Are you looking for pole dancing classes in Woodbridge, VA? Have you been searching and still can’t find anything that meets your needs? If so, then you aren’t alone – pole dancing classes in Woodbridge, Virginia are few and far between. In fact, we only found weight training centers and gyms in the city and surrounding areas.

But fret not, for we have included some attractive options that are a short distance from Woodbridge, VA! If you don’t mind driving out of town to get to your pole dancing classes, then we have just the perfect places for you! However, should you find that none of these options are suitable for whatever reason, we’ve got something else for you – read on!

The 4 Best Pole Dancing Classes in Woodbridge, VA (2024)

Phoenix Fitness and Dance

Phoenix Fitness and Dance Is One Of The 4 Best Pole Dancing Classes in Woodbridge, VA

Phoenix Fitness and Dance is a studio offering pole dancing classes and aerial arts instruction in Manassas, VA. Established by certified pole fitness instructor Sarah Clark Morris, Phoenix Fitness and Dance and its lovely lineup of passionate instructors will make your 30-minute drive from Woodbridge, VA worthwhile.

Woodbridge, VA has quite a number of fitness centers, but none present pole dancing lessons. Committed individuals like you can check out Phoenix Fitness and Dance from the neighboring town of Manassas, VA. 

Phoenix Fitness and Dance feature encouraging and body-positive instructors, guiding students to find their “sexy” with the enthralling art of pole dancing. Fall unapologetically in love with yourself in the aesthetically pleasing studio and safe guidance of the crew.

Phoenix Fitness and Dance comprehensively teach spins, tricks, and inversions on the pole. Students can enroll in pole dance classes fitting for their skill level. Everyone, regardless of their experience in dance, is welcome to be part of Phoenix Fitness and Dance. 

The studio also caters mixed-level classes, such as the fun partners static and spin class. A fusion of ballet and contemporary pole is also a delightful choice for students who wish to add more grace and poise through ballet techniques performed on the pole.


9705 Liberia Ave Unit 399, Manassas, VA 20110, United States



Intro to Pole$24
Level 1 Pole$27/hr
Level 1.5 Pole$27/hr
All Levels Pole Static & Spin$27/hr
Inverting and Climbing$27/hr
Level 2 Pole Tricks$27/hr
Level 2.5 Pole Tricks$27/hr
Level 3 Pole Tricks$27/hr
Spin Pole Inverting and Climbing$27/hr
Spin Pole Level 1$27
Spin Pole Mixed Levels$27/hr
Pole Handstands$27
Slow Flow (Choreo)$27
Hard Style Pole (Choreo)$27
Hard Style Pole 2 (Choreo)$27/hr
Pole Shenanigans (Choreo)$27/hr
Temptress Technique (Pole Choreo)$27/hr
Flirty Floorwork (Pole Choreo)$27
Competition Prep Class$27
Pole Trick Mechanics$27/hr
Partners Static & Spin$27
Lilith Flow (Pole Choreo)$27/hr
Ballet & Contemporary Pole$27/hr

Doll House Pole Fitness

Doll House Is One Of The 4 Best Pole Dancing Classes in Woodbridge, VA

Doll House Pole and Fitness is a proud women-owned pole studio based in Manassas, VA. Since 2012, the Doll House crew has been making good on their mission to be a safe space for ladies (and men!) to embrace femininity.

Doll House Pole and Fitness is a good 30-minute drive from Woodbridge, VA. Doll House is a more fun alternative to conventional gyms and training centers. It features 12-feet poles spread out on a spacious dance floor with a superb sound system for students and instructors alike to build confidence on the pole.

Pole dancing adds a whole new level of fun to your fitness journey. At Doll House Pole and Fitness, you can burn calories while hyping yourself to perfect tricks and techniques on the pole!

Doll House offers a broad spectrum of classes. Students with little to no background in the art of pole dancing find their footing and overall feel at Level 0. As you commit to pole dancing, you will find your body gaining strength, performing more advanced tricks and choreography.

Classes are categorized by intro, beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, and advanced pole dancing levels. Nonetheless, Doll House Pole and Fitness also offer instruction for flexibility and integration of different dance styles, such as Slink, and the captivating Liquid Motion program.


10969 Lute Ct, Manassas, VA 20109, United States



Single Class Drop-In$30
6-Class Package$130
POLEvocateur Membership (6-month contract)$135/month (8 classes monthly)

Fit 4 Polers

Fit 4 Polers Is One Of The 4 Best Pole Dancing Classes in Woodbridge, VA

Fit 4 Poles is a Black-owned dance studio located in Alexandria, VA. Its unique and versatile classes are intricately designed to transform your body for a perfect strut down the beach, or a show of strength.

Fit 4 Poles makes pole dancing all the more fun and challenging with their diverse crew. The pole dance instructors hail from different dance backgrounds, each adding their own flavor to their classes. Students can expect influences from burlesque, aerial and yoga as they acquaint themselves with the dance pole.

Newcomers to the studio also appreciate that Fit 4 Poles acknowledge their prior background in pole dancing. Most studios require first-time students to participate in beginner-level classes, despite having solid and fundamental knowledge in pole dancing.

Classes are not explicitly labeled and named by skill level. Over at Fit 4 Poles, things are more fun and trendy with witty class names, such as Witness my Fitness (for beginner and intermediate level students) and Poletician (for intermediate and advanced level students).

If you don’t mind driving out 36 minutes from Woodbridge, VA, participating in-studio with the crew is the motivational boost you never thought you needed. Otherwise, Fit 4 Poles extends their dance instruction virtually through online pole dancing classes.


2304 Huntington Ave A, Alexandria, VA 22303, United States



Single Class Drop-In$25
5-Class Package$107
10-Class Package$200
Fit4Polers Membership$125/month

DivaFit Pole and Aerial

Diva Fit Is One Of The 4 Best Pole Dancing Classes in Woodbridge, VA

You don’t always hear about a pole studio offering pole classes to kids, and DivaFit is here to change that for you. DivaFit Pole and Aerial is a premier dance studio in Herndon, VA, with pole dance classes and aerial fitness instruction to offer for kids and adults.

DivaFit Pole and Fitness is a 43-minute long drive from Woodbridge, VA. Nothing beats the in-studio pole dance experience, but the studio also provides online instruction for students who prefer to participate from home.

Pole dance has always been advertised for adults, but DivaFit takes on a different approach and introduces kids to the exciting art of climbing and spinning round a dance pole. What better way than to exhaust your little ones’ excess energy over pole inversions that make them feel like Spiderman?

DivaFit features a comprehensive pole fitness program for anyone and everyone interested in creating a hobby or workout routine out of pole dancing. Over the course of eight weeks, students complete a class out of the six total and gain newfound strength and confidence unlike any other.

Pole dance is also a great avenue for competition. DivaFit is a safe and supportive space where competent students can progress further with intensive conditioning and competition preparation in the Pole Masters Class.


317 Sunset Park Dr, Herndon, VA 20170, United States



Pole & Silks Basics Drop-In$25
Pole & Silks Drop-In$28 ($20 if w/ membership)
Kids Class Drop-In$25 ($20 if w/ membership)
Pole Open Gym$15
Pole Level Class Package$90
Pole Masters Class Package90
Pole/Silks Session Pass$200
Kids Pole/Silks Session Pass$170
4-Class Online Package$45
8-Class Online Package$80
12-Session Online Package$110
16-Session Online Package$130

Online Pole Dancing Classes in Woodbridge, VA

Online Pole Dancing Classes in Woodbridge, VA

And if you prefer to participate remotely through online pole dancing classes, we got you! We have an attractive offer that is hard to say no to! 

OpenDance Academy proves to be the best platform for online pole dancing classes. Not only is it available anytime and anywhere; OpenDance Academy features an innovative take on pole dancing! 

The platform also serves as a hub for all the members to meet up and bond with. Pole dancing is fun and energizing, but engaging with the rest of your fellow pole dance enthusiasts is a safe space you never knew you needed. 

Countless lectures and tutorials are uploaded on OpenDance Academy. From comprehensive lessons to more specialty classes, OpenDance Academy aims to address the needs and wants of the people. 

With a simple one-time payment upfront, you are granted lifetime access to OpenDance Academy’s lesson archive. These lessons and choreography are carefully curated by the likes of Natasha Wang and Slava Ruza. 

Pole dancing has long been painted as a negative hobby to get into. OpenDance Academy on the other hand proves that pole dancing is a perfect avenue for men and women to tap into their confidence and bring out their potential. 



Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime Access$350
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Exotic Class Pole Dance Lifetime Access$250
Trial Class – Beginner and intermediate$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner and Intermediate) Lifetime Access$199
Complete Class 2 (Advanced and Expert) Lifetime Access$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Pole to Pole Choreo and Floorwork $150

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