Have you been wondering how to make a Lyra hoop? If so, you’re not alone and you’re in the right place. With the Lyra hoop, a performer spins, swings, transitions, and poses, demonstrating skills of great flexibility, strength, and grace. The Lyra hoop is made of steel or aluminum and suspended from an overhead point.

The Lyra hoop is an incredible apparatus for aerial artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Whether you’re working your power moves or perfecting your scorpion, you can just sit there and pose like a bird. Your audience is able to view your performance from a 360-degree angle because the apparatus can spin. Aerial hoop or cerceaux are other names for the aerial hoop.

How to Make a Lyra Hoop: Build Or Buy?

How to Make a Lyra Hoop?

How to Make a Lyra Hoop?

A Lyra hoop should be made by using an industrial machine (such as a giant lathe) to bend the steel, then welding it together. That is, if you have access to those kinds of tools. You can purchase the hoops already made if you don’t.

Should I Use A Solid Or Hollow Lyra Hoop?

Should I Use A Solid Or Hollow Lyra Hoop?

Think about whether hollow steel yoga hoops or solid bar Lyra hoops will be best for you. Hollow tubes tend to be lighter and easier to spin. While it may be more difficult to spin a solid bar, its rotation will last longer once it accumulates momentum.

The external diameter of the hoop defines its size. Lie upright in a chair and measure the distance between the base of the chair and the top of your head to determine which size is best for you. You will know what size you need by adding 2 inches to this measurement.

You should also consider the size of your grip. The 24.3mm and 34mm have a thickness difference of 9mm. Gymnasts or pole dancers, as well as people with larger hands, may benefit from a wider grip. At 34mm, the industry standard size is a little thicker, whereas the standard is 25mm. The thicker grip may be easier to handle by those new to the work or those who have used poles before.

To get started, you will need some rigging equipment in addition to your aerial hoop. Carabiners serve as the point of connection for aerialists who use round slings to suspend from above. For spinning, you’ll need a swivel as well.

Do I Need Weatherproof Powder Coating?

The powder coating protects your hoop against the elements due to its high durability. Even if it has been taped, a hoop that has not been powder coated will rust.

When the tape is being used and stored, moisture will find its way through, and rust will form underneath. It might not be noticeable until you retape it. You can retape powder coating indefinitely, so your hoops will always be protected from moisture.

Will I Need Fancy Tig Welding For My Aerial Hoop?

Will I Need Fancy Tig Welding For My Aerial Hoop?

A high-quality TIG (tungsten inert gas) welder allows us to weld with very high penetration, resulting in stronger, cleaner welds than the cheaper MIG (metal inert gas) machines can.

The MIG process leaves behind telltale splashes of metal that must be aggressively ground off. During welding, a lot of material is removed again afterward. It only takes a little bit of tidying up with our processes

All of the welds are applied to one continuous piece of steel that wraps around the bar. With an extra thickness at the attachment point, the weld is able to penetrate more material.

Are There Benefits To Having A Lyra Hoop At Home?

Are There Benefits To Having A Lyra Hoop At Home?

The aerial arts reach a tipping point when one decides it’s time to start collecting her own equipment in order to achieve greater freedom. While purchasing your first aerial equipment may seem daunting, it is an investment in your career that will pay off for years and years. So, owning a Lyra actually saves you money. 

Having your own gear is incredibly cost-effective after you consider the performance fees, classes fees, or money you save at open gyms. With your hoop, you’ll be in control of the wear and tear. The Lyra can be used to create shapes that are not possible anywhere else, even if you are just getting started.


In order to make a Lyra hoop, it is best to use a giant lathe to bend the steel, then to weld it together afterwards. Of course, this only works when you have such a machine. If not, you can always purchase a premade hoop.


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