If you want to pursue your passion for dancing and flex that sexy body of yours, exotic dancing might be a fulfilling job for you. Before you grab onto the pole and start moving, you better secure your stripper permit, girl! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get an exotic dancer license.

do you need a license to be an exotic dancer?

The requirements for obtaining a license vary from state to state, but typically include submitting an application along with proof of age and/or ID, paying a fee, and undergoing a background check. It’s important to check with your local authorities to find out what the specific requirements are in your area.

What are the qualifications?

Unlike other jobs, becoming an exotic dancer does not require formal higher education. As long as you’re in the legal age (at least 18 or 21 years old, depending on your area), you may pursue the stripper career. Of course, you should at least have exotic dancing skills as a starter.  

Step 1: Ace that job on the stripping club.

Go on and start with your job search. Where are the best stripping clubs nearby? Go online, look up possible workplace places, list them down, and schedule your job hunting. When targeting your potential clubs, you may opt to use the ultimate strip club list (TUCL) website. 

While there are available reviews for your reference on the TUCL website, be mindful and deceitful. Some unfavorable evaluations were posted by the ex-patrons that were kicked out of the place for their unruly behavior. 

When looking for a workplace, I highly recommend doing personal visits to the clubs to find the ideal one for you. Test the ambiance of the place at different times of the day. Observe the staff and, more importantly, the types of audience you may have.

Also, consider studying the rules and regulations of the club, from the business matters, worker-management agreement/set-up, pay rate, to the house rules. Are you we protected on the place? Are there bouncers there to assist you after your working shift, and make sure there are restrictions to touching and illegal drug use? 

Once you find the ideal workplace, proceed with the recruitment procedures. You got it right, and you might be tasked to audition nude since the work is about doing it regularly. Prepare your requirements, such as copies of your IDs if you make them. Fill up the forms and submit your documentary requirements.

Step 2: Obtain a notarized copy of your SAVE Affidavit.

File for the required Occupational Tax Certificate, and secure your copy of the said document. It shall be a supporting document on your Certificate of Need (CON) Application.

Make sure that you fill in the forms with the correct information, as your application may be revoked if the Department sees a mismatch of statements and facts.

Step 3: Go to the License Permit Unit

Pay your fees by cash or by money order. These are the only two payment options available at the moment. There are three required fees that you need to pay for.

It will approximately cost you around $270: $20 for the fingerprint, $50 for the processing charge, and $200 for the permit for adult entertainment. 

The only acceptable form for the fees is a cashier’s check or money order. There’s no turning back after filing, as there are no refunds for the application costs. 

Finish your application by completing the application card and consent form. Write legibly using a blank ink pen or type out on the form. Remember to answer all of the questions completely and correctly. Double-check your paper before submission. 

Step 4: Undergo tedious background verification

Yep, it will be a tedious background investigation. The License Permit Unit will look into the records if you have pending accusations, ongoing investigation on court cases, or the like.

Should you have any pending cases or convictions in the nation in the last three years related to crimes on the use or selling illegal drugs, crimes of moral turpitude, or other sexual-related offenses, you will not be granted the exotic dancer license. 

If the exotic dancer job violates the conditions of your parole or probation, you will not be granted the stripper permit. In case you fail on this step, worry not. Your $270 will not come to waste, as it will be given back to you. 

Step 5: Time to take your biometrics

After passing the background investigation, it’s time for the biometrics part. Proceed to the License and Permits Office.

There, your fingerprints will be recorded. They will also take a picture of you. Just present your proof of payment, and the officer will assist in obtaining your biometrics. 

Step 6: Wait for the Permit Issuance

You have successfully filled up your forms, attached the documentary requirements, paid the fees, and passed the background investigation. After the picture-taking and fingerprinting process, congratulations! You are now officially a Licensed Exotic Dancer.

The License Permit Unit will print your permit and hand them to you upon completing the process. Usually, the whole application procedure with the License Permit Unit shall be done within an hour as long as you have the complete requirements, paid the fees, and filled up your forms well.

Adult Entertainment Permit Validity

Your exotic dancer license is valid for one year. The date of issuance will be on the same day the License Permit Unit received your permit payment. The permit is renewable if you want to continue with your business after a year. 

You will have to go through the same procedure again for the renewal. Make sure to secure another SAVE Affidavit and legibly fill up your forms. For the fees, you will only pay for two – fingerprinting is excluded since they already have your record. 

Maintaining a good image and reputation is important for the license renewal process. The background check will be thorough, so make sure you don’t engage in any sexual-related offenses or moral turpitude to avoid disappointing your club members!

If you want to continue working and last long in the industry, you need to protect yourself. Working legally, you’ll never have any issues in the colorful career path you are about to enter. Get your exotic dancer license now. 


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