If you want to know how to get better at pole dancing and prep for your competition then you need to create a pole competition training schedule. In this post, we will discuss pole competition training programs, how to learn new skills, practice your pole dance routine.

Pole Strength Training

You must have heard that pole dancing and pole fitness is a full-body workout, so why do you need strength or resistance training, right?

Well, pole dance is certainly an amazing full-body workout, but you need to understand that if you are planning to excel at pole dance competition level, then you will want to be at optimal strength and fitness.

You will want to be at your fittest in order to execute the hardest pole dance moves with ease, grace, and maximum strength. You want to show them the WOW factor and make it look easy.

When you look at the top performers and world competitors, the first thing you notice is their grace and how they make the most complex of moves look effortless!

Competing will push your body beyond its limits and therefore training will require strength & resistance. There is nothing worse than being on the pole and just being overcome by a wave of fatigue.

It has happened to me! Before I began strength training. My mind was telling me to continue but my body just couldn’t go. But that is a story for another day!

Pole Competition training schedule infographic

How To Train For Pole Dancing Without A Pole


Yoga stretches are the perfect way to warm up and it’s important to do so before strenuous activity, such as pole dancing. This is one of the best ways in order to stretch and loosen your muscles (and mind!) in order to get you ready for a good workout.

Yoga also enhances body awareness which is key when we talk about pole dance training. One of the biggest things to avoid in order not to get injured is to have proper muscle awareness.

Pole Competition Training Schedule

When you work on the pole, you will quickly realize that certain moves can put immense strain on your muscles and if you do not pay attention, then that’s when injuries happen! 

Yoga will help you to get in optimum condition whether you plan on competing or not so this is definitely something you should add to your pole competition training schedule.


Pole Competition Training Schedule

We have already gone over how certain exercises can improve overall grip strength.

But to reiterate, working on upper body calisthenics moves such as pull-ups, and, compound moves like “GI Janes”, with consistency, will put you at an advantage.

Even if you do not have a dance pole at home, you can use one of these fairly inexpensive pull-up bars. They just go between your door frame.

It is important to work on full-body moves that mimic the actual movements that you will be doing during competition, so for that, doing a variety of compound exercises is the best way to go.

Kettlebell Exercises

I recommend getting a kettlebell so you can perform workout routines like the following.

Kettlebell workouts will build muscle and endurance without bulking you up.

There are various exercises that can be done with a kettlebell, but in this post, we have shared three kettlebell workouts that we recommend you add to your pole competition training schedule.

All you need is a little space and a kettlebell of 12 to 25 lbs.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are a great exercise that works your lower back, hamstrings, glutes, and stabilizer muscles.

Kettlebell Deadlifts

Kettlebell deadlifts are an awesome exercise. They can help you lose fat and strengthen your lower back and hamstrings.

The kettlebell deadlift is a powerful exercise that works on the posterior chain, all of the muscles on the backside, including both hamstrings and glutes, as well as the low back.

This makes it a fantastic tool for improving mobility in these areas or simply training them for sport-specific power.

Resistance Bands

The resistance band can create enough external resistance to strengthen the grip and forearm muscles used in holding on to the pole. Meaning, it is a great addition post-practice and, during pole competition prep.

With an exercise resistance band, you can also work on doing inversions on your pole at home without the need for a partner.

This type of resistance is great for building muscle strength and endurance – which are both very important when using the pole. Plus it gives your joints their much-needed breaks! 

How To Create A Pole Competition Training Schedule

Now that you have an idea of what sort of exercises you should be doing, let’s get into how to create a training schedule.

Training for a competition takes plenty of time and effort, but it is worth it! In order to be your best, you must train at least 4-5 days a week.

It sounds like a lot of work, but when you consider all the amazing things this will do for your body and the overall package you bring on game day, then you will see that it’s much better to be prepared and feel confident.

  1. Get a journal to create your schedule and keep notes. Of course, we recommend our very own PoleModel Bullet Journal.
  2. Decide on how many days you will train each week and then split these days into pole days and non-pole days. On pole days you will work on your moves on the pole. On non-pole days you will be doing things like kettlebell swings and over exercises.
  3. Yoga should be performed on all training days.
  4. You will want to give yourself at least 12 weeks prior to the start of the competition in order to prep and be in pole competition shape. And remember, you can do it! The more often you train and work on your goals, the faster the time will go by.
  5. Allow yourself 1-2 days off from training and proceed to schedule in your non-pole days like more advanced yoga, sensual dancing, swimming or any other activities that will get you moving while allowing your body some rest

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Pole Competition Training Schedule

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