You’ve probably watched pole dancers perform on TV shows, events, and competitions and you’ve thought of trying but you’re wondering  ” is it safe? ”  Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we will not only answer your question but also guide you on how to pole dance safely. Talk of killing two birds with one stone!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into your question…is pole dancing dangerous? 

Yes and no. Pole dancing can be dangerous only if you don’t have proper training and/or don’t take the necessary precautions. This is an art that requires you to hold your body weight, meters above the ground as you perform spins and tricks. You will obviously be at risk of falling, getting bruises from friction, shoulder injuries from hanging on one arm, and other body aches.

A lot of these injuries can be avoided with proper training and taking precautions. However, I must say that it is perfectly normal to get muscle aches, friction burns, and bruises (pole kisses) at any skill level. Performing certain moves will hurt at first but as you perfect with time, your body will build resistance to the pain.

With that said, here are the necessary measures you should take to enjoy the benefits of pole dancing. 

The ABC’s of Pole Safety

First things first, you should consult with your doctor in regards to any previous or current health condition(s) be it pregnancy, injuries, or illness. It is important to get a clean bill of health before starting or resuming pole fitness. Also, in case the body aches become unbearable at any point during your pole journey, seek immediate medical attention to check for possible injuries. 

If you are pregnant and wondering whether or not you can pole dance while pregnant, please read our blog post on that.

Pole Dancing Safety For Beginners

For beginners, it is absolutely necessary to learn from a certified source. I highly recommend that you find a good studio near you, where you can have a one-on-one session with an instructor. When there’s no studio around, you can learn from a reputable online platform such as Open Dance Academy. You shouldn’t try any moves on a guesswork basis, it’s a recipe for disaster. 

When purchasing a pole to use at home, stick to trustworthy brands like X–Pole, Lupit Pole, Lil’ Mynx, and RPole. These poles can easily be purchased directly from manufacturers or companies like Amazon. Avoid cheap, unbranded, and toy poles (stripper poles/prop poles) because the majority of them are made of low-quality metal and a lot of plastic. They’re therefore bound to break easily.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions on the proper installation of the pole is essential. Also, remember to perform regular checks on the pole. Look out for loose screws and other problems lest you come crashing down with your pole.

The Dangers Of Not Warming Up Properly

Before getting on that pole, stretch and do warm-up exercises. A study by the National Library of Medicine shows that the risk of muscle injury is greatly reduced by pre–exercises. On that note, do not skip cool downs too, however much you are in a hurry. It is as important as a warm up during any session. 

Regardless of your experience in this art, always have a crash mat, a spotter or both. There’s always a possibility for error when performing even the easiest of tricks, therefore, have someone to be on the lookout. Also, read your body. Do not overstretch your limits by overdoing tricks. Ease your way into new, complicated moves and when tired, rest. I mean, there’s always the next time, right?

Last but not least, have as much skin out for grip. Wash your skin and hands-off lotions and oils, and use grip aids to avoid slipping.  Avoid loose clothing and jewelry as they can get in the way and cause harm. Lastly, for the love of pole dancing, never get on the pole while intoxicated. Always be sober to focus and coordinate the moves well.

Key takeaways…

When it comes to pole dancing, safety is non-negotiable. These precautions might seem a lot, but remember prevention is better than cure. Pole dancing is a fun, challenging activity and when done right, its benefits outweigh the risks. So be safe as you get on that pole. Happy polling!

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