Are you on the lookout for pole dance classes in Aurora, CO? Maybe you have been staring at the same search results with not many choices to offer. Pole dance classes in Aurora, CO are uncommon. In fact, we only found one dance studio in the city specifically offering pole dance lessons.

Aurora, Colorado is a big city strategically placed close to other metropolitan hotspots such as Denver. If you are down for a short drive for a pole dance class, we included some worthwhile options!

And if driving a few miles can’t work for you, stick around because we have something else that is just for you! 

The 5 Best Pole Dance Classes in Aurora, CO (2024)

The Pole Vault

Your Options For Pole Dance Classes in Aurora

Get into shape and discover a whole new you in the Pole Vault! The Pole Vault is the only dance studio in Aurora, CO offering dedicated pole dance classes.

The Pole Vault is run by a crew of empowered women with diverse backgrounds in dance and fitness. Their passion for adventure and health motivates them to provide thrilling experiences while working out.

Regardless of experience and fitness level, first-time students of the Pole Vault must enlist in the Introduction to Pole Workshop. Time is especially valuable, therefore the studio adjusts their workshop offerings according to the students’ availability.

There is more to pole dance than spinning and climbing up the pole. At the Pole Vault, students can choose among a diverse range of concentrated programs on the dance pole.

If you want to work out a sweat the Pole Burn program presents an invigorating mix of cardio and pole strength! Maybe you want to give the spinning pole a try? Enlist for the Spin It or Not, and slay your way to super-toned abs! 

Finally, build your own choreography with the Pole Vault’s seasoned instructors in the Pole Dance Class Program.

The Pole Vault aims to build your strength physically and emotionally. Wherever your starting line is, the accommodating instructors will guide you every step of the way.


SE Aurora CO, 80013



Regular Pole class$18
VIP Monthly Membership$140
Specialty workshops$50/hour
Private lessons$75/hour
Introduction to Pole Workshop$75

Tease Studio

Your Options For Pole Dance Classes in Aurora

Tease Studio has been in the business of empowering individuals through dance since 2007. Tease Studio is easily one of the best pole dance studios closest to Aurora, CO.

With two physical studios based in Denver and Centennial, premium pole dance classes have never been more accessible in the Denver metropolitan area! All it takes is a 22-minute drive from Aurora to Denver.

Each studio boasts wide and spacious pole rooms with tall, 13-foot high poles for students to learn the fundamentals of pole dance. The wide, inclusive space motivates students to let go of their artistic skill through leaps, spins, and acrobatic jumps.

Tease designed different pole dance programs catering to students’ fitness goals, body type, and experience. From static pole, choreography, to classes exclusively for curvaceous bodies, Tease has it all for everyone to have a fun and exciting experience.

 If you are a first-timer, don’t get shy! Tease especially has a 2-week unlimited special for aspiring students to know more of what they can achieve with Tease. Not to mention, Tease also offers virtual classes for you to enjoy at home!

Tease welcomes anyone with an interest to improve their physical well-being and adapt an attitude for self-love. The instructors never fail to encourage students and get them comfortable in their own skin.


3534 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205, USA



Virtual Drop-In$12
New Client Special – 10 virtual classes$100
Unlimited Streaming and On-Demand$55/month
Single class$22
6-Class Flirt Card$110
10-Class Vixen Pass$175
1 Week Unlimited Class$75
Teaser 1-Month Unlimited Class$225
Ultimate Teaser$250

Studio 3SixT

Pole Dance Classes in Aurora

Studio 3SixT is another great pole dance studio situated in Denver. Led by expert pole dancers and certified personal trainers, Studio 3SixT is among the leading figures establishing the art of pole dance.

Studio 3SixT attracts individuals from all over the metropolitan area. The supportive crew motivates students to improve and become more confident as they take their place by the pole.

A fun way to stay fit and youthful does not always have to be conventional. Studio 3SixT proves this with every class they host. The daringness of pole dance hooks students of all ages and backgrounds.

The studio follows a set of programs arranged by level of difficulty, First-timers and new students have to apply for the introductory pole dance lessons before they can level up. 

Progress is relative for every individual, and Studio 3SixT respects that. No one is rushed to improve; instead, instructors pay close attention to ensure that the student is growing stronger. 

Learning to pole dance in Studio 3SixT is much like climbing a set of stairs. At your own pace, with the guidance of patient instructors, you eventually develop core strength and graceful footwork. Creating your own choreography doesn’t sound so impossible anymore!


2553 South Colorado Boulevard #109LL, Denver, CO 80222, USA



NEW Member Visit Class Pass$12
Drop-in Class Pass$25
4-Class Package$80
8-Class Package$148
60-minute Private Lesson$75
60-Minute Private Lesson for 2$120
60-Minute Private Lesson for 3$150
60-Minute Private Lesson for 4$160
60-Minute Private Lesson Package$325

Rockstar Pole Fitness

Rockstar Pole Fitness

Born out of founder Jenna McNamar’s dreams for a safe and inclusive space, the Rockstar Pole Fitness offers thrilling workouts for adults of all fitness levels. The studio opened its doors in 2014, and since then has been growing a dedicated community of self-loving pole dancers.

Rockstar Pole Fitness is a few miles away from Aurora, CO, but the lineup of veteran instructors and a solid dance program just begs you to drive all the way to their studio.  Not to mention, you get to move freely in a wide and open studio!

Rockstar Pole Fitness emphasizes mastery of the basic mechanics of pole dancing. All first-time students must complete the Level 1 Pole program. 

Whether you have been practicing pole dance for a long time, or a newbie in this type of workout, no one can go wrong in revisiting introductory lessons.

Aside from fundamental programs, Studio 3SixT also showcases a program where students can let loose and show off their flirty sides. XXX Style encourages students to integrate sexiness into a flowing choreography based around the pole.

The studio is a safe haven for all students. Drama is not tolerated; instead, instructors and fellow students take huge leaps in supporting one another.


8841 N Harlan St, Westminster, CO 80031, USA



New Client Special$59
Drop-In Single Class$25
Single Month Unlimited$220
5-Class Punch Card$95
10-Class Punch Card$165

OpenDance Academy

Pole Dance Classes in Aurora

If the local pole dance studio in Aurora does not quite tickle your intrigue, and driving out to neighboring cities’ studios is just not possible, stay calm. There are more ways to get started with pole dancing, one of which is learning through online classes!

Virtual dance classes allow anyone from all over the world to join in. In the comfort of your own home, become the dancer you have always been dreaming about! 

And if we have to recommend an online pole dance program, we only have one platform in mind: OpenDance Academy. The OpenDance Academy is the ultimate platform where veteran dance instructors come together and teach pole dancing for all fitness levels.

choose Open Dance Academy for online Pole Dancing Classes in Palm Springs
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The OpenDance Academy hosts the best collection of intensive workout programs. Courses curated especially for men, women, floorwork, integrated acrobatics, and more highlight the OpenDance Academy’s mission for diverse dance influence and versatile techniques.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for OpenDance Academy and get tutored by world-famous personalities like Sara Scott and Natasha Wang!

The OpenDance Academy treasures lifelong learning, therefore you also get to have lifelong access to all the classes. For easier access to the classes, download the app from Google Play Store and the App Store.



Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime Access$350
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Exotic Class Pole Dance Lifetime Access$250
Trial Class – Beginner and intermediate$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner and Intermediate) Lifetime Access$199
Complete Class 2 (Advanced and Expert) Lifetime Access$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Pole to Pole Chore and Floorwork $150

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