Are you looking for pole dancing classes in West Chester, PA?  You may have probably been searching for so long, only to be redirected to classes based in other areas. It is what it is – pole dance classes in Westchester, PA are hard to come by. In fact, we only found pole dancing class in nearby areas.

We have included a few, yet highly praised options that are a short distance from West Chester, PA. And if none of these make a good match for you and your needs, hold on tight till the end! We have something else in store for you!

The 5 Best Pole Dancing Classes in West Chester, PA (2024)

Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness

The Best Pole Dancing Classes in West Chester, PA

We believe that a studio as far as 30 minutes by car is worth checking out. West Chester, PA has yet to cultivate its own vertical arts community, but it is never not an option for you to seek out neighboring areas’ pole dancing scene, such as Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness!

Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness is a staple for vertical arts. Operating since 2006, the studio successfully helps in its students’ journey of self-acceptance through pole fitness.

With branches established in Philadelphia and New Orleans, Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness proves to the world how interesting (and addictive!) pole dancing is.

The perfect balance of acrobatics and dance on an upright dance pole proves to be more than just a sensual art form. Pole dancing builds strength evenly and quickly, with a grace unmatched by other fitness regimes.

Classes in the studio are carried out by skill level. Mixed-level classes are also up for grabs for anyone simply checking out the hype of pole dancing. The liveliness of the instructors encourages students to keep on improving their craft. Students love it when their individual and collective concerns are accommodated and addressed by the instructors.

Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness only ever aims to unite people and dismantle stigma through pole dancing. Through pole dancing, there is unlimited potential to feel empowered and accepted.


4151 Main St., Philadelphia, PA 19127



Single Class Card$35
5-Class Card$130
10-Class Card$225

Elite Pole and Fitness

The Best Pole Dancing Classes in West Chester, PA

An hour-long drive out of West Chester, PA, and into Bensalem, PA brings you the chance to discover pole dance classes from Elite Pole and Fitness. Elite is also the only pole dance studio in the Bensalem area. 

Elite Pole and Fitness welcome everyone of all colors, shapes, and sizes. The light and friendly atmosphere in the studio is perfect to welcome new students, regardless of their background in dance. 

The studio presents opportunities for students to gain a positive body image and authentic expression of the self through pole dancing. Not to mention, you get to go home with a stronger core after every class! 

Elite Pole and Fitness’ standard pole dance classes are categorized according to skill level. To level up, Elite had set up benchmark tests, which are specific techniques to guarantee the student’s mastery. 

Aside from standard pole dance classes, Elite Pole and Fitness also offers a rhythmic dance style of pole, also known as pole flow. Students can also mingle with those from other levels and engage in fast-paced mixed pole classes. 

Students appreciate how Elite Pole and Fitness caters to their every concern. While instructors keep classes fun and interactive, they carefully tend to every student’s learning and progress. 


5629 Bensalem Blvd., Bensalem, PA 19020



New Client Offer – 3 Classes$45
New Client Offer – 7 Classes$77
Single Class$28
10-Class Pole Package$220
First Private Session Special$60
Private Session$70
Private Session 3 Pack$210
Private Session 5 Pack$325
Group Private (2 People) $90
Group Private (3 People) $120
Group Private (4 People) $140

Flaunt Fitness

Flaunt Fitness

West Chester, PA may lack in the number of pole dance studios, but the surrounding areas are flourishing with communities of vertical arts enthusiasts. Flaunt Fitness in Philadelphia, PA is just 41 minutes away from awesome and supportive pole dancing classes. 

Established in 2012 by Lauren “Pinki” Schiavo, Flaunt Fitness concentrates on aerial arts, such as pole fitness. The inclusive community accepts individuals regardless of gender, fitness level, and shape. 

Students especially praise Flaunt Fitness’ positive atmosphere. While spacious, the studio does not tolerate drama.  The students grow confident and improve their pole dancing techniques with a happy and healthy mindset. 

Flaunt Fitness carries a range of pole dance classes suited according to skill level. As the classes become more advanced, students also grow capable of doing more complex spins, inverts, and transitions on the pole. 

If you are up for adding a little more fun to your regular pole classes, Flaunt Fitness also presents integrated classes! Dedicated coaching for pole flow and choreography is available for you to enjoy and live out your dream of becoming a professional-grade choreographer. 

Pole dancing is not just perfect for breaking a sweat, but also for experiencing the most sensual pleasure ever! Flaunt Fitness expertly hosts private parties for ladies to enjoy themselves and bask in unbridled joy and confidence. 


1939 S 17th St. Philadelphia, PA 19145




Single Pole Class$25

Virtual Classes (via Zoom) 

Single Pole Class$10
1 Week Unlimited Pass$25
2 Week Unlimited Pass$35
3 Week Unlimited Pass$40
1 Month Unlimited Pass$55

Studio Spin

Studio Spin

Just an hour away from West Chester, PA is the transformative pole dance studio  Studio Spin. Seated in the heart of Lancaster, PA, this is one of your best bets for pole dancing classes around West Chester, PA.

Studio Spin was established in 2013, enlightening Lancaster with the art of pole dancing. Here, aspiring students like you can grow braver in your skin. 

Pole dancing pushes enthusiasts out of their comfort zones. Studio Spin takes great care in encouraging students to overcome their doubts as to the instructors gently introducing new pole dancing techniques.

Most studios require first-time students to enroll for their introductory pole classes, regardless of the student’s skill level. In Studio Spin, time and energy are of the essence; if you have had prior experience in pole fitness, the instructors and staff will gladly accommodate you and assign you with the appropriate classes.

Studio Spin receives nothing but praise from its students; a testament to the quality of instruction, equipment, and interaction. Students surprise themselves with how much stronger they have gotten in just a couple of weeks getting fit in the studio’s sizable dance floor.

Not to mention, the supportive atmosphere makes learning pole dancing all the more fun and invigorating for the students.


211 N Ann St., Lancaster PA 17602



Open Gym$17
Private Lesson$70
Semi-Private Lesson (2 People)$120

OpenDance Academy

OpenDance Academy

Choosing the right pole dancing class for you can be tricky. Aside from your skill level, you also have to take into consideration your resources to visit a physical studio and participate in weekly dance classes.

It can seem all so daunting, but don’t let these take away your chances of trying out pole dancing! If in-studio pole dance classes just would not cut it for you for various reasons, fret not! There are more than just physical classes these days.

Online pole dancing classes are perfect because they are portable and accessible across multiple devices. On top of that, you have lifetime access to some of the world’s greatest pole dance instructors.

And if we are talking about online pole dancing classes, we only have the best suggestion for you: OpenDance Academy. OpenDance Academy is the best platform to have access to diverse pole dance programs!

OpenDance Academy caters to all ages, sizes, shapes, and colors. It carries an impressive line of standard pole classes for men and women, and integrated pole dance classes to further enrich the versatility of pole dancing. 

These classes are brought to life by some of the world’s best mentors in vertical arts. Their varied way of teaching their specialized pole dance form can also guide you in building techniques of your own.

You gain more than just top-notch pole dancing classes with OpenDance Academy. Byinstructors simply downloading OpenDance Academy on your mobile device, you also get lifetime access with the tutorial with no recurring payments due.



Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime Access$350
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Exotic Class Pole Dance Lifetime Access$250
Trial Class – Beginner and intermediate$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner and Intermediate) Lifetime Access$199
Complete Class 2 (Advanced and Expert) Lifetime Access$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Pole to Pole Chore and Floorwork $150
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Find a Pole Community in or near West Chester, PA


Through writing this article, we recognized the lack, or absence thereof, of dedicated pole dancing classes in West Chester, PA. Pole communities within the area may be very dependent on neighboring towns’ pole dance studios.

While there is nothing wrong with driving out of town to attend a pole dance class, we still ask for your help. If you know of any studio or pole dance instructors in West Chester, PA, please don’t hesitate to hit us up!

Some pole dancing classes may not have been listed yet on the Internet. It would mean a lot for a pole dance studio in West Chester, PA to be recognized and grow the local pole community.

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