You’ve heard the term, who hasn’t… But, what are exotic dancers, exactly? While dancing is a form of art through simply making body movements, exotic dancing takes the performance to the next level. When exotic dancers perform, they do the striptease, gradually removing the pieces of garments on their bodies in a sexually suggestive manner. 

Exotic dancers perform erotic dancing. Let me answer your common questions about what exotic dancers are.

The Origin of Exotic Dancing

The term “exotic” may be unfamiliar, but in layman’s terms, it refers to the word “striptease.” According to the Medical Bag Website, the first written account of a woman dancing erotically can be found in the bible.

It is on the story of the Jewish Princess Herodias’ daughter who got paid for seducing King Herod through the Dance of the Seven Veils on his birthday celebration.

 Paleolithic transcripts about exotic dancing can be traced among the cave paintings in the south of France as early as 20,000 years ago. Though performing women initially started exotic dancing, the men later played their roles. 

In today’s world, exotic dancers can be found in strip clubs. Commonly, the dancers have been referred to as the “go-go” dancers or simply “strippers.”. Aside from the clubs, you may also invite the exotic dancers to your private parties, such as bachelor or bachelorette parties, or even both. 

What Do Exotic Dancers Do?

When you work as an exotic dancer, your performance is more than just stripping. You must dress up and look the best that you can while also enticing people with what’s underneath those clothes- which in this case means seducing them!

It isn’t easy because it takes skillful movement from head to toe on stage in order for the act to be convincing; getting the crowd to release those hormones.

A stripper has two goals: firstly attract attention by looking attractive; secondly, release hormone chemicals called estrogens or testosterone through physical contact between skin layers during grinding dance moves.

What Are Exotic Dancers and What Do Exotic Dancers Do?

Strippers may tease by dancing on the stage or performing acrobatic tricks on a pole. Also, they may perform individual lap dances to their exclusive customers in a secluded area. Aside from the dancing, exotic dancers may engage in conversations with the customers to entertain them and encourage them to have private sessions and repeat visits.

Exotic dancers usually start their day at late noon, as their working hours typically begin at 10 p.m. and end before sunlight. Most strippers are self-employed, and their working arrangements are not typical.

They are not employees of the clubs, and they rent their space and stage in the strip club (similar to how a barber or hairstylist would rent their chair in a salon).

do exotic dancers get paid hourly?

Exotic dancers do not get paid hourly rates. Their earnings ($52,062 on average) depend on the tips and money they make from the dances. Because of this, there are days that they earn little, but there are days that the dollars overflow. Now I bet you are wondering if exotic dancers pay taxes...

Is Exotic Dancing Sex Work?

Becoming an exotic dancer means entering the adult industry. Even if stripping does not include the actual act of sex, it is still categorized as sex work next to nude massage and escort services.

As a stripper, you are still bounded by your rights and protected by the rules of the club you are working at. Once a customer gets too aggressive towards you, you are protected by security, and you have the right to kick the naughty customer out. 

Is Stripping Illegal?

The state has existing laws for sexually oriented businesses (SOB), so you must also look for a legal strip club when job hunting. A legal SOB shall abide by the zoning laws, alcohol restrictions other Business Law Regulations. 

The rules on exotic dancing differ from one state to another. Some states do not allow full striptease and require dancers to wear tops and bottoms. Some allow private lap dances, while others do not. Even the touching rule differs from state to state.

If you are planning to become a stripper, better yet, get your exotic dancer’s license. This way, you may practice your business without worry.

Make sure that you meet the age requirements, and you have not been guilty of any sexually-related or illegal drug-related crimes, prepare for registration fees, and bring your application requirements with you.

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