Are you wondering about entering the stripper world? You might be thinking of becoming an exotic dancer but are hesitant because of the possible pitfalls.

As the exotic dancing industry is known for its whopping dollars, you might want to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of this adult industry. Let me walk you through the pros and cons of exotic dancing.

Is Stripping Worth the Money?

Is Stripping Worth The Money_ Pros & Cons Of Exotic Dancing


  • It rains and pours tons of money

According to the website, the average exotic dancer’s salary is $54,062 as of January 27, 2022. Strippers even earn as much as $76,883 for working around four hours or less a night. 

Rara Knupps shared on her vlog that she once had a lousy night’s earning of around $350. She talked about the upsetting earnings to one of his customers only to know that this customer with a bachelor’s degree will have to work past working hours in a corporate setting to earn the money she is grieving about a bad day. 

As the minimum wage salary in the USA is around $15,080 per year, being an exotic dancer gives you almost four times the earnings. 

  • Getting enough sleep in the morning

If you are not the type of person who loves to grind in the morning and are very fond of the nightlife, the exotic dancer job is for you.

There is no pressure in getting up early in the morning. You own your daytime schedule, and you are free to run your errands as it will not affect your work.

The show usually starts around 10 in the evening. Depending on your schedule, you might be home at around 4’o clock. From there, you may sleep and start your day around noon, with plenty of remaining free time for yourself.

So, if you want to become an earning party night owl, this job is definitely for you. 

  • Meeting great people

Aside from the fun co-workers, you can get along. You will meet a lot of people while working. From working professionals to the partying millennials, you’ll get to know different professions with other stories.

If you become someone’s favorite, they will become one of the regulars of your club. From there, you may be able to connect to relationships and build your people network.

You will discover friendships or even non-blood-related families. 

  • It is empowering

With tons of customers adoring and waiting for your performance, who would not feel sexy as a stripper? Audience impact is such a good source of affirmation to feel body positivity.

The more they cheer out for your performance and throw those dollars, the more it boosts your self-confidence.

Aside from the empowerment that exotic dancing gives your body confidence-wise, becoming a stripper also teaches you to become an empowered woman of your rights.

You will realize your boundaries from becoming an exotic dancer, and you will know how to say no when customers are too much.

  • You maintain a healthy body

Pole dancing is a good workout. It is like exercising while you are performing. It may seem like an erotic dance number is easy to do, but in reality, dancing in the pole requires endurance and muscle control. 

Because your body is your capital in this business, you have to maintain a healthy, toned body. You will get killer abs, and you will have to be in better shape than you have ever been.

  • Dress up like a doll

It is like Halloween every day. You could play any character you want, as you can dress up however you want, as long as it is appealing and sexy. Regular high heels are not enough. You get to wear massive seven-inch platform heels. 

  • You are more than just a dancer

Exotic dancing is more about the moves and the looks. It is about connecting not only to there but also to your sexuality. Stripping boosts the aphrodisiac off of someone’s body. The performance touches the customer’s mind and soul.

What are the cons of becoming a stripper?

  • You invest time, effort, and money on your looks

Because your body is the main prop on the job, you will have to invest in looking good. You will have to do tons of self-care from the skin, outfit, and make-up by supporting. Every day, you may take long hours to prepare for a look and make yourself stunning from head to toe. 

Since your body is exposed to many products, your skin and hair may need regular treatments. You have to get your nails done too regularly. Also, you will have to look for unique, and plenty of outfits as repeat looks may bore the customers.

  • Exposure to bad influences

As an exotic dancer, you will be entertaining partying customers. As part of the fun, some customers might invite you to join them in their alcoholic drinks, or even worse, illegal drugs.

The risk of these things is high, so you better learn how to refuse as being convicted because engaging in activities against the law may affect your exotic dancer’s license renewal.

  • You cannot choose your customers

Whether you like it or not, you will have to perform to anyone, even if your most hated type of person, as long as they pay for your service if you hate them because they go beyond the limit and violate the club’s rules, never hesitate to report them so they will be kicked out of the club. 

  • Society is full of judgment

No matter how much you enjoy your job as an exotic dancer, it is not that easy to talk about it. If you come from a conservative family, your relatives may be your primary critics. Being in the adult industry is somehow “taboo,” Society looks down on strippers because of their “slutty profession.” 

People might think that you are doing the job against your will, and you are forced because of the money. Only a few understand how fun, how sexy, and how fulfilling being an exotic dancer is. 

Now You Know The Pros & Cons of Exotic Dancing

Despite that, the good thing is that culture is evolving as people are becoming more open-minded in the stripping industry. Awareness is also easily spread through social media platforms. Other exotic dancers openly share days in their lives through video blogposts. 

What else is holding you back? After evaluating the pros and cons of becoming a stripper, go ahead and decide on your career path. 


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