Pole dancing is one of those activities that can bring a positive impact on your physical health. Whether you’re into competitive or casual pole dancing, you can still reap the benefits from this activity. In fact, pole dancing can also boost your mental health and confidence due to the sense of community that forms in dance classes. 

But one of the most commonly asked questions is this: can you get abs from pole dancing?  What are its benefits and is it worth it than the traditional “workout” routine? Let’s find out how this fun and uplifting activity affects your abs and core muscles. 

Can You Get Abs From Pole Dancing?

How Do You Develop Abs? 

The coveted “abs” or the six-pack is a muscle called the rectus abdominis, which is only visible for people who have low body fat. Abs is considered a hallmark for a healthy, strong, and fit body. Unfortunately, it is also quite hard to achieve because it is covered with fat muscles. 

In short, you don’t really have to develop abs, it’s already there. Instead, you need to remove the layers of fat that cover the rectus abdominis muscle. 

You will get the best result by targeting your exercise within the abdominal area. It will take longer for the abs to appear if there is a lot of visceral fat covering your rectus abdominis area. 

Yes, You Can Get Abs From Pole Dancing

Yes, You Can Get Abs From Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is an activity that engages almost all muscles of your body, making you fitter, happier, and more productive. It particularly builds the upper body (as most routines use gripping power and arms),  but your lower body is also getting some action by jumping, balancing,  and maneuvering your climb. 

The most noticeable change is within the core muscles area: stomach, abs, and lower back. Pole dancing allows you to burn visceral fat within your rectus abdominis area without the painful sit-ups or crunches. In fact, people who started their pole dancing journey would often see their belly fat go away first. 

Another thing about pole dancing and abs development is that you don’t need to worry about adding up some weight when toning down your muscles. Pole dancing itself works with the natural body weight, it makes your muscles lean yet powerful. 

There are noticeable muscle formations within the upper area, lower back, and abs. But it won’t come to the point where you will look very bulk and muscular. Not to mention that you will also level up your flexibility, balance, and posture just by doing the routines. 

Why Improve Your Core Muscles? 

Why Improve Your Core Muscles? 

Gravity is your training partner when it comes to exercising your core muscles. Most routines will require you to stay on the pole for an extended time, but gravity will not allow that.

What keeps you in the pole is your core muscle strength. Hence, routines such as the  Tuck-spin, the Arms-only climb, and the Barbed wire will help in improving your core. 

Using your core muscles to stay within a stabilized position is often called anti-rotation training. It is designed to strengthen your core, enabling you to perform your moves even if gravity wants to bring you back to the ground. And the more you train your core, the easier it would be for you to study and master complex moves. 

What Exercises Can You Do To Improve Your Core Muscles?

Holly Munson suggested these four exercises to strengthen all your core muscles. Do each exercise for 60 seconds, and rest for another minute. Once you’re well-rested, do the routine again until you have completed 3 cycles. This routine is good for 15 minutes. 

Plank Leg Lifts

Can You Get Abs From Pole Dancing?

Assume the planking position by laying with your stomach on the floor. Raise yourself using your extended arm with your face facing the floor. Lift your foot from the ground for a few seconds and put it down before swapping it into your other foot. 


Can You Get Abs From Pole Dancing?

Lie on your back and put your hands behind your head. Bent your knees so your feet are flat on the ground. Move your knees towards you and try to reach it with the alternating elbow. 

Trunk Twists 

Trunk Twists 

Sit flat on the floor, lift your upper body and feet so that your glutes muscles is the only one touching the floor. Move a ball from left to right to rotate your torso. 

Leg Lowers

Can You Get Abs From Pole Dancing?

You can do this exercise by lying flat on the floor and raising both your legs slowly until it’s at the 90-degree angle (“L” shaped angle). 

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Can You Get Abs From Pole Dancing?

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