bill.

The Best Pole Dancing Classes in Hampton, VA (2024)

Respectapole Dance Fitness

Respectapole Dance Fitness

Respectapole Dance Fitness lets your inner diva shine through. Whether you are looking for a fun alternative to conventional workout routines, or simply have a blast with your girl friends, this dance studio is your go-to for indulging in some fun and thrills.

Respectapole Dance Fitness features an encouraging environment for women 18 and up to enjoy and let loose. The diverse lineup of instructors only adds more to the safe and friendly atmosphere.

Pole dancing was once viewed negatively, as we often see it in bars or clubs. However, it is earning quite a reputation these days for empowering women and improving their physical health. Nothing builds up confidence like twirling and spinning around the pole!

Respectapole caters to everyone no matter your experience in dance or fitness level. The instructors will guide you all the way until you are well-acquainted with the dance pole and strong enough to perform tricks and inversions.

The studio offers leveled classes, in which students can master the fundamental mechanics of pole dancing and prepare them for more advanced forms.

First-timers to pole dancing are required to enroll in Intro to Pole: Pole Virgins to ease them into dancing and working out with the pole.


1150 Big Bethel Rd, Hampton, VA 23666, United States



4-Class New Customer Special$49
10-Class New Customer Special$99

OpenDance Academy

OpenDance Academy

It is hard to gauge whether your pole dancing needs are met when there is only one local pole dance studio to refer to. Fortunately, with the advent of technology comes greater opportunities in learning pole dancing.

Online pole dancing classes make it possible to unleash the sensual and fit dancer in you – yes, you in Hampton, VA! – despite the lack of pole dance studios. With a phone and dance pole, you are more than ready to begin on your pole fitness journey.

Let us interest you with our recommendation for the best collection of online pole dancing lessons: OpenDance Academy! OpenDance Academy is a 100% virtual platform for pole dance enthusiasts from around the world to bond and learn.

If you can’t find a local pole dance community, then worry not! With OpenDance Academy, you become part of an international community for the vertical arts!

OpenDance Academy features an all-star crew. Names such as Maddie Sparkle, Marion Crampe, and Daria Che serve as your instructors with top-n0tch lectures to walk you through.

Online dance classes are a whole different experience from in-studio classes. However, it gives you the freedom to attend practice whenever and wherever you feel like doing so. You are your own boss in your fitness journey!



Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime Access$350
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Exotic Class Pole Dance Lifetime Access$250
Trial Class – Beginner and intermediate$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner and Intermediate) Lifetime Access$199
Complete Class 2 (Advanced and Expert) Lifetime Access$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Pole to Pole Choreo and Floorwork $150

Tips for Staying Motivated With Online Classes

You will more than likely be taking online pole dancing classes alone. With no one to watch over and monitor your progress, it can seem like you are not doing much. Sometimes, being the boss of your own classes leads you to procrastinate.

Online pole dance classes are a different type of challenge, wherein motivation is the biggest factor in your improvement. However, this is nothing that a few little tweaks to your daily routine can fix!

To get motivated for online pole dance classes, you must understand that you do not have the cheers and applause of fellow classmates to support you. Pole dancing may be self-paced even in the studio, but remember that online pole dance classes have a different dynamic!

With online classes, you become your own instructor, spotter, and student all at the same time. Things can get a little hectic, but nothing too bad that a little change of habits can’t help with.

We list down some easy yet effective tips to make the most out of your online pole dancing classes and stay on top of your game:

  1. Find a pole dance community. Who says your community must be local and meeting up physically?

    Go above and beyond and engage in international pole dance communities on the Internet! Share your fitness goals with your online buddies to keep you motivated.
  2. Keep track of your progress. There’s no easier way to track your progress than, well, keeping track of it.

    Adapt the habit to log your weekly accomplishments and target goals in a notebook to have a visual of how far you’ve come in your journey.
  3. Rest if you must, but never quit. Sometimes you lose motivation because you are pushing yourself too hard. Remember that pole dancing is supposed to be fun!

    While improving is always welcome, taking breaks every now and then is just as important to keep you moving forward in your fitness journey.
  4. Invite a friend over! Sometimes, all we really need is an accountability partner to get us through our duties. Try asking a friend to come over. If they are curious enough, they might ask you to teach them some basic forms.

    They can also ask for you to show off some of the tricks you’ve learned. Either way, your muscle memory kicks in, motivating you to push harder and do better, especially when you want to impress your friend.

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